Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

The world wide web is more than 30 years old now – oh yes, that is the BIG THREE OH! – and the opportunities for businesses to be created in any genre from anywhere in the world are enormous!  I kid you not, there is money to be made online and I am happy to share fabulous ways to learn how!  Let me not get ahead of myself and allow me to share that because I am a Christian and making money was one of those things that I was not so sure about.  I know better now, as believers we need to become financially rich so that we can make a difference in the lives of others.   We “cannot pour from an empty cup” not only that, it is “the love of money that is the root of all evil”, not money itself.  So, let’s chat about the topic at hand, Christian Home Based Business Opportunities.

The title could give the impression that this opportunity is home based only.  Truth be known, this business model can be run from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a laptop and internet connection, you are in business.  So, if you’re wanting to stay home and work, no problem! Want a change of scenery and work from the local coffee shop?  Again, no problem. Fancy a break from home and take a trip out of town?  That you can do too, just take your business with you!

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

Affiliate Marketing For Christians

Let’s start at the beginning and ask “What is Affiliate Marketing for Christians?” Simply put, the answer is no different to that of Affiliate Marketing for any other belief or business. The main thing that will change is the products that you choose to market and possibly the platforms you would make use of.

I have written an article which explains Affiliate Marketing is detail, you are welcome to read it right here. In case you don’t have the time or inclination right now, let me give you a quick overview.

Affiliate Marketers do not own their products (much like Uber doesn’t own their own cars – that is just one example of how highly profitable this business model is!) and so do not have the many responsibilities of market research, product development, production or manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, financing etc. The role of an Affiliate Marketer is purely to market the products they are affiliated to. Your only responsibility as an Affiliate Marketer is the following:

1. Find a Niche

2. Build a Website

3. Rank Content

4. Promote Offers

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

Don’t worry if that all sounds foreign to you, there is training that will guide you step by step, from finding your niche to building your website, how to rank content and promote offers. I am still keeping this brief, here is a quick overview:

1. Find A Niche

A niche often selected by what you are passionate about, that is one of the reasons I am writing this article – I am a passionate follower of Christ and I want to help other believers find a way to make money online in line with their belief systems. So you could decide to choose Christianity as your niche. Within that “niche” there will be sub-niches, so, here are just a few, for example:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Music
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Art

and so the list goes on. Here is another article about Niches that will explain in more detail.

2. Build a Website

Never built a website before? Nope, me neither. Yet, I have built the one you are reading this article on. I am in training with the most incredible company, more on that later. Let’s talk about how YOU can build a website. If you have never done it before, do not panic, the days of having to be highly technical to build a website are long gone (thank heavens!). You literally can build a website in less than a minute – I know that sounds unrealistic but it is true. Have a read of this article, it includes video evidence too!

Believe me on this – if I can build a website, you can too – anyone can! I am so not technically minded at all.

3. Rank Content

Ranking content is all about writing articles which give answers to people’s questions. So let’s take an example – you are looking for a piece of Christian jewelry to buy for a special someone’s birthday. How do you go about? Search on Google would be the answer for many people these days. So we go to Google and type in “Christian Jewelry” and get something like the following:

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

That is not all the results either – just a quick snip of some. I hope that explains how you would attract your customers. Of course, there is much more to it, and I have also written an article about how to write content too, have a read here. A very important aspect of writing content that ranks is ensuring that you make use of the words which are being searched, they are known as Keywords. I have an incredible Keyword Research Tool you can have a look at too – it also happens to be FREE! In the example above, the keywords would be “Christian Jewelry”.

My apologies, I ran ahead of myself, I haven’t explained what ranking means either. If you have a look at the above search I did in Google you will see that the results returned were 719,000,000 – that’s a LOT of results. The companies who ranked in the top three are the sites you can see above. There is an art and a science to getting your articles or content ranked, it is measurable and something you can learn, so long has you have a teachable spirit. I have yet another article for you to read about this too, it’s called How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free – this is known as organic traffic as you do not have to place and pay for adverts to get visitors to your site this way.

