Is Trévo A Scam or Money Making Opportunity?

According to their website “Trévo is a revolutionary, liquid formula made from 174 of the finest and most astonishing ingredients that nature has to offer, providing your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies. Our mission is to be more than just another successful company. It is our goal, our passion, to help you open your life to the world of opportunity and possibility that is before you. By joining the network marketing Trévo family, our amazing compensation plan will empower you towards financial freedom which includes eight unique and powerful ways to make money. With this plan you can actually make money from day one, create a significant residual income and be generously rewarded as your team grows and develops.

Success is but a glimpse of the unlimited possibilities your future holds. Never give up, never give in and never settle for anything less than the greatness for which you were created.

That all sounds amazing, right? Let’s dig deeper though, let’s really delve into what Trévo LLC Inc offers as a company for their members when it comes to building a business and making money. Let’s answer the question, is Trevo a scam or a money making opportunity?

Introduction to and Summary of Trévo LLC Inc

Trevo is an American company which operates on an MLM business model. They have a presence in 34 countries around the world and offer the opportunity for individuals to become a “Trèvo Life and Health Coach” with them – what that means is that you become a representative for them, consume and sell the product and build a team under you to ensure higher earnings for yourself. Quite as typical MLM structure. We will delve into the compensation plan for a more detailed look, stay with me and see how this review unfolds.

The Trévo Review

Thank you for visiting my site to have a look at the Trévo LLC Incorporate Review.

It is my absolute pleasure to bring this review to me, the different opportunities to make money fascinate me, so I truly do enjoy digging in, researching and sharing the information with you here.

Let’s get into it.

Trévo – The Product

The Trèvo business opportunity is all built around one product which, as we saw above, which is designed with vitality, health and nutrition in mind. Let’s say what Trèvo say about the product themselves:

“Trévo is not just another fruit drink, nor is it just another multi-vitamin. In a world of sugar-filled juice drinks and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trévo stands alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Containing 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe, Trévo is unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market. This remarkable formula provides you and your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies.”

Trévo contains 174 different nutraceuticals, all 100% vegetarian and some are certified organic. According to a video on the Trevo website, this product contains Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Sea Vegetables, Essential Fatty Acids and Amino Acids.

It is described as a “unique formulation is that it actually replaces what the body is missing from today’s nutrient-depleted diets.” This product is recommended for everyone from as young as 2 years old and is designed to assist in achieving optimal health. Some implied benefits of Trèvo are “increased energy, enhanced mental focus, vibrant good health and even weight management support”.

Trévo goes on to say that the product offers a health benefits of a three-phase formula.

It Restores, Renews and Revives your body. I believe the marketing of this product is very good. I love

the idea of one product containing 174 nutraceuticals and offering me all these three advantages! With this kind of branding, focus on the great health benefits and it all comes in one bottle of juice, Trèvo certainly have simplified things for their “Health and Life Coaches”.

I am a bit concerned by the title Trèvo gives to the people who buy into the business opportunity side of the business, we will have a closer look at how members are trained in a little while.

Below you will see another screen shot of the Trèvo website, offering additional information about the benefits of Trèvo and how it impacts so many different aspects of our wellness and health, in addition to mental focus, weight management and a wonderful sense of well-being:

Trévo ticks a number of boxes, that is in addition to the promises made above. Let’s have a look:

  • Trévo is committed to preserving the planet and resources. I like that a lot.
  • The packaging is biodegradable too.
  • The product is 100% vegetarian and they go on to say that a number of the ingredients are also certified organic.
  • The product is blended and bottled in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility and the facility exceeds the FDS’s code of Federal Regulations
  • Plus Trévo is a member of the Brunswick Laboratories ORAC Certification Program. ORAC is an acronym of “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity”. Brunswick scientists also routinely test the Trevor liquid nutraceutical products. Their claim to fame is that Trévo’s ORAC score is over 373,000 per bottle, it is a certified fact.”

I love it when companies are mindful of all the different impacts on the planet, people and more – don’t you?

