Honey Fashion Accessories Review [Home Business Opportunity – Is It Legit?]

What feels like a zillion years ago I was involved with Honey Fashion Accessories as a Sales Consultant. I was in awe of my Team Leader, after all, she was beautiful, eloquent, stylish, confident … need I say more? I was also besotted with the Honey products – looking at the range now, I can still see why. We’ve quickly established that the brand is beautiful and the Team Leader recruitment was on point. What about the work from home business opportunity? Is this everything it is cracked up to be? Join me as we review Honey Fashion Accessories as a work from home business opportunity.

Honey Fashion Accessories

Honey Fashion Accessories Review [Home Business Opportunity – Is It Legit?]

A quick glance of the Honey Fashion Accessories website and I can see that the presentation and the products are still incredibly stylish. Really gorgeous, have a look:

Honey Fashion Accessories

Honey Fashion Accessories

Honey Fashion Accessories

Introduction and Summary

Are you familiar with Honey Fashion Accessories at all? If not, stay with me, we will take a close look at them. If you are, perhaps you are interested in the work from home business opportunity that this company presents. We will be examining that in detail.

Honey Fashion Accessories is all about offering “classic high end pieces which are affordable”. Thus making looking fabulous available to a wide range of women and men.

The product range offered is well researched, internationally on trend, costume jewelry, sunglasses, watches, scarves, shoes and handbags. The jewelry encompasses every item you can think of from earrings to rings, bracelets and bangles, neck pieces, watches and more. Their range is nickel free and allergy-safe.

When I was selling Honey products, one of the challenges we faced were repairs of the pieces. At one stage Honey decided not to offer repairs any longer. From a sales perspective you can imagine that this was not an easy thing to manage. The “wasted time” running to and fro to get the pieces back, in for repair and returned to the customer. Not to mention the damage control with the customer relationships too.

To be fair, that was eons ago, so it has probably improved. Quality of products is extremely important and Honey is positioned as a high end brand so I will be surprised if this has not improved.

Where Is Honey Based?

This company trades in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Greece, Malta, Zambia, Ukraine and Mauritius. I am pretty sure they have expanded their reach. Good for them!

The website says that they are looking for independent business owners outside of South Africa too – still looking for more expansion.Honey Fashion Accessories


Thank you for visiting my site to have a look at the Honey Fashion Accessories Review. As you can see above, I have touched on the product range but the real purpose for this article is to examine the business opportunity.

I love business and thoroughly enjoy reviewing the different opportunities, so it is my pleasure to bring this review to you.

Let’s get into it.

As you saw above, Honey truly do position themselves and their brand beautifully. I particularly like faux animal print, so it would appeal to me of course.

The business model is an interesting one. This is not a typical MLM business opportunity, it does have elements of MLM in that there are levels you can grow through and to. But, Honey do not have a complex compensation plan (unlike the MLM plans which really do my head in!). Let’s have a look at how it works:

In the infographic below you can see the typical Honey journey. Usually Honey catches an individuals’ attention as a client.

Step 1 is to sign up as a Sales Consultant for free. Then the job is to sell products and introduce 3 friends as Sales Consultants. At that stage you become what is known as a Style Station, someone who sells and recruits active Sales Consultants.

Step 2 is to consistently recruit and achieve sales of R25000 for 3 consecutive months (considering the average price of a product is R200, this is pretty steep) – that is sales of 125 units, on average. There are also promotions which drop these prices (and the commissions) and that makes it tougher to achieve the R25000 per month for 3 consecutive months. I guess it depends on how many people you recruit into the fold too. It’s worth noting that your recruits fall under your Team Leader as Style Stations if they are immediate Style Stations – only once you become a Team Leader do they fall under you. Keeps everyone on their toes, right?

Step 3 is when you become a Team Leader, you recruit Sales Consultants and Style Stations under you and grow your client base.

Step 4 is when you become a Mentor and you promote Team Leaders which are known as Butterflies (interesting names they have here). You become a Mother Team Leader, Mentor business structures beneath you, offer support to your team of Style Consultants and Sales Consultants, plus continue to recruit and grow in addition to growing your network of clients.

Honey Fashion Accessories - Business Opportunity

Here is a handy little snip of the Honey Journey from Client to Team Leader:

Honey Fashion Accessories - Business Opportunity Journey

Overview: Honey Fashion Accessories At A Glance:

Honey Fashion Accessories

NAME:Honey Fashion Accessories
PRICE:See Detailed Pricing Within The Review
FOUNDED BY:Gary Carlisle & Margot Bredenkamp
OVERALL RANK;9/10 for Products
5/10 for Business Opportunity

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 The products are beautiful and they follow international fashion trends

Pro #2 Honey Fashion Accessories are affordable

Pro #3 The opportunity to network and sell the products as a physical product

Pro #4 Only 4 steps to reach the Mentor / Mother Team Leader level

Pro #5 This company started in 1995 meaning they have survived the first 5 years and more. Great show of stability. Go Honey!

The Bad:

Con #1 You rely on warm leads to sell your products (that is friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues etc)

Con #2 The product quality is out of your control as is the stock control

Con #3 The product is not available to sell to an interested party today, your client needs to order and you then place the order with your Team Leader and wait for delivery.

