How To Make Money Online Selling Information Products

How To Make Money Online Selling Information ProductsThe world wide web has opened the information highway up to more than just the consumers of the information – it has also opened up a business opportunity to you as an expert in your field. Don’t stress here, we are not talking about only people with Master’s Degrees, you could have information to share without necessarily having a massive list of letters behind your name. The internet is a level playing field, no matter what your background, whether you come from money or not, whether you are highly educated or not – if you have a particular set of skills (see what I did there? shades of Liam Neeson) to share with others, and there are people in the market seeking the information you have to share – then the online world is a great place to share your skills and knowledge, and make money along the way! I have a passion for the online world and am very excited to share with you, let’s have a look at How To Make Money Online Selling Information Products.

1. Research

As I said in the opening paragraph, you do not need to have the degrees behind your name (though that certainly would not hurt) but you do need knowledge that the market would be prepared to pay for. So it is all about knowing that you have value to share and ensuring that there are people who would be willing to subscribe or pay for what you have to offer. Let’s break the steps down:

  1. Knowledge to share – first you need to establish what knowledge you have to share (there are some ideas a little further down …)
  2. Target Market – ensure that there are others who are interested in what you have to share and that they are prepared to pay for it

With the above two vital steps taken care of, you will then need to make yourself known in the online world, and gain the trust and respect of the people who would be interested in what you have to sell (your target market). This is done by what is known as “establishing yourself as an authority in the online world” in your chosen niche, and then do everything in your power to be the best in it! This entails researching what your competitors are doing and making sure that you are just one step ahead of them.

2. Establish Yourself As An Authority

Positioning yourself as an authority in the online world is not a difficult thing to do, it does take work though – consistency and commitment are key. Here are some ideas of how you would go about this:

  1. Make yourself known, build a niche website – this is not nearly as scary as it sounds, you can build your niche website in less than 60 seconds! Populating your website with information is what takes the time, but building your site, well that’s easily taken care of. You can even build your website for free! The kind of information you can place on your website is: how to articles, reviews, reports, eBooks etc., just enough to whet the appetite of your target market
  2. Conduct webinars – these can be introductory webinars at no cost (you can even record and automate these so that you do not need to be online every time) and then more detailed webinars which you do charge for. Create the webinars in such a way that your viewers could subscribe on an ongoing basis or pay as a once off for information.
  3. Make use of Multiple Channels, to get your message out into the market place. Here are some ideas of how you could promote your offer, drive traffic to your website and information you are selling:
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Create a YouTube channel and populate it with valuable information to reach your target market and build a relationship of trust with them so that they will move to the next step and purchase the information you have to sell.

3. Ideas of information you could sell:

  • Music lessons
  • Coaching – business, personal life coaching etc
  • Painting techniques
  • Writing lessons
  • Digital marketing (I have a great place for this, have a look!)
  • Teach Languages Online, in fact, any online tutoring
  • Natural Healing
  • Fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding etc

I hope you are getting the idea – anything that the market will be interested and you have knowledge about can be packaged and sold online in a variety of ways.

In case you still need convincing that online is the way to go, I wrote another article entitled Is Affiliate Marketing A Legit Way To Make Money? and included some really interesting stats in that article, I encourage you to take a look. So that you get the gist of things: 40% of the global population are internet users, 8 out of 10 people from developed nations search for information online and 21 out of 61 people from developing countries too! It’s incredible how the world truly has become a global village and you can reach people from all over the world without leaving your home!

The information you are looking to share would need to be authentic of course, not something that you have just reproduced from somewhere else. When you have authentic information to share and do it well, you will gain the respect and trust within the market place. There are many ways you can reach your market place, you could make use of social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc), you could create a marketing funnel, build lead capture pages and email marketing campaigns too. There is a huge amount of information online about how to do all of these things, I encourage you to have a look at my favourite online training spot:

With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to build your website, how to market online and more – it truly is a fabulous place. You can read more about it in another article I wrote entitled Online Business Opportunity.

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