FlexOffers Affiliate Program Reviews – by Late Bloomer

FlexOffers Affiliate Program Reviews – by Late Bloomer

Introduction and Summary

FlexOffers have enjoyed more than a decade in the market place. They offer a wide range of Affiliate Programs which is bound to be appealing to any Affiliate Marketer because their product range is extensive and will fit into any niche. FlexOffers hosts more than 12,000 Affiliate Program and in excess of 1,000,000 products!

Registration is simple and there is no waiting period to get started with promoting their offers.
There are of course, the usual terms and conditions and your website needs to comply. For example, they need to know that your website is an upstanding citizen with original content etc.,

FlexOffers Review

I appreciate your time here with me to read what I have to say about FlexOffers. Thank you so much.

I learn valuable information as a result of researching and writing reviews and it gives me great pleasure to share my findings with you.

Let’s get into it.

Overview: FlexOffers At A Glance

NAME: FlexOffers
WEBSITE: www.flexoffers.com

PRICE: No cost to join the Affiliate Program


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Quick payments – some of the fastest around, if you qualify for the net 7 payments

PRO #2 A wide range of product offers available – more than 1,000,000 of them!

PRO #3 No waiting period for approval – apparently, but their technology is working against my application as we speak

PRO #4 Monthly payments via PayPal, cheque or wire transfer
PRO #7 FlexOffers minimum payment is $25

PRO #8 Should you choose to leave, there are no penalties

PRO # 9 You can leave whenever you choose

PRO #10 Free to join the Affiliate Program

The Bad:

CON #1 Less long-term potential than other Affiliate Networks

Con #2 Nothing to write home about from a technological perspective

Who is FlexOffers For?

Online Affiliate Marketers; Newbies and Established, Entrepreneurs. The opportunity exists to sell your own products or market as an Online Affiliate Marketer. So long as you have your own website (which really is not hard to build, see here just how easy it is), you have the opportunity to promote a product from FlexOffers. They offer a wide range of products, literally, 12000. This provides Affiliate Marketers with a great opportunity to pick and mix products which align with their niche.

Here are some ideas of who can enjoy the benefits FlexOffers:

  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • eCommerce Businesses,
  • Bloggers,
  • Content Marketers,
  • Online businesses and marketers
  • NGO’s and fundraisers

Featured Advertisers

Depending on your niche, you could be promoting these brand names! Nike, Lenovo, Marriott Bonvoy, Finish Line, Credit Sesame JC Penny, Bloomingdale

FlexOffers Tools & Training

FlexOffers offers great training to assist you with their systems, products and services. They do not have dedicated customer service managers, thankfully their systems are so easy to understand that they are not required.

FlexOffers offers excellent support to assist you with building a website – they show you the way step by step and incorporate everything you need to know about:

  1. How to build your website from scratch
  2. Website design
  3. SEO rankings – in other words how to gain the attention and rankings within Google, Bing and Yahoo

Training within FlexOffers

The training offered by ShareASale is solid, they cover all the bases necessary and the way it is structured is easily understood by newbies and experienced Affiliate Marketers alike.

FlexOffers Pricing – this will fit any Affiliate Marketers Budget

FREE To Join the Affiliate Program

Here is a breakdown of their payment methods, another big plus in my book:


o Monthly threshold (USD) $25

o Processing Fee: $3 / payment

Local Bank Transfer

o Monthly threshold (USD) $25

o Processing Fee: $1 / payment

o Available only if Customer is incorporated in the US and receiving payments in the US; or a company incorporated in the EU and receiving payments in the EU. Available in USD and EUR currency only.

Local Bank Transfer (UK)

o Monthly threshold (USD) $25

o Processing Fee: $1.5 / payment

o Available only if Customer is incorporated in the UK and receiving payments in the UK. Available in GBP currency only.

International ACH

o Monthly threshold (USD) $25

o Processing Fee: $5 / payment

o International ACH, also known as eCheque.

