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There are hundreds and hundreds of MLM and network marketing companies around the world. Some are extremely well-known and others lesser-known.  My interest in MLM Marketing Companies is born out of two of my passions – business opportunities and online marketing.  If you are interested in legit business opportunities, then you will really enjoy what I have to share here.

A little MLM history, just for fun.  The very first MLM company to be formed was a sea vegetable company by the name of Wachter’s and this was during the Great Depression of the 1930’s (1932 to be precise). Quite an impressive history! No doubt, the business model has morphed and evolved since then (in most part probably due to the FTC working hard to keep them honest).

So Many Reviews – So Little Time

The above heading is written tongue-in-cheek (mostly). Truth is that there are more business opportunities for me to review than I can manage all in one go. So, for a few years now I have been writing reviews about the various MLM Marketing Companies, with a focus specifically on the business opportunity each one may, or may not, present.

So far I have managed to research and write about the following MLM and Network Marketing Companies. As you will see, I have placed them in alphabetical order, for ease of reference.

The Top Performing MLM Network Marketing Companies

According to S4DS Direct Selling Software, these are the top-performing MLM Network Marketing Companies in the world. They have also held their leading positions for a decade so far!

  1. Amway – Net Worth US$8.8 Billions (as of 2018)
  2. Market America – Net Worth US$7.3 Billion (as of 2018)
  3. Avon – Net Worth US$5.5 Billion (as of 2018)
  4. Herbalife – Net Worth US$4.9 Billion (as of 2018)
  5. Nu Skin – Net Worth US$4.68 Billion (as of 2018)

These numbers are impressive for sure! Let’s look at how they have done as far as Earning Declarations have done:


Amway Income Disclosure

MLM Marketing Companies

Market America Income Disclosure

So, I had an interesting time trying to find the latest Market America Income Disclosure, I scoured through their website and only came across their

Next, I came across an article on, which explains the lack of access to the Market America Income Disclosure and shows just how much trouble they were in due to warnings (Ad Watchdog Amassed Hundreds of Examples Posted by the MLM Company!) Have a look at this article, or you could click through and see the article yourself in the link provided:

MLM Marketing Companies

Avon – Income Disclosure

As with Market America, I couldn’t find an official income disclosure online for Avon. I did, however, find one of their Leadership member’s website – (I am assuming she is in leadership because she has been with Avon for 7+ years and she states “here is a breakdown of my average earnings and potential earnings moving forward at each leadership level). So, this is not an official release from Avon themselves, but it does offer some insight into the Avon income potential.

MLM Marketing Companies

Herbalife Income Disclosure

I had another big search on my hands to access information on Herbalife. Lesson learned: the terminology is everything. With Herbalife, the term to search is “Statement of Average Gross Compensation”.

Here is what I found:

MLM Marketing Companies

Nu Skin Income Disclosure

Thankfully I did not have to search too hard to find information on the Nu skin Income Disclosure. you will notice that the terminology differed too, this is a compensation summary:

MLM Marketing Companies


Top 100 MLM Marketing & Direct Selling Companies in 2020

Right, we have had a quick look at the top 5, here is a list of the top 100 MLM and direct selling companies in the world in 2020 (they are listed by Rank, Company Name and Revenue):