Trévo Disclaimer

I understand that companies need to protect themselves from potential lawsuits and that is why disclaimers are included – of course. It is worth noting though that Trévo makes claims about how the product will impact you positively but also adds a disclaimer on the very same page. Have a look below

In case you are like me and find white out of black print difficult to read, this is what it says:

“The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). This product is in no way intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be constructed as individual medical advice. The testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results.”

Fair enough, they do have their company to protect.

Those are some pretty steep promises for one product to meet. I’ve not tried Trévo so cannot give you my input or testimony from a personal perspective. From what we have seen, I think we have established that the product is one that is highly sale-able. I would buy it, that is for sure.

My main reason for reviewing this product is to consider whether it offers a good money making opportunity or not. Knowing that we have a solid product is very important.

Let’s have a look.

Overview:  Trévo At A Glance:

NAMETrèvo LLC International
PRICEFrom $50 Please See Review For Detailed Pricing
FOUNDED BYMark and Holli Stevens

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 The Trevo product seems to tick all the right boxes

Pro #2 The website contains a lot of information about the product and the opportunities

Pro #3 I do believe there is potential to earn money (please see my Con #3 below)

Pro #4 The culture of the organization appeals to me – faith, family and so on.

The Bad:

Con #1 You would be required to place a monthly automatic order to enjoy full benefit of the compensation plan

Con #2 As with many MLM businesses, Trevo encourage you to approach family and friends

Con #3 I recommend proceeding with caution when it comes to just how much money you can make with their product and business model

Who isTrévo For?

The Trévo opportunity is one that would suit entrepreneurial type personalities who are looking to work hard at selling the Trevo product as well as recruit and train up other “Life & Health Coaches”.

This product would suit MLMers well, the biggest disadvantage against competitors such as Mannatech is that Trévo only has one product to offer. From a sales perspective, I believe that having access to a range of products would be more advantageous.

TrévoTools & Training

I stand to be corrected but from what I can see on the website, the Trévo training does not appear to be substantial. They have a download available to you which is a Quick Summary Pad, this would enable a Life & Health Coach to take a potential customer or team member through the product. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of training (unless that is all back office) to qualify as a “Life and Health Coach”. I have seen similar titles bandied about with other MLM companies, but it doesn’t sit well with me. My opinion is that it takes some intensive training to truly become a Life & Health Coach.

Here is a link to the Quick Summary Pad.

From a Tools perspective, I think Trévo are well-organised. They offer a Business Management system and Personal Website. Here are the details:

  • What they call MyTrévo Personal Website – which is a site that you can make use of and share your personal story and photos. The visitors to your site are able to buy online and listen to Trévo product and opportunity audios.
  • Lead Capture Website – you are sold the opportunity to increase the visibility of business and expand your customer base. I think it is clever that Trévo have kept this under their control, it will enable them to maintain the integrity of the brand image, plus, if their Life & Health coach decides they no longer want to be involved, Trévo still have access to everyone who has signed up through the personal website.
  • The Business Management System which includes features to assist their “Life & Health Coaches” in creating professional online presentations, organize your business and also track the productivity of your team.
    • Personal wesbites
    • sophisticated business management systems
    • automated email drip campaigns
    • business building strategies

I think this is very clever from the perspective that it will assist the Life & Health Coaches to manage the workload, but more importantly, as mentioned above, the company, Trevo, maintains control.

Something very important to keep in mind with the MyTrévo Personal Website is that Google, Bing and Yahoo only rank original websites, this website offering is great in some ways but please do not expect it to rake in the leads for you, because it is effectively a duplicate website.

Ah, wait a bit, there is training on offer, it is part of the Business Management System. This system not only provides you with tools but also the way the system is designed in guides you in easy step-by-step progression.

The Business Management System includes the following features which enables Life & Health coaches to track their business activity as well as their downlines:

  • Bulk Pack Report
  • Commission Breakdown
  • Earnings Graph
  • Organization Report
  • Personal Enrollment Graph
  • Volume Reports
  • Group
  • Team
  • 72 Hour Checklist

This is awesome information to have at your fingertips! The also have the following:

a Calendar / Reminder System – where you can keep track of all your appointments and events. Store information about your most recent conversation with prospects, store reminders of special occasions (birthdays etc)

Contact Manager – which enables you to organize your contact information in ways that suit you, by age, state, leadership ability or warm market.