Wire Transfer – U.S

o Monthly threshold (USD) $1,000

o Processing Fee: $15 / payment

o Wire transfer to U.S. Payee account

Wire Transfer – Non-US in USD

o Monthly threshold (USD) $1,000

o Processing Fee: $26 / payment

o Wire transfer to non-U.S. Payee account in USD

Wire Transfer – Non-U.S., non-USD

o Monthly threshold (USD) $1,000

o Processing Fee: $20 / payment

o Wire transfer to non-U.S. Payee account, not in USD


o Monthly threshold (USD) $25

o Processing Fee: $1 / payment

o Provider transaction fees apply

FlexOffers Affiliate Program Opportunities

As you saw, there are 12 000 Affiliate Programs available with more than 1 Million products, here is a little rundown of which fields those programs cover:

  • Automotive – Care Insurance, Car Loans, Car Rentals, and so on
  • Business – Marketing / Advertising, Office Solutions, Office Supplies and more
  • Careers – Career Education
  • Clothing and Accessories – Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Shoes and more
  • Consumer Electronics – Computer Software, Computers, Electronics, Accessories and more
  • Digital Products – Arts and Entertainment, Betting Systems, Business / Investing, Computers / Internet and more
  • Education – Career Education, Craft Supplies, Drivers Training
  • Energy – Fuel, Green
  • Entertainment – Mobile Entertainment, Music, Movies, Games, Party Goods and more
  • Family – Babies and Kids, Senior Citizens, Teenagers and more
  • Financial Services – Auto Loans, Banks, Credit Repair, Credit Reporting and more
  • Health and Wellness – Beauty, Diet and Fitness, Environmental and more
  • Home and Garden – Appliances and Electronics, Food, Cooking, Garden and more
  • Insurance – Automobile Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, and more
  • International 0 Australia, Canada, Germany, LATAM, SEA, UK
  • Legal Services – Business Law, Family Law
  • Lifestyle and Recreation – Matchmaking, mature, Online Surveys, Drawings and more
  • Media – Books, Periodicals, Database, Printing, Publishing and Design
  • Mobile – Commerce, Gamining, Travel and Utilities
  • Online Services – Affiliate Marketing, Internet Services, Web Hosting / Servers
  • Seasonal Promotions – Christmas, Hanukkah, Father’s Day etc
  • Shopping – Department Stores, Gifts, flower, Colectible, Shopping Networks and more
  • Sports, Fitness and Outdoors – Equipment, Fan Gear, Sport Event Tickets and more
  • Telecommunications, Telephone services, Wireless
  • Travel – Airlines, Car Rentals, Hotels and more

NAME: FlexOffers

WEBSITE: www.flexoffers.com

PRICE: FREE To join the Affiliate Program


My Final Opinion of FlexOffers

Outside of the lack of technological advancement, FlexOffers looks like it is an ideal opportunity for Newbie and Established Online Affiliate Marketers. Their comprehensive range of products means that Online Affiliate Marketers are sure to find something within their niche.

They have a great track record, their reputation for efficient payouts also really appeals to me.
Not being highly technical (though I am learning every day), I also enjoy the fact that their systems are relatively simple and user-friendly.

Before I go …

Before I go, you know of course that I am an Affiliate Marketer, so my disclosure here is that I am an Affiliate for FlexOffers – I make use of their Affiliate Program so am not promoting anything I would not recommend. I will stand before my Maker one day accountable for my actions – so you know you can trust what I am saying here. What this means is that when you click on the link that I provide and sign up as an Affiliate Marketer, I will benefit with a commission from FlexOffers. Likewise, if you sign up with them as a Merchant. This does not make any difference to you financially at all.

One last important thing …

There is also something important I want to share with you: As you will have gathered, I have learned how to do everything Affiliate Marketing entails, in fact, I am still learning. I doubt we will ever stop learning in this industry, one of the many reasons I love it! I have signed up for training with more than one company and some of the lessons have been pretty hard – like making sure I sign up with a company who provides excellent training, fabulous community, ingenious training, all at an affordable rate. I have done that now which is why I am able to share my Number One Recommendation with you.

If you are looking to create a life of freedom – freedom from the 9 to 5,

freedom from commuting in traffic for hours every day,

freedom to spend time with your loved ones,

geographic and financial freedom to travel the world,

and you want to make a difference in the lives of others

then have a look at this great opportunity!

My Number One Recommendation

Only do this is if you are serious, serious about no longer being a slave to the 9 to 5 in an office, spending too much time commuting, reporting into your boss, never mind if he or she is or is not a great person – I am sure you get me here!
If you need more information about this incredible Online Business Opportunity, have a look at my article here.
Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


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