Jeunesse Reviews [MLM Business Opportunity Or Global Scam?]

When I did a quick bit of research on Jeunesse I came up with words like Jeunesse Global Scam and Jeunesse Global Lawsuits. That really surprised me as I have a positive attitude toward this company. I am not sure where that comes from as I have not ever been a distributor for them, nor have I used their products. It just goes to show, perception really is everything! A quick look online also revealed that there are quite a few Jeunesse Reviews available. My aim is to give you deeper insight into whether Jeunesse is a business opportunity or global scam. Stay with me as we dig deep and uncover the truth.

Jeunesse Reviews [Business Opportunity Or Global Scam?] …

Jeunesse Reviews

Introduction and Summary

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I have a positive impression of Jeunesse, clearly they have done something very well. Perhaps it’s in their marketing, maybe it’s the kind of distributor they accept into their fold, or the training on offer. I truly do not know.

The great thing about the review I am about to share is this, though I have a positive impression of who Jeunesse is, I really am a clean slate. This means you can trust me with the research I conduct and the facts I present to you. There is nothing for me to gain or lose by persuading you to join or not join Jeunesse Global.

I decided to start out with and take a screen shot of the review offered there about Jeunesse Global. Sadly, these are not all outstanding. As you can see below, they received 53% Excellent Rating and 13% Poor; 33% Bad. Ouch!  These are product reviews from customers by the way …

Jeunesse Reviews

Let’s see what the reviewers had to say, it is fairer that way after all, we will see exactly what their concerns and complaints are, in addition to what the high praises are about:

Jeunesse Reviews

Jeunesse Reviews

Jeunesse ReviewsJeunesse Reviews - Negative

Jeunesse Reviews - Negative

As can be seen above, there are extremes when it comes to Jeunesse reviews – the company and their products. These are not my reviews but are from users of the brand. Sometimes we need to be wary of trusting reviews, the positive ones could be created by people with a vested interest in the brand and the negative could be competitors. Yeah, I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Fact is that Jeunesse Global has been around since 2009 so they must be doing something right.

It’s interesting to see that it is almost a 50/50 split and the opinions given are also very strong both ways.

Let’s see what else we find on Jeunesse Global.

The Jeunesse Reviews [Business Opportunity Or Global Scam?]

Thank you for visiting my site to have a look at the Jeunesse Review. The one thing I do have a vested interest in is business opportunities because I have an interest in making money too.  What makes one business fly and another fail?

Who is Jeunesse?

I logged into their website and the first thing I notice is a disclaimer about their products and the Coronva Virus. Good idea! It’s the first I have seen online and I like that they are letting everyone know that their products are not a remedy to COVID-19. Shows a lot of integrity on their part. I love that!  But then again, it could be because they have been accused of something before … read on to find out …

Jeunesse Corona Disclaimer

Here is a quick video which shows a lot of RA-RA from the stage and excitement – not really my thing – but hey, maybe it is yours. We have Scott Lewis speaking on this video, he is the son of the Co Founders, Randy Ray and Wendy R. Lewis from what I can understand.

What Is In The Jeunesse Product Range?

Jeunesse have cleverly appealed to the human desire to look, feel and live young lives. Very interesting marketing. Their product range (is typically MLM) consists of skin care, nutritional and weight loss products.

They have designed a Y.E.S. System, this system comprises products to help their customers look young and feel young. the product range looks amazing and they address both the external and internal youthfulness of the human body:

Jeunesse Y.E.S. System

As you can see below, the “Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System keeps you young in 9 vital ways”. I do love the packaging as can be seen above and the way they describe and position their products, which you can read about in the screen shot from their website below:

But What About The Jeunesse Business Opportunity?

Yes, that is what we are here for – the business opportunity.  Is it a rare and real MLM business opportunity or another global scam we need to avoid? Let’s see …

Describing themselves as Generation Young and the Jeunesse Family, let’s peek inside and get the facts.

Jeunesse ships from America where the products are manufactured, to 88+ markets. Have a look below at how they have broken in down into Asia Pacific, The Americas, Europe & Middle East, Africa and Greater China. Interesting that China is deemed separate from the rest of Asia, I have not seen that before.

What this means though is that you can become a distributor for the Jeunesse Global products in any of these areas. They are well spread and quite extensive. In Africa, I see they are only in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. That is interesting for an MLM. Others I have reviewed have wider distribution throughout Africa.