Groups Manager – allows you to create and organize groups. Again, you have access to different legends such as team members, team leaders, prospects, new downlines etc. Even age, state and other legends.

Communications – there is a feature which helps you to keep in touch with the key people in your business (downlines, builders etc)

Life & Health Coach Training – you have the ability to efficiently and easily send team members the latest training tools, including the 8 Ways to Make Money PDF, compensation audios, the Bottle A Day Strategy, Life 7 Heath Coach auto responder campaigns and so on.

Communication Tools which enable you to send out emails to your downlines and team

Testimonies – you can easily copy and paste testimonies which are tailored for particular prospect types.

I expect that the company would provide ongoing upgraded audios and the likes, though this is not mentioned anywhere that is easy to find. Looking at the way everything is structured it is easy to see that the management of Trevo have given this a lot of thought and have provided systems which not only make life as easy as possible for their Life & Health Coaches, but also allows the management a birds-eye view of the company and they have total control of all the information. Very smart.

I found some very interesting stats online when searching for the people turnover in the MLM industry, here they are:

  • “63% of participants join network marketing to make money by selling products to customers.
  • 25% achieves the desired profit they planned for while joining the business.
  • Out of them, 53% of people made more than 5,000 U.S dollars.
  • 39% of the people stopped being a part of the network marketing business. And the reason behind the decision is to stop pitching to family and friends.”

The Trévo Business Opportunity

I really like that the Trévo corporate website contains so much information. That shows transparency from the company – always a very good thing, especially when it comes to the MLM business model. What they don’t show is the earning potential in monetary numbers, however.

The way the business opportunity is positioned is one where people can gain financial freedom and become their own personal best – healthy in their bodies and bank accounts.

Typical to the MLM model, one would sign up with Trévo as a Life & Health Coach after taking the product and enjoying great results personally. One would then share with others (as we humans do when we appreciate a good product), get them to purchase the products and then recruit them into your downline.

Again, typical to the MLM business model, your business grows as you recruit more Life & Health Coaches as downlines and get more customers onboard.

Trévo Pricing – find One That Fits Your Budget

There are a range of price points available to people who are keen to join Trévo as a “Life & Health Coach”

Cost to Join: $50 – $1200

When it comes to MLM though, your interest would be more in how much you can make with the company, right? Okay, so we have covered the cost to join above, anywhere between $50 and $1200. It is great that there is such a variance because that opens the opportunity up to a wider market, the entry level of $50 makes it more affordable and as you make more money (assuming the Trévo opportunity is for you) the higher up the ranks you can climb.

Let’s have a look at how one could make money with Trévo’s compensation plan.

Trévo’s Compensation Plan

Very few MLM companies provide this, so I am delighted to provide you with a direct link to Trévo’s Compensation Plan. You don’t need to go there immediately, let’s break it down and see what is on offer.

There are 8 ways to earn with Trévo, all explained in the compensation plan.

Interestingly, they do not put monetary numbers on the Compensation Plan, but it is promising to know that there are 8 different ways to make money, to level up within the organization. I invite you to read on and learn some more.

As is common in the MLM industry, the compensation plans are obviously drawn up by actuaries. I will let you know up front that I am a lot better with words than I am with numbers, but will do my best to explain the compensation plan to you.

As can be seen below there are two important factors to take into account, the first one is that Trevo works on what is known as a Single Line Matrix. Then team with have an 8 generation depth and infinite width. Keep these facts in mind as we progress into understand the pay out system.

1. PowerStart Commissions

These are the enrollment packages that a new Life & Health Coach chooses at the time the join Trevo. The PowerStart Business Systems includes:

  • A Starter Kit
  • Trevor Shop Site
  • Access to the Trevo Mobile App
  • Back Office and other tools

All of this is to assist you in growing and developing yourself, Retail customers you acquire and your team of Life & Health Coaches.

