Beautiful Free Web Design Templates [SimpleSite Review 2021]

Beautiful Free Web Design Templates

Wow, wow! That was my reaction to the beautiful free web design templates on offer at! Their designs are: very eye-catching, the colours are incredible and they truly do live up to their name – SimpleSite! How? they make it as simple as possible for a newcomer to create their first website. Don’t get … Read more

Wix Website Builder Review 2020

Wix Website Builder Review 2020 … I first encountered Wix when I was assisting a young man from a children’s home to launch his business ideas online. He was not highly literate, though he has incredible design skills (logo’s imagery etc) and managed to find his way around the Wix system with relative ease. That … Read more

Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]

Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly

Are single page websites even a thing? They absolutely are! If you have ever been intimidated by the notion of creating your own website, this article is sure to put your mind at ease. You can create your one page website with Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]. Strikingly have a promise to uphold: “Build A Beautiful … Read more

What Is Squarespace Website Builder? [Let’s Find Out]

Squarespace Review 2019

I’ve seen Squarespace described as “the Apple of website builders” – that is very high praise! So off I went searching to see if there is anything to counter the high praise. Please do not get me wrong, I absolutely love a success story, but also want to ensure the success is true before I … Read more

How To Create A Free Business Website [In A Word: SiteRubix]

Are you looking to build an online business, and your need for a website is high? Stick with me, this article is all about How To Create A Free Business Website. You can do this with easy and enjoy the process too, there is no need for knowledge of installations or downloads, your business website … Read more

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