FOUNDERSWendy R. Lewis
Randy Ray
CEORandy Ray

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 Jeunesse made the Inc. 500/5000 list for being one of the fastest growing companies in America

Pro #2 Jeunesse has won 633 Awards (Stevie Awards, Telly Awards, Marcom Awards and more)

Pro #3 Jeunesse has been in business since 2009, that is exceptional (when compared to many MLM’s who do not make it past 5 years)

Pro #4 This company has in excess of half a million distributors

Pro #5 Their international reach is substantial

Pro #6 There are 6 ways for their distributors to generate an income

Pro #7 As a distributor you benefit from the opportunity to secure repeat orders because the products are consumer products

The Bad:

Con #1 I will probably state this is all of my MLM reviews but they must have recruited the services of an actuary to put their compensation plan together. Like all MLMs that I know of, the compensation plan is extremely challenging to decipher!

Con #2 The compensation plan also places quite a few barriers in front of their distributors before they can really qualify for a decent income

Con #3 Recruiting donwlines is a part of their structure – the FTC does not see this in a good light at all as it borders on the Pyramid Scheme design

Con #4 Maybe it is just me but I don’t see a massive difference between Jeunesse and their competitors. They all appear to offer similar product ranges, similar hype for their distributors, similar compensation plans (in terms of the confusion level and the hurdles distributors must clear in order to generate a decent income).

Con #5 There are red flags with Jeunesse, more about those in a bit

Who is Jeunesse for?

Jeunesse is positioned as a money making opportunity for :

  • People who want to make money with a side gig
  • Men and women who are looking to create a life of financial freedom
  • People who want to build a business and provide themselves with time freedom

Do I believe this is the best way to achieve all the above? Nope. I truly do not believe any MLM is the best way to achieve these awesome things that so many of us desire.

Do I believe it is possible at all? Absolutely yes!  More on that a little later.

Jeunesse Tools & Training

Jeunesse training was pretty easy to find with a quick online search. There is quite a lot available, but this is the most recent training I came across. As you will see if you do click through to the video, it is “a full Jeunesseglobal product and business presentation by diamond director Fabian Fitzner on how to find unlimited prospects

Jeunesse Reviews - Training Video

You may have noticed that was not corporate training however. The corporate training according to the Jeunesse websites includes:

  • step by step training guides,
  • informative videos,
  • PowerPoint presentations and
  • the leadership team

Jeunesse Global Lawsuits / Red Flags

Here is a list of where things have gone wrong for Jeunesse, according to Truth In Advertising:

As if that was not enough, Jeunesse received another class action lawsuit,  complaints were filed with the FTC and allegations were of racketeering and of operating as a pyramid scheme. Once more, questions were raised over the health and incomes claims.

To be fair, I also have to share that the lawsuit was dismissed, have a look at what TINA published below, together with a link to the article for your reading pleasure:

Jeunesse Reviews

Though they were cleared, I would keep these things in mind as a red flag.

Jeunesse Pricing

Signing up with Jeunesse will set you back $29.95 for a starter kit which consists of a retail website, back office with business management and reporting system.

This is to be renewed every year unless a 360CV is maintained in auto ship (meaning orders need to be placed on a monthly basis to meet the 360 CV – 1 CV = approximately $2 spent. That means a monthly amount of roughly $720 would need to be spent, either by you or orders you bring in. More about that structure in the compensation plan). If that is not maintained then there is an Annual Renewal of $19.95

  • Essentially what that means is that you spend $29.95 in order to buy products at the wholesale price.
  • To become an official distributor, you need to either buy or sell another 100 points of product, approx $250.
  • There are different levels to start from which are also available for you to see in the Compensation Plan details.

Compensation Plan – Is It Possible To Make Money As A Jeunesse Distributor?

I started out trying to explain how everything works in my own words. You will remember that earlier I spoke about actuaries being appointed to put the compensation plan together? Well, I decided rather to share images from the Compensation Plan to assist with the explanations.

You can view the entire Compensation Plan online – access to the entire plan means that Jeunesse are transparent – this is always a good thing!

Jeunesse Reviews - Can You Make Money With Jeunesse

As you can see above, there is Group Volume (GV; Personal Group Volume (PGV), Personal volume (PV) and Commissionable Volume (CV).

Feel better knowing that? Nah, me neither.

It becomes more complex than that too. Stay with me here, maybe you will understand this more than I do.

As you can see below, there are three levels, you sign up as an Associate (starter), then become a Distributor and then an Executive:

Jeunesse Review - Starter Levels

According to the Compensation Plan, there are 6 ways to earn money with Jeunesse:

1. Retail Profits. First you enroll as a Starter which is $29.95. This enables you to buy products at the wholesale price. Then you sign up to become a Distributor, which happens when you have personally bought or sold 100 points worth of Jeunesse products. This equates to about $250.00 As a Distributor you stand to earn the Retail Profits. Who do you sell to? Jeunesse encourage you to sell to the “warm market” that is your friends, family, kids friends parents etc.

