Freedom Life

Freedom Life can be a reality!

What kind of freedom am I talking about? For me its about financial freedom, time freedom, geographic freedom!  Interested? Keep reading …

Stress, Stress and Square Peg In A Round Hole

I have worked the long hours of the corporate world, in amongst the politics and drama. My roles have been from account executive in advertising to sales executive for publishing houses; to recruitment consultant in agencies; HR Director in a training company; back to recruitment (I was not cut out to fire people, only hire them. And the legal stuff, well, let’s just say I was OK at that), to exhibition sales and now I work half day as a PA whilst I build my online affiliate marketing business.


Don’t know about you but my working life has been extremely stressful – carving time out (not to mention energy and presence of mind) for my precious daughter was almost impossible! The relationships between colleagues frustrated me endlessly, people clamoring for the attention of leadership and at times, doing whatever it took to get to the top. This is just not how I function and unsurprising, I always felt like a square peg in a round hole.

Hard Work Appeals to me

Working hard appeals to me, building something amazing and having the ability to grow and develop is awesome – these are things I value! Just not at the cost of everything else in my life.

I desire more…

  • than the 15 working days leave a year the corporate world allows:
    • for me to be with people I love
    • to travel, experience new, different and exciting cultures, people and places;
    • to make a difference in the lives of others, and I mean really available
      • financially
      • physically
      • emotionally
      • mentally
        • to tend to those who are hurting
        • to supply for those in need
        • to contribute in positive ways and uplift the lives of others

This for me is Freedom Life – a life of freedom to do and be everything God created me to be!

How I am achieving Life Freedom

I searched and tried more than one opportunity – from MLM to affiliate marketing and in a relatively short time, thankfully, I found the ideal place for me. Wealthy Affiliate.  I clicked on an ad in Facebook, and I am ever so grateful I did. What I have found is:

  • a community of entrepreneurs who support and encourage one another (a refreshing change after the corporate world)
  • an education second to none – catering to experience levels from entry to advanced
  • opportunities for anyone who is self motivated and excited about building an online business:
    • Students
    • Stay at home parents
    • Niche bloggers
    • Folk keen to learn about building websites
    • Existing businesses looking to get more customers
    • Those with products and services to sell online
    • Life, Career and Relationship Coaches
    • Retirees who are not ready to truly retire (I’ve seen some great success stories recently)

What do Wealthy Affiliate have to offer?

There are two main streams of training, Online Entrepreneurship Training and Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. Being keen on the affiliate marketing model, I have started on the latter. Here is a taster of what you can expect in both:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

As you can see below, this is a 5 phase (50 lesson!) series so you can expect it to be intensive and extensive! this training prepares you to create and scale a business within the niche of your choice, your passion!

Affiliate Bootcamp

Now this is where “it” is for me – I am loving this training, again, it is intensive and extensive (7 Phases with 70 lessons!). It is incredible training, as you learn, you implement and build your business. Two of my articles were ranked with Google within a matter of weeks of joining Wealthy Affiliate – this is cause to celebrate, and so I did!

Cause for Celebration!

As I said above, within a matter of weeks of joining WA I celebrated my first success – site ranking with Google! To put this into perspective, I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing previously, I trained for almost two years and didn’t achieve this kind of success! You can read more about that experience in this article.

Back to Wealthy Affiliate – here is a silly little blog I wrote for my Wealthy Affiliate friends, and boy did they celebrate with me. What a difference in attitude to the corporate world!

The Remarkable Training Doesn’t Stop There!

In addition to the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp there is an incredible range of training available, here is a little look-see at what you can expect there:

Training HQ

Here is a little sneak-peak of a few topics on offer – you will notice that these are primarily by Co-Owner Kyle, but there is also room for other members to give training – we learn from each other, such a pleasure!

Training HQ Classrooms

Here you will see a range of topics covered, and these training courses are available Wealthy Affiliate Premium members all the time – you train when you have the need and the time (sometimes you have to make the time because you have the need, and you know you have the needs when you discover something else you want to do but don’t know quite how – it’s easily solved though fortunately)

And If that’s Not Enough … There’s Also Live Events

Here is a screenshot of webinars which took place in October 2018 – again, a diverse topic range, covering pretty much everything you would need to know in online marketing – whether you are an affiliate marketer, drop shipper, blogger etc. And just to add, recordings are available after the event too – after all, we are not all available at the same time on the same day! Wealthy Affiliate truly does think of everything!


24/7 Help Center

There is more than one avenue for help – as a newbie, I have really needed to take advantage of these facilities and they have been awesome! Site Support is all about your website, come undone somewhere, and they are a little message away, and incredibly quick to respond and assist! You can message your Premium Coaches (note, the first two are the Co-Owners of the company – Carson and Kyle), there is the Ask A Question facility where the community can give you input. Not to be under-estimated, we have very experienced and successful community members who are more than willing to assist (another contrast to the Corporate environment!). Then there is Live Chat which is an ongoing streaming chat, it is a fabulous way to learn without having to ask questions too as you get to see what other community members are asking and how their questions are responded to. Private Message is for when we are shy and want to chat away from the public eye, not really, it could work that way but is a way for you to communicate privately with any member. The interesting thing is that you really do “attract your tribe” within the more than 1,4 Million members (yes, 1,4 Million!). There are just some folk you resonate with more than others. it just works.

No doubt, the insight into how much training is available has peaked your interest – and this is just an overview! There is so much more to Wealthy Affiliate.

I could go one but would rather lead you to another article I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate where you can see who Kyle and Carson are, how the Memberships work, what is available at which level, and why I truly am completely and utterly sold on this platform!

In a nutshell though, what you can expect is Free Membership with access to all Premium Membership facilities. Once you have taken a test drive and decided this is for you, the upgrade to Premium Membership is the ONLY upgrade you need to make. After that, there are NO other up sells, everything within the community is available to you. Which is more than I can say for some of the competitors to Wealthy Affiliate.

This truly is an affordable online business opportunity. Freedom Life can be a reality! Is it without hard work and perseverance? Absolutely not, this will be YOUR business, you need to put into it to receive out of it. Does it create the opportunity to scale your business and earn passive income? Absolutely! there are members of our community who work a few hours a week to keep their businesses ticking over, the rest of their time is all theirs. Freedom Life, oh yes, indeed!

Don’t delay, if you are looking for a lifestyle of freedom, click on the link below and enjoy the FREE Starter Membership. It will not cost you a dime!

See you on the inside!


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