  1. Amway – US$ 8.8 Billion
  2. Market America – US$ 7.3 Billion
  3. Avon Products Inc. – US$ 5.5 Billion
  4. Herbalife – US$ 4.9 Billion
  5. Nu Skin – US$ 4.6 Billion
  6. Infinitus – US$ 4.5 Billion
  7. Vorwerk – US$ 4.3 Billion
  8. Natura – US$ 3.6 Billion
  9. Pharmaex – US$ 2.6 Billion
  10. Coway – US$ 2.5 Billion
  11. Tupperware – US$ 2 Billion
  12. Young Living – US$ 1.9 Billion
  13. Oriflame Cosmetics – US$ 1.5Billion
  14. Rodan + Fields – US$ 1.5 Billion
  15. Jeunesse – US$ 1.4 Billion
  16. Ambit Energy – US$ 1.3 Billion
  17. DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd – US$ 1.2 Billion
  18. Pola – US$ 1.2 Billion
  19. O Boticário – US$ 1.2 Billion
  20. USANA Health Sciences – US$ 1.1 Billion
  21. Belcorp – US$ 1.1 Billion
  22. Atomy – US$ 1.1 Billion
  23. Telecom Plus – US$ 1 Billion
  24. Yanbal International – US$ 995 Million
  25. Shop.COM – US$ 840 Million
  26. PM International – US$ 835 Million
  27. Stream – US$ 800 Million
  28. Team National – US$ 735 Million
  29. Amore Pacific – US$ 600 Million
  30. Arbonne International – US$ 545 Million
  31. Hinode – US$ 530 Million
  32. Plexus – US$ 530 Million
  33. OPTAVIA / Medifast, Inc. – US$ 500 Million
  34. Miki – US$ 500 Million
  35. Faberlic – US$ 465 Million
  36. Scentsy – US$ 450 Million
  37. Monat Global – US$ 435 Million
  38. Younique – US$ 430 Million
  39. For Days – US$ 385 Million
  40. WorldVentures – US$ 375 Million
  41. Cosway – US$ 365 Million
  42. Nature’s Sunshine – US$ 365 Million
  43. Prüvit – US$ 325 Million
  44. Beautycounter – US$ 325 Million
  45. 4Life Research US$ 325 Million
  46. LG Household & Healthcare – US$ 305 Million
  47. Family Heritage Life – US$ 295 Million
  48. Vivint – US$ 290 Million
  49. Noevir – US$ 275 Million
  50. Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC – US$ 275 Million
  51. Pro-Partner – US$ 245 Million
  52. Pure Romance – US$ 240 Million
  53. Naturally Plus – US$ 235 Million
  54. New Image Group – US$ 230 Million
  55. proWIN International – US$ 230 Million
  56. Morinda – US$ 230 Million
  57. Menard – US$ 225 Million
  58. CUTCO/Vector Marketing – US$ 225 Million
  59. ARIIX – US$ 225 Million
  60. SEACRET – US$ 210 Million
  61. Southwestern Advantage – US$ 205 Million
  62. LifeVantage – US$ 200 Million
  63. Vida Divina – US$ 195 Million
  64. KK Assuran – US$ 195 Million
  65. Vestige Marketing – US$ 195 Million
  66. NHT Global – US$ 190 Million
  67. Hillary’s Blinds – US$ 185 Million
  68. Giffarine Skyline Unity Co. – US$ 180 Million
  69. BearCere’Ju – US$ 180 Million
  70. Mannatech – US$ 175 Million
  71. Youngevity – US$ 165 Million
  72. Princess House – US$ 160 Million
  73. Charle – US$ 155 Million
  74. Diana – US$ 145 Million
  75. Naris – US$ 135 Million
  76. Maruko – US$ 130 Million
  77. Marketing Personal – US$ 125 Million
  78. Immunotec Research Ltd – US$ 120 Million
  79. ASEA – US$ 120 Million
  80. Color Street – US$ 115 Million
  81. World Global Network – US$ 115 Million
  82. Usborn Books & More – US$ 115 Million
  83. C’BON Cosmetics – US$ 110 Million
  84. Xyngular – US$ 105 Million
  85. TruVision Health – US$ 105 Million
  86. Zhulian – US$ 105 Million
  87. Nefful – US$ 105 Million
  88. MyDailyChoice / HempWorx – US$ 100 Million
  89. Perfectly Posh – US$ 100 Million
  90. Energetix – US$ 95 Million
  91. ZURVITA – US$ 95 Million
  92. Arsoa Honsha – US$ 90 Million
  93. Best World Int’l Ltd – US$ 85 Million
  94. Hai-O – US$ 85 Million
  95. Koyo-sha – US$ 85 Million
  96. Shinsei – US$ 80 Million
  97. Captain Tortue – US$ 75 Million
  98. Chandeal – US$ 70 Million
  99. Grant E One’s – US$ 65 Million
  100. Nikken – US$ 65 Million

FTC and MLM Marketing Companies

The FTC has been kept very busy by the MLM marketing companies – and that is not to say that all MLM’s are bad. There certainly is merit in some MLM companies, that said, rather be well-informed and read what the FTC has to say, after all, their advice is well worth taking on board.

If you are interested to read more about what the FTC has to say, here are some great articles to start off with:

FTC letters target more unproven MLM health and earnings claims – June 2020

The Case For & Against Multi Level Marketing – a very interesting pdf report

Multi Level Marketing Businesses and Pyramid Schemes – this article offers loads of valuable insight and offers clear guidance and advice about whether the MLM industry is for you or not.

My Opinion Of MLM Marketing Companies As A Business Opportunity

Be sure to read the whole title of this paragraph – particularly the word “as a business opportunity”.

My experience of the MLM and Direct Selling markets is pretty extensive, my first foray into the industry was with Avon Cosmetics back in the early 1980’s, I qualified with them as a “Beauty Advisor” and absolutely loved my new title and the products we promoted.  I have also promoted Golden Products, Honey Accessories, Nu Skin and Mannatech.  Mannatech being my personal favourite by far – mostly because of their product range.

Had I signed up with any one of these companies early on in their evolution, I have no doubt I would have achieved great heights in the organisation and done extremely well. 

Unfortunately, all of the companies I signed up with were already very established which meant I was way down on the ladder and not likely to surpass those who had 5 to 10 to 15 years on me.

One of the quotes often shared by MLM promoters is this one by Robert Kyosaki

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than building an old-style type of business, I would have started a network marketing business”  

We need to read those words closely too. He does not say he would sign up as a distributor or ambassador or partner with an existing network marketing business. Oh no! He states he would start a network marketing business.

Well worth noting, don’t you think? What Robert Kiyosaki is acknowledging here is that MLM or Network Marketing is a great business model for the owners of the business!

So, if you have the products, the production capacity, the time, innovation, skills, and finances to start up your own MLM business – go for it.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that is far less intensive (no need to have your own products, innovation, production capacity, or even skills – but you do need to be a hardworking and teachable entrepreneur – I encourage you to take a look at my number 1 recommendation.

My Number 1 Recommendation

If you are looking for a way to build a sustainable, income-generating business of your own, there is no doubt that building your own online business(es) is the way to go.

I invite you to read all about that opportunity too – or even jump straight in and trial it out for yourself, on a Free Starter Membership:

Thank you for taking the time to spend with me here, there is a lot of information to absorb when it comes to business opportunities. I hope that the insight shared about MLM Marketing Companies helps you in making a decision and creating the life you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

I would love to hear from you too, all you need to do is drop me a comment and I promise to respond.

There are many more MLM reviews coming up, stay tuned!

Blessings always

Best MLM Business

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