Trevo offers 5 PowerStart Systems to choose from when new members enroll, from PS2 through to PS6. As you can expect, the higher the PowerStart Level, the more products and tools you receive. I haven’t seen the costs yet, but assume that you will pay more as you go higher up the ladder, right?

As you will see in the Compensation Plan, the actual numbers are contained in the Back Office. This leads me to believe that you have to join Trevo to see the actual numbers – they lose a few points for that, in my opinion.

According to the Compensation Plan, Trevo Life & Health Coaches earn commissions from all 8 Generations of product sales, from the PS enrollments in your team.

Here is a screen shot of the percentages for commissions per generation. There is quite a massive drop between Generation 1 and Generation 2. 25% down to 6%. Then a sliding scale as can be seen, with the last 3, Generation 6, 7 and 8 qualifying for only 1%

Trevor offers their Life & Health Coaches to move up through the PS Systems, as you move up, you also qualify for higher earning potential.

Oh, give me my Number 1 Recommendation – the business model is so much simpler than this!

2. PowerStart Upgrade Commissions

So a Life & Health Coach can upgrade from one PowerStart Level to another. In the Compensation Plan the following example is given:

“Cody enrolls at a PS3 in June and then Upgrades to a PS4 in July. Stephen,

who is a PS 4 and Cody’s enroller, will receive the commission difference of the PS3 and

PS4. Cody will receive the difference of product between the two levels. Please see the

chart below for commission percentage payouts for each generation.

When a PowerStart Upgrade is placed, you will also receive a QVP Qualification for

that month. The QVP Qualification points given will depend on which PowerStart Level

you are Upgrading to. Please see the chart below for details about the PowerStart

Upgrade QVP Qualifications.”

I hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me.

3. Retail And Elite Customer Commissions

As can be expected, Retail sales are sales made directly to customers. Your customers can buy directly from you or through your Trévo Online Shop This opportunity allows Life & Health Coaches to grow their businesses as they are selling to end consumers. Plus the purchases made online are allocated to the 1st Generation.

You also get an Elite customer who is also a Retail Customer, the difference is that they sign up with Trevo to enjoy a discount on the products.

4. Qualifying Monthly Order

This is a typical structure within the MLM fraternity. Basically, this is gauged by the order you place under your own personal Customer ID. What this does is determines how many Generations of commission you are eligible to receive based on the GVP volume that is placed through your organization.

I personally am wary of anything like this, is smacks a bit of Pyramid Schemes, where you are compelled to spend money in order to earn money. You are welcome to have a look at my Longrich Review where I have spoken in more detail about Pyramid Schemes.

Trevo goes on to say that a Life & Health coach can use this product to sell on to Retail customers or for personal use. The reason you buy this is to gain your qualifying volume.

There is also the opportunity to earn Group Volume Commissions from all QVP orders placed by your team.

Again, your team is now compelled to spend money in order for you to qualify for a higher percentage (as well as for themselves of course). Being human, we would all encourage our downlines to spend in this situation.

5. Bulk Pack Commission / QVP And Bulk Pack Commission Compression

The Life & Health Coaches are paid commission for bulk packs bought by their team members, or downlines. They in turn would use the product for Retail sales and marketing. The percentages vary as you can see in the chart taken from their Compensation Plan.

Then you have Trevo’s monthly commission compression which ensures that the Life & Health Coaches earn the maximum commission.

This is calculated as follows:

The Life & Health Coach is paid monthly commissions on everyone in the 8 Generations who paced a QVP or Bulk Pack order in that month. Those without a QVP order are taken out of the mix and other members within the Generations below the 8th level are temporarily moved up in order to fill up all 8 Generations. Then the Life & Health Coach is able to receive payout of commissions on all 8 Generations. Have a look below for the graphic which explains this:

See what I mean by it must have taken actuaries to work out the Compensation Plan?

6. Global Leadership Recognition System and Global Team Pool Bonuses

Recognition is taken very seriously in the MLM world, I know that from my involvement with golden Products and Mannatech over the years. What I also learned was that very few people achieve these statuses. Perhaps it is different at Trevo, though I confess to being a skeptic.

