Freebies For Bloggers (Checklist Templates, Worksheets, eBooks & More!)

As the journey with my online business progresses, I am finding it so much easier to work with checklists and worksheets. Working with these handy tools reduces the time I take to produce content, work on my mindset and business. So, here is a list of all everything I work with to make it easier for my fellow online business owners.  Hope you enjoy my contribution to making your life easier with freebies for bloggers.

Also, let me know if you have ideas for me to add to this page, I am more than happy to develop more worksheets to share.

Free Checklist Template for Bloggers (& Online Marketers)

Within this article you will find the following Checklists:

Free EBook – The Proven 4-Step Process to Starting In Online Business

This Ebook was written specifically for the newbies. I encourage you to download it and learn the 4-step process which is not only proven but also simple to follow.

Download the Free Ebook by clicking on the image below:

Starting In Online Business

How To Discover Your Why & Why It’s Important

I wrote a detailed blog about this very important topic, and invite you to set aside some time to read the article plus download the free worksheets you will find inside the article.

The third method I shared does not require a worksheet, just you, a pen and paper (if you are anything like me, the paper will be a beautiful journal)

The free worksheets are in PDF format and can be accessed inside the article.

There are three methods shared in the article, How To Discover Your Why & Why It’s Important, with two worksheets as follows:

  • Finding Your Why – 7 Levels Deep
  • Personal Values Worksheet

Free 7-Day Email Training Series to Make Money Online

This is the same process I have followed to build my online business and I would love to share it with you. Yes, it is FREE and the email series covers a period of 7 days.

If you are looking for a way to learn how to create your own successful online business and live life on your terms, I encourage you to sign up for my Free 7-Day email training series.

The most important aspect of this series is that everything you need is in one place – no more searching around the internet looking for training.

As this site grows you will have access to even more useful freebies – so pop back and help yourself!

Ooh, before we end off, here is a new 7-day series … “How To Finish 2020 Strong!” it is well worth signing up for.

If 2020 has had the same effect on you as it has me, then a dedicated focus on finishing strong is going to be exactly what you need.

Remember also to let me know if there is anything specific I can create for you.  Plus, if there is something you already make use of, be a sport and share with me – all it takes is a comment below.

Happy blogging and online business-building!

Blessings as always

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