Forever Living Review [Are The Products & Business Opportunity Legit?]

Forever Living Review

Founded in 1978, Forever Living must be doing something right. Why do I say that? Well, most MLM’s don’t seem to survive long, they crash and burn in a couple of years. With headquarters based in the USA, this family owned and run business manufactures and markets health and personal care products with aloe and … Read more Forever Living Review [Are The Products & Business Opportunity Legit?]

What Is Avon Cosmetics About? [Avon Business Opportunity Review]

What Is Avon Cosmetics About?

Seeing as I am in the groove of conducting reviews on home based business opportunities, I decided to look at the ones I can recall off the top of my head. I have written a few reviews in this territory and will list them at the bottom of this article. Today we are going to address the question, “What Is Avon Cosmetics About?” with particular emphasis on the Avon Business Opportunity.

Avon Cosmetics Review …

Surprisingly Avon Cosmetics is not one that I have been a representative for, having tried out so many other business opportunities from skin care to health care to cosmetics and more, I am amazed that I didn’t find Avon. Why? Well, they started 134 years ago – that’s right, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR YEARS! I was gobsmacked when I saw that. An interesting study would be to see how many companies, particularly in the MLM model, have been around for that long! Impressive, I am sure you agree!

Plus, a glance at their website shows clearly that they are recruiting ladies to sell their products, below is a snip from their website. I do love their call “for leaders, visionaries, change-makers and the mascara-maven next door”.

In case, like me, you didn’t know, here is a definition of maven according to our friend Wikipedia:

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass timely and relevant knowledge on to others in the respective field.

The Avon Cosmetics Review

Thank you for visiting my site to have a look at the Avon Cosmetics Review. If you have read anything else on this website you will know that I particularly enjoy bringing reviews to you because I learn so much in the process of conducting them.

This is also my way of bringing value to you, especially if you are seeking ways to build a business and a life of your dreams.

Let’s get into it.

I always look for the things to love about a company before looking for their less lovable attributes. At a glance, there is quite a lot to love about Avon. Have a look below at their story … beautifully written and leaves one with the “warm fuzzy feels”:

The Avon Mission is also, unsurprisingly, very well written, I love the way they have positioned themselves with the upliftment of women in addition to their positive impact in the world:What Is Avon Cosmetics AboutHow clever is this quote from their website. And so true! More to love about Avon from the outset. By the way, I am not a distributor, nor am I planning to become one, I am just sharing my impressions of the brand – promise.

Yes, I saved the best for last … Avon do not do any animal testing! That alone will make me buy from them.

Oh, wait a bit … there is a loophole here, granted Avon are trying to close it, but it is a loophole nonetheless. Avon sells in China and the Chinese have specific requirements in place with regard to testing. Have a look…

Personally, I would not sell products in China with these requirements in place. As Avon is a member of the LG Household and Healthcare (LG H&H) family it looks like they may be compelled to sells in China. This is disappointing to me. On the upside, they are working to eliminate the animal testing requirements, this is a fact confirmed by PETA. Okay, they’ve redeemed themselves.

Sorry if I took you on an emotional roller coaster there, I am writing as I research and uncover information.

What Is Avon Cosmetics About?

I think I answered the question of the culture of the company above. Let’s have a look at their products and ranges.

The product range includes:

  • Makeup,
  • Skin Care,
  • Bath & Body,
  • Fragrance,
  • Jewelry,
  • Fashion,
  • Wellness and
  • Men (that is products for men)

Under the Makeup range you can expect to find the following brands: Magix, Avon True Colour and Avon xFace Shop. The categories covered are Eyes, Lips, Face, Nails, Tools & Brushes. The website also include Features, those you would expect – New Products, Gifts & Value Sets, Sales & Special, and then they include “How to contour & highlight” (I thought that was only for the youngsters, apparently it’s for Late Bloomers like me too) and then a Mascara Guide – I wish I’d found that years ago! I have bought some really useless mascaras!