At Trevo the Global Leadership System gives public recognition by awarding “beautiful Recognition Pins” which can be worn to identify them and their achievements within the Trevo global Community. Recognition is given on a monthly basis with updates in the community, social media posts and Back Office Announcements.

The Global Team Pool Bonuses comprises of 15% of the company’s Group Volume revenues from QVP and Bulk Pack business globally. This is paid monthly in 15 separate 1% Pool Bonuses.

Please read the details in the Compensation Plan, this is making my brain hurt, lol!

7. Leadership Bonuses

Leadership bonuses include items like a luxury car bonus and executive class travel and cash and promotional bonuses. These are described as “Trévo rewards its elite field leaders with style and opulence.”

Life & Health Coaches who achieve this level can drive around in a brand new luxury vehicle which Trévo pays the monthly payments on. Here is how it is structured, note the * Please refer to the details in the Back Office. Unfortunately we would need to join to find out more.

Car Bonus Levels

1 45,000 GVP minimum 3 Legs

2 55,000 GVP minimum 3 Legs

3 65,000 GVP minimum 4 Legs

*Please refer to the Car Bonus details located in your Back Office

8. Leaving A Lasting Legacy Bonus

This is the stuff that usually makes my heart go mushy. This is a charitable aspect of the business where “leaders who achieve Black Diamond Elite Status and above are awarded with shares of the Trévo Charity Legacy Bonus. These shares will be distributed as donations to charities specified by these leaders, and will be made in the name of the participating leader.”

Being very socially hearted this appeals to me, but given that one would need to achieve Black Diamond Elite Status and above … oh, I don’t know, it just seems like a very high achievement to have to make in order to have a charity benefit from your labours. Maybe it’s just me, but I am not over enamored with this bonus.

Overview:  Trévo At A Glance:

NAMETrèvo LLC International
PRICEFrom $50 Please See Review For Detailed Pricing
FOUNDED BYMark and Holli Stevens

My Final Opinion of Trévo

I can be quite easily sold to when it comes to matters of the heart. I love organizations that really do make a difference with their impact on the planet and in the lives of others. Do I believe that Trévo is the real deal when it comes to this? Yeah, maybe. I think they are saying the right things. Other MLM companies (Mannatech comes to mind) have chosen to contribute product to malnourished children – I love that too. Do I believe they are doing everything they possibly can to make a difference to the less fortunate? Put it this way, I believe they could do better.

What about the opportunity to make money with Trévo? I believe that one could make money, especially if you do not mind selling to your friends and family. Am I comfortable with that business model? No, not at all. I would really rather be building my online business – and making a difference in the lives of others by introducing them to the opportunity and also by generating an income which enables me to contribute financially to the lives of less fortunate people (and animal shelters, wildlife reserves etc).

Let’s Wrap This Up With An Overview of MLM

I decided to rather do an overarching searching, just a little one, when it comes to MLM and found some very interesting stats online when searching for the people turnover in the MLM industry, here they are:

  • “63% of participants join network marketing to make money by selling products to customers.
  • 25% achieves the desired profit they planned for while joining the business.
  • Out of them, 53% of people made more than 5,000 U.S dollars.
  • 39% of the people stopped being a part of the network marketing business. And the reason behind the decision is to stop pitching to family and friends.”

Personally, I would rather be building my own online business (as I am with this very site) and introduce others to the opportunity. Which brings me to my last point. You can learn how to build your own online business and make money doing something you love. Here is a FREE Starter Membership offer for you to have a look from the inside out:

If you need more information about this incredible Online Business Opportunity, have a look at my article here.

Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


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  1. Hello and thanks so much for a well-detailed post. I have been a part of a few MLM programs and to be real with you even though what they say sounds promising it seems as if there is always a catch and it is the people at the top you know the pyramid that seems to benefit. These types of business I will stay away from.

    • Hi Joseph
      Funny, I had not heard of them before doing this review – glad to see you appreciated all the hard work that went into this review.
      Thank you for stopping to have a read and leave me some feedback too.


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