4. Promote Offers

This is pretty self-explanatory, you would make use of your website to tell your viewers about products they can buy online by clicking on a link on your website. This link may well be within your article, just in the text, or it could be in the form of an image on your site. Writing articles about the products is a great way to draw visitors to your site. The visitors have the opportunity to get to know you through your writing, this builds a relationship of trust and they will want to buy through your site. The object is to keep them coming back of course.

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

We have now looked at the “how” of Affiliate Marketing, let’s have a look at which companies you could affiliate for within the Christian market.

1. Kerusso

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

This company designs Christian t-shirts with amazing designs in addition to Christian gifts and accessories. They are apparently the leading producer of Christian clothing in the world! I love that they have been in business for more than 30 years and through their business developed “t-shirt evangelism”. How often do we see t-shirts that make us want to speak with the person reading them? Brilliant idea because this is an outreach to create the opportunities to speak about Christ!

Kerusso is in partnership with AvantLink who managed their affiliate program (many companies join Affiliate Networks, it just make sense to be within an organization which specializes in affiliate programs). AvantLink provides the affiliate with all the marketing materials (images, links etc.,) and tracking tools. Kerusso is very good about updating their products feed, this is done daily, which means there is always something new to promote.

Why is it a good idea to promote Kerusso? This company is a top Christian clothing producer, their conversation starters are well worth promoting, not only that they are very good about providing updated daily feed for their affiliates.

2. DaySpring

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

How beautiful is this jewelry! Wow! I also love the wording “Live your faith”. Let me get back to business here. DaySpring began in 1971 and grew into the largest publisher of Christian greeting cards. As you can see from the snip above, that is not all they do, they are also one of the leading retailers of Christian gifts, home decor, and more. In addition to being available online, they have a very large presence in Christian and mass retail stores in the USA – perhaps you are already familiar with them?

ShareASale runs their affiliate program and DaySpring are known to provide their affiliate with a superb selection of graphics, making choosing the right content for your audience that much easier. In addition, they provide affiliates with promotion codes containing new offers and sneak peeks at sales. Very exciting.

Why is it a good idea to promote DaySpring? They are a Top Christian card publisher, they brand presence is well-established and they run affiliate only promotions and offers. Added to that, DaySpring offer affiliates regular incentives to assist with increasing affiliate sales!

3. The Jerusalem Gift Shop

I just love this name and as the name suggests, this retailer sells directly from the Holy Land! They are known as the largest online Christina retailer selling from the Holy Land and the owners and operators are Christian and Jewish believers. Their vision will appeal to any Christian and that is to connect the world to Israel through their gift shop. Not only do they have a huge range of faith-based products, but they also shop 95% of their order the next business day!

As with DaySpring, The Jerusalem Gift Shop is registered with ShareASale to run their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to more than 3,000 unique products to promote and they provide the necessary creative material, promotion codes, and tracking tools.

Why is it a good idea to promote The Jerusalem Gift Shop? Their over 3,000 unique products and being a Top Christian retailer clinch the deal! Not only that, they are known to have a great average order value, this means more commission for their affiliates!

4. Answers In Genesis

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

This is an apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians spread the good news of Jesus and also defend their faith. The products on offer include DVDs, books, home school curriculum and other resources related to their ministry.

This company has also joined ShareASale to run the affiliate program. Affiliates are provided with all the necessary tools to promote the Answers in Genesis product range. In addition, they have a team of affiliate staff available to assist you with setting up campaigns.

Why is it a good idea to promote Answers in Genesis? They offer a great product selection including Christian ministry resources, their commission rate is also competitive.

5. / American Bible Society

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities is also known as the American Bible Society and offer Bibles in more than 80 languages. Not only is their range extensive but their prices are also highly competitive.

The mission at American Bible Society is to make the Bible available to every person in any language they understand and a price they can afford. AS you will see on their website, they have many translations available and offer Bibles for academics, students, teenagers, and children.

ShareASale manages their affiliate program – which is great if you decide to go with them because they have the other Christian products offerings you can join too. As an affiliate with this company, you will benefit from their dedicated affiliate team who share their knowledge with the affiliates, assisting with your success. They also give you access to a superb selection of material materials and tracking tools.

