How To Make Money With Print On Demand – Online Business Opportunity For You!

How To Make Money With Print On DemandThere are many ways to make money online, technology has certainly changed the way the world works from every aspect of our lives: relationships (we can communicate at the touch of the button no matter where we are in the world – and see each other whilst we do it!); our homes (we can set timers to everything in our lives from lights on and off, security systems, cooking, you name it) and business (in every way possible, remember snail mail? Yeah, need I say more!). When it comes to the printing industry, I remember my days in advertising when we had to book our print jobs way in advance, giving ample notice to the print houses! It took them many hours to produce the printing plates from the material provided to them by the reproduction houses, and so it went on. There are printed products which are produced in a similar fashion, advertising leaflets and brochures, newspapers and printed books for example. In the main though, things have changed considerably. I am a Late Bloomer so showing my age is what can be expected, haha! Suffice to say though, much the printing industry is one of many which is unrecognizable now compared to the 80s and that wasn’t that long ago! Let’s chat about this wonderful opportunity available to you and How To Make Money With Print On Demand.

What Is Print On Demand?

Here is the definition of Print On Demand according to

“Print on Demand (POD)

Definition – What does Print on Demand (POD) mean?

Print on demand (POD) is a digital printing technology in which a book or other publication is printed on an as needed basis. The POD model flies in the face of traditional printing, where large quantities of books are produced in initial print runs to reduce costs prior to distribution. The sales of online books and e-books facilitate POD and eliminate the need for hard copy book displays. POD has also changed the publishing industry by reducing the need for traditional publishing houses, allowing authors to self-publish at very low costs.”

In this definition Print On Demand is associated with printing books, reality is that is applies to many different types of printing. Print On Demand Technology enables us to provide printed products across a broad range of items, including can also be used to supply a wide range of awesome products.

According to “Print on Demand is when you sell your own custom designs on various different types of products. Print on demand products include t-shirts, hoodies, books, and many other items.”


How Does It Work?

Print On Demand is an online business model. You sell designs which are printed onto a variety items. As you can see above, t-shirts, hoodies and books are some items.

Print On Demand Technology

As a direct result of Print On Demand Technology, you are able to run your own POD business from anywhere you desire – yes, this can be your online business from home! No need to spend wasted hours in commutes, away from your loved ones, missing out on milestones with your children! Great advantages of the online business world, and you can enjoy every one of them!

Print On Demand technology also allows your customers to maintain their budget by printing only what they need when they need it. As you can imagine, this reduces the waste of resources and allows companies to distribute up to date content to their offices with ease – no matter how remotely they are situated! POD reduces the long waiting period for companies when they have a need for the different printed items they require.

What Lies in Store for the Future of Print On Demand Services?

The printing industry continues to grow – even in the digital era. By 2022 it is said that the web print will hit $1.3 billion! All the signs are very positive and encouraging.

Going into the online POD industry allows you to market your own designs and patterns, then print only after your customers select and pay for your products! Your customer can choose to print onto a wide range of items, have a look:

  • t-shirts
  • pillow cases
  • mugs
  • phone covers
  • iPad Covers
  • computer covers
  • stickers
  • calendars
  • promotional products: from lip balms to fidget spinners
  • USB sticks

The sky really is the limit, as I am sure you can see!

If creativity is your skill and talent, you could get into Print On Demand as the business owner or you could become a design contributor only and enjoy the spoils of this online business opportunity.

Speaking of creative talent, so many online business are in the market for original design, which means you could generate an income as a freelance graphic designer!

The converse is also true. Perhaps POD is where you are keen to venture but you are not a designer. No problem, you can outsource the creative aspect to designers who would contribute to your startup!

Advantages of Print On Demand

  • Low start up costs. There is no outlay on stock before you start to sell, literally you will print on demand, or print on order from your customer. No stock holding, very cool
  • Thanks to the latest technology with building a website, you can be up and running in no time at all
  • As you have no stock holding, there is no need for storage either
  • Adding new designs to your product range is a simple process
  • Your customer base is anyone who has access to the internet (only 4 billion people!

