Inspirational Quotes For Life [Especially In These Interesting Times]

Inspirational Quotes For Life

I don’t know about you, but I am in need of inspirational quotes right now. Watching the Covid-19 positive numbers rise in South Africa (where I am based), living in lockdown, unable to do so much that I love to do … life is certainly not what it was before, and who knows when we … Read more

How To BackTrack & Finish 2000 Strong II [Daily Morning Routine Checklist]

Daily Morning Routine Checklist

The first post in this series was about Habits & goals, if you missed that post, I invite you to have a read, it’s entitled How To BackTrack & Finish 2000 Strong! [Habits & Goals]. There are a few things we can implement to set ourselves up for a successful day. The gurus all speak … Read more

How To BackTrack & Finish 2020 Strong! [Night Time Habits]

Night Time Habits For Success

So far in this series we have covered Habits and Morning Routines. Today we are going to address Night Time Habits … why? Well, our nighttime habits set us up for success or failure the next day, and that day after, and the day after that. If we are tired, we generally lack enthusiasm, our … Read more

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