Why is it a good idea to promote the American Bible Society / Their selection of Bibles is incredible! Just to recap, that is Bibles in more than 80 languages, with a selection of translations and at prices that are affordable!

Are You Excited About This?

Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

You should be excited – just like a kid in a candy store!  After seeing the possibilities in terms of the product ranges – and I have only skimmed over 5, there are many more to choose from!

So, if you already have a website and have mastered the art of building your site, you are good to go – or are you? If not, never fear, Late Bloomer is here! I have a solution for you at my Number 1 Recommendation! This is the place where I am learning how to do everything online, each of the elements I covered in the beginning of this article (1. Find a Niche 2. Build a Website 3. Rank Content and 4. Promote Offers) and much, much more!

Not only am I learning as a result of the most incredible training, I am also part of a huge online community – which consists of beginner to highly advanced online marketers! We have access to each other’s experience through the generosity within the community.

Want to know more?

You can experience this first-class training and platform without spending a dime! Here is how you join as a FREE Starter Member and for the first 7 days you have access to every single aspect of the platform – it’s a great opportunity to take it for a test drive.

You can then go Premium, which is $19.00 for the first month if you join within the 7-day period, or you can remain as a Starter Member until you are ready to upgrade.

Once you are ready, the pure beauty of this platform is that there are no other upsells, it is literally Starter Member and Premium Member offers only! Click on the image below to sign up for FREE!

Don’t be shy now, have a look around – you won’t regret it! Incidentally, Wealthy Affiliate is not a Christian platform, in fact, they have pretty strict rules about not publishing any religion or politics within the community. Having said that though, there are many, many believers onboard, missionaries too! You will find “your tribe” don’t you worry about that!

Look forward to seeing you on the inside – yes, I will be there to welcome you into the fold and guide you if you wish.

Come on now, let’s get involved with these incredible Christian Home Based Business Opportunities

Blessings always!

18 thoughts on “Christian Home Based Business Opportunities”

  1. Hi Louise, I am a WA Christian member also and as I was doing my rounds within the community. I came to your profile. What I like about the community is that we can post our websites in a designated area so as if any member is interested to see what they are working on, we can.

    So I came over here. I especially like your posts because they are so creative and you have a special talent in writing.

    My niche is in health that is what is so unique we can blog about our passion there is no limit to the market place. Or share WA affiliate marketing which you are doing. There is no other platform like it and believe me when I say that because I had tried others before I found WA and I was quite put off of ever creating my own niche.

    I found WA by accident, at first, I thought that this was too good to be true. But hay! if this is real then I wouldn’t lose a thing because I had free access and to top it off two free websites to work on.

    Long story short two years down the road and I am still here as a premium member. I Love the way the members help each other out not only on a sharing their success stories and workshops put on a personal level also. There is no other community like it in the online world.

    So yea, any Christian looking for safe heaven you found it. If you are anything like me and have tried other platforms and have been let down I can guaranty that this wouldn’t happen at WA. You have all the tools handed to you on a silver platter. The work you put into it is what you will take home.

    Good luck to you if you decide to join us, Louise is a wonderful helpful soul and she will be by your side every step of the way guiding you until you get on your own feet.

    always a better way

    • Bless you, Linda, you are so encouraging and a great community member and valued friend!

      What a wonderful accident you had, stumbling over Wealthy Affiliate – It’s a really wonderful place – incredible training and awesome community! Not even mentioning all the additional benefits of being a member!

      Blessings always lovely lady
      Louise x

  2. Hello Louise

    interesting approach; it’s a niche I have not thought of; and the presentation of the 5 online stores is even original; if you are enrolled in ShareASale, you can immediately promote their products by doing a minimum of research; every passing day is convinced that any niche you choose, if you work seriously, you will finally make money; congratulations

    • Hi Carmen
      Absolutely, there are so many exciting opportunities available to us online and affiliate marketers! ShareASale offers us a huge range of great products to choose from, definitely worth considering!
      Blessings always

  3. Great post Louise.
    I think that affiliate marketing will appeal to all and sundry and each religion is, I am sure, a huge market.
    I think I will pass this on to my son and daughter-in-law who could do with some extra income now that they have a 13 month old baby and mum isn’t “going” to work – that’s not to say baby isn’t a full time occupation.