The Skin Care range is extensive too, whilst we are here I thought it pertinent to get a sense of products reviews given for Avon Skin Care so had a look at ConsumerAffairs.Com and this is what I found, a four and a half out of five stars review rating:

I would have been sad if it were anything else, Avon is starting to find a place in my heart. Having said that, there are also some scathing reviews to be found at – it will be worth your while to check out what others say about the products before buying them. It appears that some people have sensitivities to some products – I saw one less than complimentary review about the Lavender Spray, that really surprises me … Lavender harmful … really?

The Skin Care Categories are: Moisturizer, Serums, Cleansers & Toners, Scrubs & Masks, Treatments, Eye Care, Travel Sizes. The Skin Care Brands are: Avon X The Face Shop Anew Ultimate; Anew Huydra Fusion, Anew Platinum, Anew Reversalist, Anew Clinical, Anew Vitale, Anew Clean, Anew Skinvincible

The Bath & Body Range includes Bath & Shower, Body, Foot Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Oral Care and Insect Repellents. The Brands within this range include: Avon Chi, Bug Guard, Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, Avon Kids, Sense and Foot Works.

Fragrance Categories include Perfume, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Deodorant, Candles, Men’s and Travel Sizes. The Brands are: Live Out Loud, Flourish, Velvet, Haiku, Far Away, Rare and Imari. I must say, their branding and packaging is gorgeous!

What Is Avon Cosmetics About

In the Jewelry range you will find: Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Watches, Fine Jewelry, Men’s, Fashion Jewelry and Spiritual Jewelry. There are beautiful pieces in this range, I may just do some shopping very soon.

Fashion is where I found my biggest surprise, I did not expect to find a broad range of Apparel, Footwear and Intimates within Avon. Have a look at this Metalic Running Jacket, I love it!

What Is Avon Cosmetics About

Wellness is another big surprise for me. Then again, if I look at other MLM’s, they too focus on Skin Care and Healthcare, so why not Avon, right? As can be seen below, the wellness range incorporates a brand by the name of Espira. This brand has focused on three core wellness needs as you will see – Boost, Glow and Restore. I appreciate this kind of simplicity.

You can find the best vitamins for you by completing the Vitatamin Quiz on the Avon website. Have a try by clicking on the image below:

What Is Avon Cosmetics About

Last and certainly not least, let’s have a look at Avon Men – here you will find Fragrance, Grooming, Jewelry & Watches as categories. The Brands are: Black Suede, Wild Country, Mesmerize, Avon Prime and True Gent.

So the gents among us are not left out, here is a look at the True Gent Brand … beautiful, stylish and masculine (with sensitive included to lure in the female buyers)

The men’s Jewelry & Watches range is also sleek and stylish. I particularly like the “Our Father” ring:

What Is Avon Cosmetics About

Overview: Avon Cosmetics At A Glance:

PRICE:Start Up Costs From $29.99
FOUNDED BY:David H. McConnell
FOUNDED:1886, New York, USA
CEO:Angela Cretu
SUBSIDIARIES:Avon Cosmetics Ltd, Avon Cosmetics (Ukraine)
OVERALL RANK:Products: 9/10
Business Opportunity: 6/10

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 Avon has been around a mighty long time, since 1886, that is way more than 100 years!