2. Retail Sales Bonus is the next level of earning available. Here you earn on the first product package you sell to each Customer that you register as a Retailed or Preferred Customer and to each Distributor you personally enroll. You are encouraged at this point to build your team, and qualify for Team Commissions, Matching Bonus and Customer Acquisition Incentive.

Told you it was complex! Hold onto your seat …. there is more …

3. Team Commissions. As it says, you get to earn commissions from your teams’ sales. I am going to give you another copy and paste visual to explain this further:

Jeunesse Review - Team Commissions

This is where your understanding of GP, PV, PVG, Spillover volume etc needs to kick in! Not only do you need to have a firm grasp of all the acronyms but also keep an eye on the fact that you must be Qualified and Paid As an Executive to earn Team Commissions

My head is hurting a little – how is yours doing? Better than mine? Great, let’s go for it!

4. Matching Bonus. You get to recruit and train a team. The more you build your team, the more successful they are, the more you can earn.  Hence, the name “Matching Bonus”. There are terms and conditions on this too, but hey, it’s another way to earn money. I really can think of easier ways!

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive The name is self-explanatory, “more customers = more rewards”. As can be expected, there are ts&cs; to this – you sell products to 5 customers who are on SmartDelivery in a calendar month and your Matching Bonus goes up from 20 to 25%, and up another 10% if you sell to 10 Customers who are on SmartDelivery in a calendar month: Note: You qualify when you are Active and Paid at the Rank of Jade Executive or higher.

To make it a bit clearer than mud, this is all about being rewarded for your leadership. Essentially it is Jeunesse’s way of incentivising you to recruit Distributors

Coincidentally, this is the part that FTC starts calling a Pyramid Scheme – don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Jeunesse is a pyramid scheme, just that this is worth noting.

6. Diamond Bonus Pool. There are a few different qualifiers to get to this bonus, I hope I can explain it clearly. Oh drat, let me just share another copy and paste, it will be easier on you and me:

There are different ranks with Jeunesse as I alluded to earlier. As you can see below they are from Associate (which is just you being a customer really), all the way up to Crown Diamond Director (of which there are very few, I am sure of that!)

Jeunesse Review - Ranks Chart

So, can you make money with Jeunesse? I have some serious doubts about making money the MLM way at all. There is a free e-book entitled “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked” which is worth reading. It is written by Dr Jon Taylor (someone far more educated that I am!) and I encourage you to have a read before signing up with any MLM business.

As I mentioned earlier, there are much easier ways of building a business and making money! On that note, I have written a Free ebook for you, The Proven 4-Step Process To Starting in Online Business, go ahead, download and have a read!

Back to Jeunesse …

FOUNDERSWendy R. Lewis
Randy Ray
CEORandy Ray

My Final Opinion of Jeunesse

In my humble opinion, once you have seen one MLM, you have seen them all.

The business models are all very similar, the compensation structures frustratingly complex and they tend to teeter on the edge of being Pyramid Schemes – which are illegal according to the FTC.

So how do the MLM’s get away with this?

They structure their compensation plans so that you earn money from selling product, not purely building a team.

If you earned based purely on building a team, that would definitely make it a Pyramid Scheme. I have also written an article all about Pyramid Scheme Companies [How To Spot & Avoid Them] for your convenience.

I also can’t help believing the product range is fabulous – I mean, just look at the packaging, the sales pitches and the glowing reports from 53% of the reviews! Seriously, they must be doing something right! Just a thought … maybe it is worth signing up just for the wholesale prices … hmmm?

But then, another review revealed that you can also purchase Jeunesse products on Amazon for even less than you can as a Distributor. What a cheek! I just checked and it’s true. OK then, I shall be shopping online!

Do I think Jeunesse offers a great business opportunity?  So, what is my opinion? Is it Jeunesse a business opportunity or is it, Jeunesse a global scam?

In my opinion, it is neither.

I do not recommend Jeunesse as a way to create a life of financial freedom, I know there are better ways to do this.

I would not even recommend signing up to qualify for the wholesale prices, not when you can buy online through Amazon! (Poor Distributors, that is all I can say)

Sorry Jeunesse, it’s a 4 out of 10 from me. I gave the 4 points because I love the packaging, marketing and based on that, believe that the Jeunesse product would be worth trying out as a consumer.

It’s A Wrap!

I mentioned a few times that there are better ways to make money and I am very excited to introduce you to

My Number One Recommendation

… have a look, you won’t be sorry!

Love & blessings!

12 thoughts on “Jeunesse Reviews [MLM Business Opportunity Or Global Scam?]”

