Best YouTube Content Ideas (Incl. Pro Video Training)

The platform I belong to gives me access to the best training available when it comes to online business. Recently I shared an article How to make money in YouTube Training, what I am sharing with you now is the follow-on to that series. I have completed the training this series and am very excited to share it with you. So, let’s get into it!   Enjoy the best YouTube Content ideas which also includes the gift of free access to Premium Plus membership level pro video training!

First, let’s Meet Our Esteemed Trainer

In case you haven’t worked your way through the first series of videos, let me start by introducing you to the man behind the camera and mic.

Best YouTube Content Ideas

His name is Chris Myles (also known as BenjisDad) and he is an experienced and highly successful YouTuber and online marketing specialist.

Chris has enjoyed financial success through multiple online businesses – this is what he does full time and his expertise covers blogging, YouTube, and Podcasting.

As you can see, in Chris’ words, most of what he has learned is from doing the wrong things the first time and getting it right the next time. So we can “learn from his failures and successes and get it right the first time!”

This is the ethos of the Wealthy Affiliate community, we learn from one another’s experiences, good and bad.

The Platform & WA Premium Plus+ Training

I am a Premium Plus+ member with Wealthy Affiliate and have access to this video training series and many others.

In this article, I shall be sharing links to the training with you and gifting you free access to the training and the experience of what Premium Plus+ has to offer.

You are welcome to have a read all about Wealthy Affiliate in my 2021 review. Access to the training shared here is free but becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member does have a price tag – a very reasonable one mind you, but a price tag nevertheless. You will see more about that in my review.

What to Expect With Free Access to the Training

When you click through to the training you will encounter the following screen and see that I am indeed offering you a free gift to join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus for free (or $0). And you have instant access to the class and a 14-day Premium Plus experience!

It’s an awesome gift, you can trust me on this as I have been a member since October 2018!

So, don’t be alarmed, just share your name and email address and enter a password.

Best YouTube Content Ideas

Let’s get into the details of the course – so exciting!

The name of the series is Creating Content for YouTube – Powerful Video Marketing.

Chris’ description is “The is the complete strategy guide on creating content on YouTube that ranks and gets views whilst you snooze!”

You may have noticed that Chris has a way with words. There is no surprise that he is a successful YouTuber, Chris is very engaging, quite charismatic actually, and has an easy-to-follow teaching style.

What Are the Classes in this Training Series?

In total, there are 4 video classes, the first is around how to find and create viral videos. Chris shares some really valuable tips and tricks here. Especially when it comes to research ideas.

If we pay attention to the insight shared by Chris, I have no doubt we will soon be jumping around with excitement because our YouTube videos will go viral!

The second is all about writing a video script – yeah, you thought creative English classes at school weren’t going to help you much in your life. Glad you did them now? I sure am, haha!

If you didn’t do creative English, please don’t stress – Chris has you covered in this class. From what a video script is to how to create one, how to deliver it, and even how to structure your script so your audience stays with you until the end!

Third on the schedule, is focused on recording and editing your content. There is a lot to appreciate in this class, if I had to choose just one thing to mention it would be how Chris goes into detail about the actual equipment needed.

Not only that, he makes it abundantly clear that it is much simpler than we make expect. That was really heartening to me, I had fears of how much money and technical equipment this would all involve. Not so at all.

The fourth and final class has to be the biggest gem of the series! Chris shares really valuable insight into how to find an area that is under-served. What this means is that he gives the road map to finding the low-hanging fruit! Way cool.

Let me not offer any more precise on the different classes, rather, let’s dive in – each video session is well worth your time and attention, trust me.

Class 1 – How to Find and Create Viral Videos for Your Channel to BLOW UP!

Here is what you will learn in class 1:

  • What a viral video is
  • How often you should create viral content
  • How to Find Viral Content (it’s all in the research! Great tips right here)
  • What to do when creating viral content
  • How to deal with discouragement (of course, none of us get it right 100% of the time, there is bound to be some disappointment, right? Knowing how to manage it is a huge leap towards your success)

Class 2 – Writing a Video Script That Converts

Here we cover how to create video content that increases retention, increases revenue, and is fun to do – sounds great, right?

  • What a Video Script is
  • Whether you should script your videos or not
  • Equipment You Will Probably need
  • Comment on being your natural self
  • How to structure your videos to retain your viewers

Class 3 – Recording & Editing Your Content

In this class, you get to learn the expert tips and tricks to getting content from your camera and onto YouTube:

  • What you absolutely need to get started (no major outlay promoted here, this covers the basics)
  • Recording hardware to use (also no major outlay)
  • How to transfer to your computer
  • Which editing software to use
  • Principles to increase retention

Class 4 – Finding SEO Opportunities on YouTube

Things in this series just get juicier and juicier! Chris describes it this way: “In this training, we will break down how to find SEO opportunities on YouTube to get you views while you snooze!” Here is a list of learning outcomes:

  • Why video SEO is important
  • Learn how to optimize your videos for SEO
  • What to look for in under-served content (more awesome research tips and tricks)
  • How to dominate the thumbnail
  • Call to Action for affiliate (money-making) opportunities

A quick and important reminder: the links shared above are a way for me to share the gift of free access to the training and an experience of what Premium Plus has to offer. As this gift access is in the beta phase right now, it may not be available forever. So, please, if you are interested in enjoying this opportunity, I recommend you click through and watch the videos as soon as possible.

If you are interested to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus members package, please have a look at my review. It is a great offer (which is why I moved from Premium member to Premium Plus member without so much as a backward glance!)

What Does It Take To Become Successful Online?

If you are determined and prepared to work hard, you are already more than half the way to success. There is so much to learn about the online business world so you will also need to bring along your growth mindset – yes, willingness to learn on an ongoing basis.

Building a successful online business is a legit way to make money. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme so roll up your sleeves and join me on one of the most exciting journeys ever!

If you are keen to know more about how to create your own successful online business, have a look at everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You won’t be sorry.

Thank you so much for your visit to find out about the best YouTube content ideas. I invite you to watch the video training, access is free (my gift to you) and it will be time well spent.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop them in the comment section below.

Blessings always

Best YouTube Content Ideas

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