Some Disadvantages of Print On Demand

  • Highly competitive field due to the low entry barrier.
  • Identifying a profitable niche and learning to understand which designs sell can be tricky
  • Reliance on business partners to provide you with quality items such as the t-shirts, pillow cases, mugs etc

Print On Demand Potential Mistakes To Avoid

  • Lack of promotion – you absolutely must market your business
  • Lack of research – ensure you understand your target market really, really well and services them even better!
  • Unpopular designs. This is part of your skill as a designer (if you are not talented in this area, hire someone who is) and is also related to the quality of research you conduct prior to launching your business

Print On Demand Is One Option

I believe that I have given you a great option to consider and this is one way you could make good money in your own online business. I am not convinced though that this is the best option available on the market. As I am sure you have guessed, I have another option (one that I definitely prefer) to share with you. Before we go there though, let’s take a look at the mindset of an entrepreneur and what makes becoming an entrepreneur different to being an employee.

First Things First

Before venturing out with your entrepreneurial journey it is vital that you understand first why you are doing it. Yes, knowing your why makes all the difference. There is no doubt that the motivation and lifestyle of an entrepreneur is different to that of the employed.

When employed we sign a contract agreeing to the likes of the following:

  • no matter what our salary is paid to us at the end of the week, fortnight or month.
  • we have KPI’s, budgets, targets etc to meet
  • we accrue paid leave (annual, sick, family responsibility etc)
  • working hours are 9 to 5, or shift, or flexi etc

As an entrepreneur the “contract” is with ourselves and we can expect:

  • an income in direct proportion to the value we offer our clients
  • to work the hours that it takes to get the job done
  • no paid leave (annual, sick or family responsibility)
  • flexibility in our working hours
  • flexibility with where we work

Judging by that very brief and unstructured overview, it is clear that the motivation of an entrepreneur is different to the employed. Why would anyone work for an unclear amount of money, for however many hours it takes, with no benefit of leave regardless of being in need of an annual vacation, sick leave or if our family members are ill or worse?

The reason is the WHY! Yes, you need to understand exactly why you are doing what you are as an entrepreneur before venturing out on your own. Let’s have a look at some “why’s”:

  • to enjoy the flexibility of working when we want and where we want
  • to earn the income in proportion to what we put in, not in relation to the budgets dictated by an employer
  • to have more time with our family

For me, those are really perks of being an entrepreneur rather than my “why”.

Why’s are deeper than perks or advantages, they are related to who we are as people, what our true driving forces are. The perks of being an entrepreneur really appeal to me, but my biggest “why’s” are deeper than that, some of them are as follows:

  • to create a life of financial freedom
  • to create a life of geographic freedom (yes, to live and work anywhere I choose)
  • to make a difference in the lives of others
    • my daughter
    • orphaned children and the less fortunate
    • animal sanctuaries

Trust me on this, you why truly is everything. Have a look at a more detailed article I wrote, How To Discover Your Why & Why It’s Important, and I encourage you to complete the 7-Deep Questionnaire. It may seem arduous when you start out, even a waste of your time, but be persistent with yourself – you will be amazed at what you uncover. This work is the beginning of becoming an entrepreneur, get it done and you will see why I say that.

My Number One Recommendation

I have been in the advertising industry, exhibitions and events and we made use of the services of Print On Demand suppliers, their work was amazing and they added so much value to our companies and those of our clients. I have also been in recruitment which I loved for more than 10 years. Why am I telling you all this? So that you see some experience I have and hopefully, you believe that I know a little about what I write about.

My Number One recommendation, if you are seeking the freedom that becoming an entrepreneur offers, is to dive straight into Affiliate Marketing. Here are some reasons:

  • Work from where you want
  • Work the hours that suit you
  • So long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you are good to go
  • Earning potential is exceptional (not without hard work, I am not advocating a get-rich-quick scheme or scam here, in fact, this is How To Avoid The Scams Online)

I have taken you on a little of a diversion here and being a respecter of other people’s time, let me lead you to an article which will tell you more about My Number One Recommendation. Have a read and let me know what you think.

If you decide to go into Print On Demand, I would love to hear how things plan out for you. Do me a favour please and bookmark this page, come back and give me feedback. Thank you for spending some time with me, you are one of the most important reasons I do what I do – to share information about the Online Business opportunities.

Blessings always

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  1. It is so amazing and with the advancement of technology how things have changed and life has become more simple and how things get done more faster. Gone are the days when we had to really labor to get something done. In this day and time, it is almost just like that. Thanks so much for sharing and informative post.

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      It’s pretty crazy how much life has changed because of technology!
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