Con #4  You collect and deliver orders, this could become expensive and time consuming

Who is Honey Fashion Accessories For?

Honey Fashion Accessories is for anyone who is fashion conscious and enjoys looking stylish but does not want to spend a fortune on achieving that look.

In terms of the business opportunity, Honey is great for people (probably mostly ladies from what I have seen) who are have a wide network and are happy to sell to their warm leads. i always found that quite uncomfortable to be honest. Maybe that is just me.

Honey Fashion Accessories Tools & Training

Honey Fashion Accessories provides gorgeous catalogues to sell from, these are available online and are downloadable too.

The training is given primarily by the uplines, that would be Style Consultants and Team Leaders. The My Honey Business Booklet also offers a lot of the training. Meetings which take place on a weekly basis are for the collections of orders and offer a great opportunity for training to take place too. We used to do role plays and discuss different ways to promote. If I was still will Honey now, i would definitely take advantage of technology to sell to my clients.

Honey Fashion Accessories – Pricing

It is 100% free to join Honey as a Sales Distributor.

As we saw above, the Sales Distributor then introduces 3 friends as Sales Distributors in order to progress up the ranks to Style Station.

From there, sell R25,000 worth of products consistently for a period of 3 months to move to the Team Leader Level.

Consistent recruiting and personal sales is what keeps the growth curve going upwards.

In terms of product pricing, the average price is R200 and the shoes go up into the R500 to R700 ranges.

Overview: Honey Fashion Accessories At A Glance:

Honey Fashion Accessories Review

NAME:Honey Fashion Accessories
PRICE:See Detailed Pricing Within The Review
FOUNDED BY:Gary Carlisle & Margot Bredenkamp
OVERALL RANK;9/10 for Products
5/10 for Business Opportunity

My Final Opinion of the Honey Fashion Accessories Business Opportunity

I must say, I do like Honey Fashion Accessories. Their product range is really lovely and, though some of the names are unusual, I appreciate their development structure from Sales Distributor up to Mentor / Mother Team Leader.

I am not convinced that there is a massive business opportunity here to generate a life changing income, not unless you were one of the agents taking Honey into a brand new country. That’s just my opinion.

For someone who is looking to generate some extra cash as a side gig, this could be awesome fun. For a stay at home or work from home situation, perhaps a Mum with school going kids, the Honey Fashion Accessories home business opportunity could work well.

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10 thoughts on “Honey Fashion Accessories Review [Home Business Opportunity – Is It Legit?]”

    • Hi Arthur
      That’s lovely. Would your wife not consider building her own successful online business rather? She can read about here in this article Starting In Online Business [4 Easy Steps]. She would still be involved in something she loves, in fact, there is more flexibility for her this way.
      I see she sells Avon already, it would be interesting to see how the companies (Avon and Honey) react to having a distributor that sells both product ranges. Let me know.

  1. This is the first time that I have heard of this program and from what you have said they have really spread their wings. That is a lot of countries to operate from seems like when it comes to the product they know how to deliver but the business side of it of making and income is questionable especially when it comes to the warm leads. Like you pointed out it can make you some money but not the kind of income where you can work full time from your home. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Norman
      Thank you for your visit 🙂
      Yeah, Honey Fashion Accessories has done really well for themselves. That is the key though – for themselves. Of course, they have provided opportunities for others to make money along the way which is awesome too. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks, some people aren’t looking to build a substantial business of their own, in that case, the Honey opportunity would be perfect for them.
      Thank you again.

  2. Good insights into this program as to its viability as a business opportunity. Although I agree with you on the quality of the products, it is not a simple sales and delivery process. I appreciate learning about this. All the Best. Joseph

    • Hi Joseph
      Thank you so much for your input. You are quite right in saying it is not a simple sales and delivery process – as a side gig, you could spend too much time (and money) particularly on the delivery process.
      Blessings as always

  3. I’ve never heard of Honey! Looks like very nice quality products. I do wonder how this business will survive in today’s climate. More and more people are getting away from direct selling I think. It will be interesting to see what happens to this kind of business in the next few years!

    • Hi Tara
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read about the Honey Fashion Accessories business opportunity. There is no doubt that they will have to grow with the challenges we face in the current market place. They have been successful so far, as you say, it will be interesting to see what happens going forward.
      The online business model is definitely the way to go.
      Blessings always

  4. Hi Louise,
    I’ve read a few of your reviews (and I’m going to read more!) I see a pattern that I like. During these difficult times when more people will be looking at work from home/side gig opportunities, it’s nearly impossible to get an unbiased opinion and they’re so critical to get because money is going to be tight for many people and wasting time & money that they don’t have on a poor opportunity is bad for them and bad for legitimate opportunities. Keep up the good work


    • Hi Bob
      It’s great to see you here – I am so happy to read that my reviews are doing what I intended them to do.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your input too, I appreciate your time.
      As you say, we are in challenging times, finding ways to generate an income that is not employment or office-bound is critical for many right now.
      Stay safe.


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