ShareASale Review – by Late Bloomer

Introduction and Summary

This Affiliate Network has been in the market for more than 18 years. They have a reputation for efficiency and reliability. In addition, they offer a broad selection of products to their Affiliate Marketers. If you need any clarification about what an Affiliate Network is, I have you covered, please read this article here.

As you can see from the logo, ShareASale is part of Awin, this took place in 2017.

ShareASale offers a very wide range of products in whichever niche your heart desires, there is no doubt that Affiliate Marketers will find perfect products to promote, no matter what their niche is. In short, ShareASale is a great opportunity for Online Affiliate Marketers to make money.

ShareASale Review

Thank you so much for spending time with me to learn more about ShareASale. I value your time and aim to bring you the information you seek in one place.

I also enjoy writing reviews and the opportunity this gives me to learn and grow. At the time of writing this review, I have just applied to ShareASale as an Affialiate Marketer and am waiting for their confirmation.

Let’s get into it.

Overview: ShareASale At A Glance:

NAME: ShareASale

PRICE: Free to join as an Affiliate. Merchants pay $650 once-off payment

PARENT COMPANY: Digital Window Ltd

PART OF: Awin since 2017



Application Process For Affiliate Marketers

ShareASale have made the applying to join them as an Affiliate Marketer as a simple process. It is literally a five step system on their site with one additional step which is their confirmation email that you click on to verify your email address. , They really have made it as easy as possible to get into their system and load your information. My concern at this point is that they only offer payment via check, this may change, but let’s see as time goes by.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Great opportunity to make money online for new and experienced Affiliates alike

PRO #2 Easy to find your way around and learn

PRO #3 Extensive knowledge base to solve any issues you may encounter along the way

PRO #4 A very wide range of products available to promote

PRO #5 Payments made on time on 20th of the month

PRO #6 ShareASale’s minimum payout is $50
PRO #7 Should you choose to leave, there are no penalties

PRO # 8 You can leave whenever you choose

PRO #9 Free to join for Affiliate Marketers

The Bad:

CON #1 No dedicated customer service support, though their knowledge base offering counters this disadvantage

Con #2 I can’t find anymore obvious Cons – will update this as I go – if need be (say’s she optimistically :-))

Who is ShareASale For?

Online Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Newbies and established Online Affiliate Marketers can make money through ShareASale. The opportunity exists to sell your own products or market as an Online Affiliate Marketer. So long as you have your own website (which really is not hard to build, see here just how easy it is), you have the opportunity to promote products from ShareASale. They offer a wide range of products, literally numbered in the thousands. This make it easy for you to cherry pick the perfect products for your niche.

Here are some ideas of who can enjoy the benefits AWeber offers:

  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • eCommerce Businesses,
  • Bloggers,
  • Content Marketers,
  • Online businesses and marketers
  • NGO’s and fundraisers

ShareASale Tools & Training

ShareASale offers great training to assist you with their systems, products and services. They do not have dedicated customer service managers, thankfully their systems are so easy to understand that they are not required.

ShareASale offers excellent support to assist you with building a website – they show you the way step by step and incorporate everything you need to know about:

  1. 1. How to build your website from scratch
  2. 2. Website design
  3. 3. SEO rankings – in other words how to gain the attention and rankings within Google, Bing and Yahoo

As can be seen below, ShareASale offers Product Links, Coupons and Deal, Banners and Text Links and Video Creatives. These are all excellent tools which will assist you to make money promoting ShareASale products on your website. They also provide the tools for you to learn their systems with easy to follow infographics.

Training within ShareASale

The training offered by ShareASale is solid, they cover all the bases necessary and the way it is structured is easily understood by newbies and experienced Affiliate Marketers alike.

ShareASale offers a broad range of education and what I truly appreciate is that the education is ongoing. Let’s face it, technologies and methodologies change all the time, no matter how experienced we may become as Affiliate Marketers, there will always be something new to learn. I appreciate the ShareASale does what they can to keep their Affiliates (and Merchants) ahead of the curve.

ShareASale Pricing

FREE To Join for Affiliate Marketers

$650 Once-off Payment for Merchants

ShareASale Merchants

As can be seen below, ShareASale offers a very broad range of products and services for their Affiliate Marketers to promote. Literally, any niche you can think of has something to offer within the ShareASale program.

NAME: ShareASale


PRICE: Free to join as an Affiliate. Merchants pay $650 once-off payment

PARENT COMPANY: Digital Window Ltd

PART OF: Awin since 2017



My Final Opinion of ShareASale

ShareASale looks like a great option and opportunity for Affiliate Marketers. This is one that I shall be taking advantage of as an Affiliate Marketer, as you will have seen earlier, I have already put in my application.

I particularly like that they have an extensive range of products available to Affiliate Marketers which means there will be something for almost every niche under the sun. They have a great track record, their reputation for efficient payouts also really appeals to me.

Not being highly technical (though I am learning every day), I also enjoy the fact that their systems are relatively simple and user-friendly.

Opportunity Knocks!

Before I go, there is so much more to making money online than I could cover in this one review. So I am linking your to other articles which will be very helpful to you. Have a look below and click through to anyone, or every one, to learn more:

One last thing before I love and leave you – I want to quickly share with you how I learned to do what I am doing – I am still learning, we never stop learning in the online business world.

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My Number One Recommendation

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no more being a slave to time in the office

no more commuting for hours every day of your life

no more time away from your family unless you choose it

reporting into a boss who may or may not be a great person

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Once you join, I shall be on the inside – along with a community of experienced online marketers who are very generous with their knowledge – to show you around. I may even have some free surprise gifts waiting for you too!

Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


4 thoughts on “ShareASale Review – by Late Bloomer”

  1. Great review. I joined ShareASale a little over two years ago. While the program has a lot to offer I have had trouble understanding how to add their affiliate links to my website as strange at it may seem I guess it must be me. But can you offer some clarity on how to go about looking for products and adding these links? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Norman
      I really appreciate your time to visit and leave some feedback here – thank you.
      I am currently learning how to do all of that myself – as soon as I have a full understanding of it, I will come back and answer your questions. I see ShareASale offer training once we’ve signed up with them, I will be doing the training over the weekend 🙂

  2. Hey Louise

    I loved this article about share a sale. I actually just joined them myself a week ago, but I didn’t know about their training section. This will help me a lot.

    Good luck with your application, and it might be a bit late, but here’s a tip.. if you have your own domain email instead of a gmail or Yahoo account, they’ll accept more easily.

    Thanks again for helping me out with this post.

    • Hi Mel

      My absolute pleasure! I love writing, one of the lucky ones in that department. My application has gone through and I am now a ShareASale affiliate – yay! Thankfully I do have my own domain email, must have helped.



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