Affiliate Dojo Review 2021 (Dodgy or Legit?)

Welcome to my Affiliate Dojo Review 2021. This shouldn’t take long because there is very little information available on this particular platform, or product, or whatever it is. Stay with me, let’s have a look-see and uncover whatever we can …

Affiliate Dojo Review 2021

Affiliate Dojo At A Glance

Product Name:Affiliate Dojo / VitaVee’s Training Dojo
Price:A mystery
Owners:Hakim Ferradj, no more info than that so also a mystery
Overall Rank:0 out of 10

Affiliate Dojo Overview

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there is very little to be found online about this company. They have a really professional-looking landing page – which is extremely attractive to anyone who doesn’t know how to dig deeper and do their research on a company.

For that reason, I am so grateful that you have taken the time to look at my review. I do believe there are some huge warning signs when it comes to Affiliate Dojo.

You may have noticed that I have called this company by two names: Affiliate Dojo and VitaVee’s Training Dojo, the reason for that can be seen in the screenshot below. Check it out!

Affiliate Dojo Review 2021

The screenshot below shows that when searching for VitaVee’s Training Dojo through Google, it also lands on

In case you need further reassurance that we are reviewing the same company, here is what their landing page looks like when not cropped. I think you will agree that it looks very professional and convincing.

Affiliate Dojo Review 2021

So, I decided to click on the “I want my client magnet machine” and see where it takes me. As can be expected, it is a squeeze page, I couldn’t access any information there at all. So, I typed my info in and am still waiting for them to contact me … more than a week after starting this review.

Affiliate Dojo – the Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 A great landing page, very professional looking

PRO #2 Nothing else that I could uncover

PRO #3 The Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use look like legit standard practice pages

 The Bad:

CON #1 Far too little information available on this company to convince me that it is anything other than a potential scam

CON #2 When clicking on the Disclaimer option I noticed a Contact button at the bottom of the screen. Very excited I thought I may have a breakthrough to ask some question, but, when I clicked on the Contact option it took me back to the landing page, i.e. no actual contact information provided and no FAQ’s

CON # 3 When searching for insight via other tools, such as – see screenshot below – there is no information about the trustworthiness, privacy, or child safety for all it offers is confirmation of what I am saying in this review. Though there is an Alexa Rank visible, 807 643.

Affiliate Dojo Review 2021

Who is Affiliate Dojo / VitaVee’s Training Dojo For?

So, I took screenshots of the entire Landing Page so I could work out who this product is created for. It’s a painful process to have to extract information this way, but for you, my reader, I “kill-a-da-bull”, lol!

The headline on the Landing Page speaks to Digital Marketing Coaches and asks “have you been looking for more work lately?”. So I gather this product is positioned at Digital Marketing Coaches.

The offer includes a “machine to bring you new clients and states “we are going to create a Professional Website and a Fantastic Client-Magnet Funnel for your business.

It goes on to speak about the power of the internet and digital marketing and how to leverage results and get the “client-magnet machine” working for you.

The next information shared is all about what a client-magnet funnel is and speaks of power powerful it is in attracting new clients.

There is a lot of jargon used on the landing page but no testimonials offered or even links to testimonials.

How Does It Work is answered by explaining that a database will be built to store the capture data and then integrated with an email marketing/autoresponder… blah, blah blah. More jargon about triggering messages, generating authority, and notifying the public before an offer (which is laughable actually, there is no information of substance here already!). More talk about an email sequence.

See below for the clever infographic showing how your site may have looked before signing up with and how it will look after. There is still nothing of substance however to convince me that they really are offering anything at all! Still, no real live testimonials either.

But wait, see above, they work with “the best technology available in digital marketing” and “Cheetah”, “MailBoss”, and “Builderall” are involved. I will be writing reviews on each of them too.

Cheetah looks legit if it is I had a look at the Cheetah Digital Partners page and saw no sign of Affiliate Dojo or Vita Vee’s.

“MailingBoss” is an autoresponder, as stated, and is part of the “Bulderall” platform offering. I do believe they are legit. I originally wrote a Builderall Review in 2019, my findings at that time, Builderall is definitely legit.

A quick glance at Builderall now and I can see there have been massive changes, their offering has grown massively! Look out for my new review which will be published very soon.

So this Affili Dojo product is aimed at digital marketers and looks like they may be offering some kind of “done for you” service making use of Cheetah, MailingBoss, and Builderall.

As digital marketers, we can make use of those tools without working through any Dojo. So I am still not seeing the value.

Usually, reviews I write include information on the following aspects of the product offering:

  • Tools & Training
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Affiliate Opportunities etc.,

Due to a lack of information and access to absolutely nothing other than the landing page, I am unfortunately not able to provide you with any details.

I even checked on TrustPilot and found nothing for or against this Affiliate Dojo crew.

What’s In A Name?

There is more than one company going by the name Affiliate Dojo, they have different URL’s which is one way we can identify them as separate. They also have different logos and there is no mention of Hakim Ferradj.

AffiliateDojo UK

As can be seen below, there is another platform with a similar name, the URL is though and is run by Jason Hulott. This is not the same as A quick glance through this site and I am inclined to think it is legit.

Again, as can be seen below, this is another platform too. This one is, has a different logo, the site has absolutely no content at all, only headings in place.

Note that this site also does not have site security in place, hence the “Not secure” warning next to the URL.

Like, this website offers nothing to support it being legit. It looks to me like someone is either just starting out a new site, or it is an abandoned site.

 Affiliate Dojo At A Glance

Product Name:Affiliate Dojo / VitaVee’s Training Dojo
Price:A mystery
Owners:Hakim Ferradj, no more info than that, also a mystery
Overall Rank:0 out of 10

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Dojo

I have never given an outright negative review of anything, you are welcome to plow your way through all the reviews I have written to date to double-check me. I always look for something positive to say.

In this instance, the only positive comment I can offer is that the Affiliate Dojo landing page is so professional and well put together that I can only describe it as “slick”.

For me, the word “slick” can also have negative connotations. For now, I am going to say that I would not touch Affiliate Dojo with a barge pole. I would stay away, this has all the elements of a scam.

Sorry, Affiliate Dojo / VitaVee’s Training Dojo and Hakim Ferradj, I hope you do contact me and prove me wrong. For now, I will discourage anyone from signing up with Affiliate Dojo / VitaVee’s Training Dojo.

Verdict: Not legit

It’s a BIG thumbs down from Late Bloomer! I will say this, just to offer the benefit of the doubt, should more information surface around this company, I stand to be corrected. For now, I can only say that Affiliate Dojo is not legit.

All the above said. If you are looking for a legit way to build your own successful online business, I encourage you to have a look at my Number 1 Recommendation.

You can even sign up for free and check the entire system out, including access to a 2 million-strong network of online business entrepreneurs and even the owners of the platform!

I have written two reviews, the first is very comprehensive and I recommend you only read it if you have the time:

===> Number 1 Recommendation <===

If you are pressed for time, have a look at this quick review:

===> The Skinny Version <===

The best part about my number one recommendation is that you can sign up without sharing any, no credit card information at all. Check it out for yourself!

Blessings always

Louise aka Late Bloomer

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