AWeber Review – “Grow & Engage Your Audience”

Let’s have a close look at AWeber, what the advantages and disadvantages are of using this very popular solution provider.  In this AWeber Review we will examine what solutions and tools they offer and what makes them so sure that we can “grow and engage” our audiences. 

In a nutshell, they provide solutions for designing and sending HTML e-newsletters, Lead Generation Forms, Landng Pages, Automated Response Services etc. In addition, they offer great training built on their decades of experience.

AWeber Review

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AWeber At A Glance:

NAME: AWeber



PRICE: From Free up to $149 (depending on the size of your subscription list)

OWNERS: CEO Tom Kulzer founded AWeber back in 1998



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 Easy to use

Pro #2 Has a very large library of templates

Pro #3 Award-Winning customer service – they have won awards for good reason

Pro #4 Pricing is competitive

Pro #5 Allows the choice of subscribing people to your list on more than one opt-in basis

Pro #6 Great Import functionality, with a wide range of file types plus add the email address being direct to an autoresponder cycle

Pro #7 Integrates with a wide range of apps and third-party tools

Pro #8 Very easy to set up time-based autoresponders

Pro #9 Responsive email templates

Pro #10 Very good reporting features available

Pro #11 New Free Plan (launched July 2020)

The Bad:

Con #1 Lower-priced options available

Con #2 When sending an e-newsletter you cannot exclude or include multiple segments at one time

Con #3 Some templates could be updated

Who is AWeber For?

AWeber is tailored for businesses and entrepreneurs and is utilized by online marketers in small to medium businesses. 100 000+ businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies, and non-profits are clients of AWeber. They offer great training facilities which means that entry-level people are on-boarded in no time at all. This email marketing platform also offers facilities for much more advanced users to take advantage of their skills and make use of the product at an expert level.

Here are some ideas of who can enjoy the benefits AWeber offers:

  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • eCommerce Businesses,
  • Bloggers,
  • Content Marketers,
  • Local marketers and businesses
  • Online businesses and marketers
  • NGO’s and fundraisers
  • Agencies
  • Pretty much anyone who is communicating to a database or list via email marketing

AWeber Tools & Training

AWeber offers a very broad range of tools and training. The best part is that their training and customer support make it an easy transition for anyone from the outset.

The tools offered by AWeber are substantial, you can expect the following:

  • Email Automation                                * Email Split Testing
  • Autoreponders                                    * HTML Email Templates
  • Integrations                                         * Landing Pages
  • Sign Up Forms                                    * Email Analytics
  • Subscriber Segmenting                       * Subscriber Management
  • Email Newsletters                               * Drag & Drop Editor
  • Email Marketing API                           * AWeber Mobile Apps
  • Email Deliverability                              * Customer Solutions
  • Blog Newsletters                                 * Education Hub
  • Exclusive Partner Offers                     * Customised Template Design
  • Free Webinars

AWeber is a highly user-friendly platform, you certainly do not need to be highly technical to use it. Take me for an example, not a highly technical person and I managed to connect the platform to this site and install the Lead Generation Form – without having to watch any extensive training. The step-by-step process was easy to follow, Now that I have the Lead Generation Form in place, I will be working on the following – email marketing!  As you can see AWeber really does address absolutely everything you need to know about!


Training within AWeber

There is an extensive amount of training available with AWeber, in the form of videos, blogs and free live webinars. The challenge I personally have with this is, I am a prolific learner and simply do not have as much time to study as I would like. Nevertheless, whatever challenge you face with AWeber, there is training available to guide you through. Not only the training, remember, also the award-winning customer service and experts available to assist you when you need – 24/7!

AWeber Pricing – find One That Fits Your Budget

AWeber Free Plan

$29 per month for 501 to 2500 subscribers

$49 per month for 2501 to 5000 subscribers

$69 per month for 5001 – 10 000 subscribers

$149 per month for 10 000 to 25 000 subscribers

As for a Quote 25 001+

AWeber offers discounts as follows:

14% if you pay quarterly

14.9% if you pay annually

They also offer some discounts for students and non-profits

Copied below is a list of all the services they offer with each of the options, you will notice that every facility is available at every level, the difference in price is based on how many subscribers you are communicating with. It’s awesome to see beginners not being penalized for lower numbers for a change, this is a rarity in online businesses, at least that has been my experience. Except for my Number One Recommendation when it comes to Affiliate Marketing companies. More about that later (or you can click on the link and have a look now).