Pro #2 Great Product Range

Pro #3 Excellent Reviews with a 4,5 out of 5 Rating on

Pro #4 No testing on animals and working toward the same in China

Pro #5 Available in more than 100 countries

Pro #6 Great Social Responsibility Program, you can learn more about that with this video: Stand4Her

Pro #7 Online marketing tools are available to the Avon Sales distributors’

The Bad:

Con #1 As a Sales distributor you also complete against online sales

Con #2 Sales distributors’ must place minimum monthly orders to remain sales distributors’

Con #3 There is a sign up cost in South Africa, this differs from country to country though

Con #4 As sales material (brochures, orders etc.,) are paid for by the sales distributor

Con #5 The brands appear to differ from country to country

Con #6  If you are based in South Africa (for example) you are limited to earning ZAR only, not USD

Who is Avon Cosmetics

The Avon Cosmetics sales distributors’ opportunity is created for women who are looking to:

  • Subsidize their income
  • Work from home
  • Sell products to a warm market (that is family, friends, co-workers or colleagues, parents of childrens’ friends etc)
  • Women who love cosmetics and fashion

Avon Cosmetics Tools & Training

Avon Cosmetics offers online training and training with the sales distributors’ managers. There is also a lot of marketing material available which doubles up as tools and training for sales distributors’.

In addition, Avon are investing in digital communications and learning to take the company into a “digital first, social selling, fast-beauty brand”

What Is Avon Cosmetics About

Avon Cosmetics Pricing

The costs to join Avon differ according to the country you are based in. This is what I found:

Starter = ZAR85 in South Africa plus Opening Order of R800 and you must maintain a minimum order of ZAR550 at brochure price (no special offers) per month

Starter = from USD29.95 (though there is a free joining offer available at the time of writing)

Neither of the above include a kit, sales materials or brochures. In South Africa there is an automatic billing of ZAR12 for Sales Material per month. Delivery is free but there is an admin fee per order.

Here is a breakdown of the Commission structure in South Africa (these figures are in ZAR):What Is Avon Cosmetics About

Is Avon An MLM?

The short answer to that question is yes.  You can earn an override commission by building a team under you, then becoming a Sales Leader.  Avon is known to be less piranah-ish as an MLM too, you earn your own commission and can build a team 3 levels deep.  Only 3 levels deep seems a lot fairer to me than the way lots of MLM’s work.

There are conditions to earning as a Sales Leader, as can be expected, they are as follows

  • You need to keep your own personal sales going
  • You must share the opportunity with others and appoint them as representatives
  • You encourage and get your representatives active as they must order every month and their orders must be paid up front (there is a credit limit they can work within but it is limited)

Plus, you have an opportunity to win a Group Award – again, there are qualifications in that all your reps must be active (orders placed & invoiced)

Avon Advanced Leadership Also Offers Other Perks

As a Sales Leader, you have access to training materials and workshops.

You also work hand in hand with your Area Sales Manager

Here is a video about the Avon Advanced Leadership training … be warned though, the pre-amble is quite a lot of hype:

Avon Review

Avon Cosmetics At A Glance:

PRICE:Start Up Costs From $29.99
FOUNDED BY:David H. McConnell
FOUNDED:1886, New York, USA
CEO:Angela Cretu
SUBSIDIARIES:Avon Cosmetics Ltd, Avon Cosmetics (Ukraine)
OVERALL RANK:Products: 9/10
Business Opportunity: 6/10

My Final Opinion of Avon Cosmetics

I really, really like the look of Avon Cosmetics. This company ticks all the boxes for me as follows:

  • the marketing looks awesome
  • I love the packaging, look and feel of the products
  • Anti animal Cruelty is HUGE for me and they are very committed to this, even in countries that have different laws and requirements to the USA
  • their social responsibility commitments are admirable, I really appreciate their commitment to the upliftment and protection of women from providing an opportunity to earn an income to financial assistance with studies (in the USA), funding for Breast Cancer drives and so much more.

My Final Opinion Of Avon Cosmetics Business Opportunity

Avon certainly provides amazing products and sales tools for their sales distributors’. There is no doubt that a committed and passionate individual could make decent money from this opportunity.

I do not believe however that it could be a completely life changing business opportunity. Individuals who becomes sales distributors’ will always be sales distributors’ for Avon. Even though they may market the opportunity as one where a sales distributor can work their own hours and from anywhere they desire, the fact is that they still do not own their own business.

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Online Business Opportunity

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Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


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