How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website has been a mystery to me to – for the last 2 years at least.  That is until I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the middle of October – yes, a mere month ago!  Two articles on my site have already been indexed by Google!   For me, Wealthy Affiliate training is the business!

Ok, ok, so if I am completely transparent, I don’t understand how the indexing works nor how my articles were indexed.  All I did is follow the training in the format laid out by Wealthy Affiliate.

After being with Wealthy Affiliate for a week of so I made the commitment to go Premium – this is after starting on a Free Membership.  Not only was my start free, so I could really see what they offer (and this is not my first rodeo, so I have a little insight to compare with), the Premium level joining offer was a mere $19.00!  Thereafter the monthly premium is $49.00.  Less than half of what I was paying elsewhere!

I digress, let’s get back to the how to get free traffic to your website.  So within Wealthy Affiliate we are trained in four easy steps to success as follows:


Find a Niche

Now this is all about your passions and interests – if you are an avid cyclist or swimmer or musician or scientist or physician – there is a niche related to it.

Build a Website

Made so simple within this platform, anyone can build a site within minutes – literally!

Rank Content

Now, this is where the question of How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website is answered.  Like I said, I am pretty new at this and am not entirely sure of how it happens – I can only tell you that it has happened to me – twice in one month!  With no real experience to catapult me into this position.  All I did was follow the simple instructions in the training.  I can offer you some insight into what I did, maybe that will assist you in getting there too.  If not, I highly recommend you join us at Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, the bit of insight I have to offer – so I set up my website and wrote a couple of articles, one about Late Bloomer, one about Wealthy Affiliate, another about How to Make Money from your Computer, and yet another about Mindset Mastery.  Each one of these articles was selected based on Keyword research I did with this very handy tool called Jaaxy – which is part of the offering made by Wealthy Affiliate.


Jaaxy really makes Keyword research childs play.  It is a fabulous tool!

Then I made sure that my articles also contained links to various places to offer further information.  In addition, I linked the articles to each other within my site, in as much as I could.

I hope this makes sense, as this is literally what I have done.  it has been super-easy and I have truely just followed the training step by step.

Promote Offers

This is the fourth easy step which is exactly what I am doing here.  I am giving you information about how to get free traffic to your site, and in the process I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate to you.  I have also given you a link to Jaaxy – another Affiliate offer.

So you see, if my explanation is accurate (and I truly hope it is), the process of how to get free traffic to your site is relatively simple.  Perhaps I am over simplifying it, after all Wealthy Affiliate has been around and successful for quite some time now.  Let me show you some of the stats to back up that claim:

13 Years In Business

193 Countries

1,400,000+ Members

10,000+ New Businesses Built Monthly

1,800+ Expert Coaches

23,000+ People Helped Daily

Sorry to make each one of these headlines – I  believe they are each worth of being a headline!  How incredible is that offering?


Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Let me entice you some more, have a look at what you could sign up for today, for free!  Then compare to what you will receive when you choose to go Premium.  This really is an exceptional offer.  I am only one month in and am experiencing all of the advantages offered by Wealthy Affiliate.


So, if you are like me and you are looking to get free traffic to your website, don’t look any further, take advantage of the training Wealthy Affiliate offers.   Don’t have a website yet, or a niche?  Wealthy Affiliate training helps you with that too.

Click on the image below for a Free Membership!  You can remain as a Starter for as long as you wish, though there are massive advantages to upgrade to Premium.  Whichever way you go, you will learn how to get free traffic to your website.


See you on the inside!




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