AWeber Mobile App Suite

If you are anything like me, you are keen to see how a campaign is performing literally in real time, well AWeber has you covered on that score too. Down their Mobile App Suite and you can monitor and adjust your campaign as required – whilst you are on the go! I value the idea of freedom, geographic and financial freedom, so just the idea of this truly does appeal to me!


NAME: AWeber


PRICE: FREE Starter trial for 1 month

$29 per month for 501 to 2500 subscribers

$49 per month for 2501 to 5000 subscribers

$69 per month for 5001 – 10 000 subscribers

$149 per month for 10 000 to 25 000 subscribers

Ask for a quote for 25 001+ subscribers

DISCOUNTS OFFERED: 14% if you pay quarterly and 14.9% if you pay annually

DISCOUNTS ALSO AVAILABLE: to students and non-profit organizations

OWNERS: CEO Tom Kulzer founded AWeber back in 1998



My Final Opinion of AWeber

Based on research, AWeber has held its ground as a worthy competitor to the likes of iContact, MailChimp, Getresponse, and Mad Mimi. To be fair, I shall be writing reviews on the competitors too.

Back to the company in question, AWeber, they offer superb service in that their entire product is available to clients, regardless of how small your subscriber list is (let’s face it, we all must start somewhere). This is unlike some of their competitors who restrict the number of e-newsletters you can send for example. What does change is the pricing, the bigger your subscriber list, the higher your rate.  Makes perfect sense to me. What are your thoughts on this?

Their training and customer service is exceptional, the fact that they have won customer service awards is evidence of just how good their service is. I don’t usually do this in reviews but I would like to bring your attention to their awards, they have consistently won awards since 2015, in each year up to and including 2021. That is certainly worthy of acknowledgment:

AWeber Review

I also particularly like the culture of the company, it makes me think of how Microsoft has been portrayed over the years. This appeals to the free spirit in me:

I think it is pretty clear to see why they win awards so consistently. The team onboard can only deliver that way if they are engaged, happy, well rewarded, and acknowledged … you know, the usual drill that makes an employer a choice employer.

Speaking of which, AWeber is that too. Let me not digress, we are here to evaluate the product and service they offer.

Based on my own experience, research among colleagues in the Affiliate Marketing and in the Online Business world. AWeber gets a very big thumbs up from me!

If you are keen to start with the Aweber Free Plan, it doesn’t make sense to join as a paying member right off the bat, especially not when they are offering you a FREE Plan. Go for it and let me know what your experience is.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Before I go, you know of course that I am an Affiliate Marketer, so my disclosure here is that I am an Affiliate for AWeber.  When you click on the link that I provide and sign up as a paying customer, I benefit from a commission from AWeber. Please be assured, this makes no difference to the price you pay.  AWeber’s pricing as I have detailed in this Review is their standard pricing model.

Not only am I an Affiliate for AWeber, but I am also a client – you can rest assured that I am recommending their products and services based on my experience as their client.

One Last Thing …

One last thing before I love and leave you – it would be remiss of me to not share more about what how I am building a business online and creating the life of my dreams – one of geographic and financial freedom, plus a life that allows me to make a difference in the lives of others.  You can read about that right this exciting business opportunity in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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  • serious about no longer being a slave to time in the office,
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  • serious about creating a life of FREEDOM

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4 thoughts on “AWeber Review – “Grow & Engage Your Audience””

  1. Hi Louise

    Enjoyed reading this review of Aweber, funnily enough, I recently signed up for their service and do concur everything you have stated in this review. Aweber is very easy to use and I like their guides and free resources.
    The only downside is that it is pretty pricey when compared to a service like MailChimp (which free if your subscriber list is under 2000).
    However, I decided to go with Aweber because you can create multiple email lists in different niches which you cannot do with MailChimp.

    • Hi Minhaj
      Thank you for popping over and sharing your insight into AWeber. Glad to hear you are as happy with them as I am. I also use MailChimp for an NPO I do volunteer work for, makes sense to use MailChimp for them and it also works well. I agree with you though that AWeber offers the flexibility of the multiple email lists which is a big plus.

  2. Hi Louise,
    This is a timely review… I’m currently deciding which autoresponder to go with! I really like the sound of Aweber and of course, they have a great reputation in the market as far as I can tell. I’m interested in seeing your coming reviews on MailChimp and GetResponse. I’ve not had experience with either of these companies either but would love to see how they stack up to Aweber. Thanks again for a great review!

    • That is great to hear Nigel – thank you for taking the time to stop and read here. I am very happy to hear that you found value in this review. I shall get onto MailChimp and GetResponse reviews soonest. Keep a lookout for them.


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