    • Thank you Lawrence, great to see you here.
      Absolutely, the Christian niche (probably like other religions) is a very big niche and there are great affiliate opportunities available – even more than I have detailed here.
      What a super idea for your daughter-in-law, as you say, babies are a full-time occupation too, that’s the joy of this industry, we get to choose our own hours – or in the case of a mum, work when our babies are asleep :-). Wealthy Affiliate Training fits into everyone’s schedule, we just need to be disciplined and work the minute we have the time. Looking at the success of our stay home LittleMama, it’s well worth the time and effort.

  4. This is really great info! Being a Christian myself, it is nice to see someone promoting this from a Christian stand point, and how we can integrate our beliefs into this lifestyle as well and spread the Good News through our work!

    Awesome stuff!

  5. Affiliate marketing is (in my eyes) probably the best business model to learn if you are looking to have an online presence.

    Simple to understand, but takes time (just like all businesses) to become established.

    You have to be disciplined, and work hard and this for many starting out is just too much, and unfortunately give up before they start to see any results.

    I notice you are with Wealthy Affiliate and I have nothing but praise for them. Very seldom see any bad things said about them. They are well established and I hear the training is 2nd to none.

    If I may ask, how long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    Good luck and thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Mick
      I am glad you have spoken about the discipline and hard work it takes to be successful, too many people want a short cut to success, that’s just not how life works really.
      The advantage with Affiliate Marketing and Online Marketing is the exponential scaling which we don’t see in traditional brick and mortar businesses. This business model is also the
      gift that keeps on giving in the sense that the work you do today can benefit you for years to come.
      Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt the best online training platform available, not to mention the best when it comes to everything we need for our websites from domains to hosting to support – the value for money is exceptional! I joined in October 2018 and could not be happier.
      Thank you for your wishes and your visit.
      Blessings always

  6. That’s a wonderful article, very well-written to its last little detail.
    To be honest, I didn’t know that much about the best way to build a Christian website and all of the options you can go for when monetizing it through affiliate marketing.
    I knew about the T-shirts, but the jewelry was a bit of a surprise.
    Live and learn, right?
    I have a question:
    Other than affiliate marketing, what other ways a blogger can use to monetize a Christian website?
    Do you think that displaying ads is a smart option here?
    I would love to read your response, looking forward to it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Boby
      So glad to see you enjoyed this article – thank you.
      Thank you for a very interesting question, I am sure a blogger could monetize a Christian website a variety of ways, here are two options off the top of my head: by creating a paid membership platform or even by writing & selling their own training. There are many options.
      When it comes to displaying ads, so long as they can be contained within the genre (so if the site is a Christian site, naturally one would not want to see anything contrary to Christianity) then I am sure that would be a great route to take.
      Hope I have answered your question sufficiently.
      Blessings always

  7. Great post a lot of great step by step information on how to start affiliate marketing and a niche that a lot of people will be passionate about.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post as you explained affiliate marketing so well. I’m sure anyone who reads this whether Christian or not will be inspired to take action, especially in these challenging times:)

    • Hi Kathy
      Great to see you here. I agree, this is not specific to Christians only – that’s is one of the things I love the most about the online business world, there are no barriers to entry, not age, religion, race or gender. Signing up to Wealthy Affiliate to learn as I have has been like opening the biggest gift I have ever received! Learning to create and build your own online business really is the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

  9. Hi Louise

    Thank you for this eye-opening blog. I had not thought of the Christian niche! What a great idea – I do like the businesses you have included here (loving the tee shirts!).

    And what a wonderful way to offer practical help to people looking for ways to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wishing you lots of luck (you won’t need it),



    • Hi Jean
      Glad you enjoyed this article – agreed, those tee shirts are awesome 🙂
      Wealthy Affiliate definitely is the way to go when building an online business, we are so fortunate to have everything we have access to – site domains, hosting, support, exceptional training and so much more!
      Wishing you everything of the best too.


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