  1. This was thoroughly written and clearly understood the way you explain this, I read an article you wrote before about MLM, and really thinking about getting into it, I’m still in the process of researching.
    With all the information you’ve provided, there is no way I can go wrong in getting into MLM.
    Keep posting Louise, you’re doing a great Job.
    Thank you much.

    • Hi Earl
      Thank you for visit. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do not recommend MLM as the best way to build a business and make money. Rather have a look at my Number 1 Recommendation please.
      If you have any further questions, please let me know.
      Blessings always

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a though review, this is the first time that I have heard of this product and it seems to offer a lot when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle because the health message has become so popular but besides that seeking to make monies I will personally stay away from.

    I have been a part of a few MLM on the years and to be honest with you it was not a good experience the amounts of money you and your downline have to spend to me is not worth it because it seems that only those at the top who is few get the financial rewards.

    • Hi Norman
      Thank you for taking a look at this Jeunesse Review.
      Sorry to hear you have not had good experiences with the MLM you joined. I agree with you about the ones at the top benefiting financially, and that just feels so unethical to me.
      The Online Business model is definitely the way to go! We own the business ourselves, we are in full control of the products we do or do not market and we benefit financially without having to recruit and train others.
      Thank you again.

  3. Great review. I also noticed that the Jeunesse product line is quite extensive and popular as well. One thing I can say though is the fact that Jeunesse has undergone some of their legal issues ahead of the curve. What I mean by this is that they recovered well. While some MLM companies had to either change their name or their way of doing business after some of the legal issues they have faced. Jeunesse, on the other hand, recovered and proved themselves without changing the way they do business and have been in business for quite a while. I do agree with you that there are much easier ways to earn income online, mainly affiliate marketing. Your recommendation is a solid one that teaches the right way of making a good and steady income on the internet. Thanks for this awesome review.

    • Hi Ralph
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my Jeunesse review. They do appear to be one of the better MLM’s if that is the business model one wants to go for. Jeunesse was not the founders’ first MLM rodeo either, Wendy R. Lewis and Randy Ray must have learned from their first experience.
      Glad to see you appreciate and agree with my #1 Recommendation – building your own online business certainly is the way to go!
      Blessings to you.

  4. Lots of good info here. Thanks for being so thorough as I was not familiar with this company before. MLM is okay for some, but not for others. I agree that many comp plans are made complicated on purpose and the company makes the majority of the money. In any event thanks for your good research.

    • Hi Joseph
      Thank you so much. It is always a pleasure to research and write the reviews – gives me an opportunity to learn too.
      The only part I really struggle with is the comp plans – they are so complex and really tricky to explain.
      Thank you for your visit, great to see you here.

  5. There are many legit MLM companies those offer good products, but I personally don’t recommend MLM companies for a permanent earning source. MLMs may be done as a side business, but still not much profitable as there are thousands of companies with similar products and thus a huge competition.

    When I started reading this Jeunesse Reviews, I thought this is something different and advanced, but as I scrolled down the reality explored. But Nope, Jeunesse is another conventional MLM program with pyramid scheme strategy.

    One thing really astonished me as you mentioned here… how Amazon can offer a lower price than a distributor? Did Jeunesse any collaboration with Amazon? If Amazon can offer you a lower price who gonna buy a Jeunesse product offline!

    • Hi Dr SD
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and experience with MLM’s. The one advantage Jeunesse has is their product range, I truly do believe it is excellent.
      Who knows what their arrangement is with Amazon, personally I find that really surprising. Perhaps they are catering for part of the market who prefer to shop online. May even open the way for affiliate marketing their products – there’s a thought 🙂
      Blessings always

  6. Oh my goodness… what a thorough review! You certainly took a great deal of time to put this together. I had not looked at this opportunity before but MLM’s that sell supplements are a huge red flag for me… battle scars from ghosts of MLM’s past. What I really appreciate here is the honest assessment of the opportunity. You’re post wasn’t a shameless plug to get other people to join and you certainly didn’t “crush” them and label it a scam or worse… I think that lends to your credibility. Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi Bob
      Thank you so much – yes, the reviews I share are certainly not done in half an hour 🙂 Nor are they done to disparage opportunities that are not my #1 Recommendation. There certainly is something for everyone when it comes to making money, on or offline. Right now though, online makes more sense than any others. If we look at the future, I truly do believe that the times we are living in presently are going to change the way we do many things in the future, business being just one of them. In South Africa the majority of our students are studying online now, from primary school through to University – and we are third-world! It’s very impressive to see what can be taken online – truly, whatever our passion, we can create an online business around it and make a difference in the lives of others.
      Keep safe.


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