Start Teaching English Online With A Top Notch TEFL Certification

There is a massive demand for English teachers around the world. We are talking about English as a second or foreign language.  Today, I am sharing an excellent opportunity for you to start teaching English online with a top-notch TEFL Certification

Not only is the demand extremely high but you have options too! You can choose to immerse yourself in the culture of another beautiful country by living and teaching in that country. Or you can do the tech thing and teach online from wherever you are. You can travel the world and teach online or you can take advantage of all the benefits of working from home! Either way, you have the freedom to choose. So long as you have a computer and a stable internet connection, you are good to go!

Is Teaching Online a Viable Option?

Absolutely, yes! As I mentioned right at the outset, there is a massive demand for English teachers, this can be seen in multiple articles written and published by Just one of the articles I read spoke about half a million Chinese children learning online from 65 000 Online Teachers! That is just a portion of the market, there is still the rest of Asia, South America, Europe and Africa to consider.

I think it is safe to say that we have established the viability of the market.

Teaching English Online Without A Degree

Let be clear, I am not suggesting that you buck the system, however, if you do not have a degree, teaching English online is the safest route to take. I have read about many instances of non-degreed people who have ended up in foreign jails because they’ve been conned by an agency.

That is not to say that degreed teachers have not been conned by agencies, I am sure they have. From what I understand, teaching in China and other Asian countries (Taiwan, Korea and Japan) requires you to have a degree. Even with a degree, exercise caution with any agency you work with, it is best to work directly with the Education Department in the country. That is the advice I received from teachers based in Asia.

Having said all that. The focus of this article is to teach English online. I thought it was just worth mentioning that there are countries where it is highly recommended that you do have a degree.

The Freedom Of Teaching Online

Teaching online allows you the freedom to teach from wherever you choose, this means you can travel the world and teach or you can remain at home. As you can see, the flexibility is awesome, whether you are a nomad or a homebody, you can teach English online, plus you have the advantage of not becoming embroiled in potential legal issues.

The wonderful thing about teaching English as a second or foreign language is that you there is a high demand for it and you get to travel to and live in a variety of interesting and exciting countries or you can choose to teach English online from anywhere in the world! Talk about a flexible career choice.

Teaching English online is also made easy for you, often the curriculum and planning is all done for you – that’s right, you do not even need to plan your own lessons!

Teaching English Online Qualifications

What do you need to become an Online English teacher?

A top-notch TEFL Certification is highly advisable. You can study online and there are loads of lovely options available to you too!

TEFL stands for Teaching English as A Foreign Language and the course is offered by Premier TEFL. who offer a range of great courses. Here are the details of their 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course:

And there’s More!

Here you get the breakdown of their 168 hours, 230 hours, and 290 Hour Course too! Premier TEFL go full-out to provide you with the top opportunities possible!

Are you keen to study TEFL? Below you will see an opportunity to study online with Premier TEFL, all you need do is click on this gorgeous image:

Premier TEFL Online Courses

Premier TEFL Additional Opportunities!

Yes, there is even more! Not only can you study online with Premier TEFL, but you can do Paid Internships in Asia, Europe or South America! For the nomads amongst us, these are great opportunities! Have a peek:

Premier TEFL Thailand internship

Spain Internship

Brazil Internship

Where To Find An Online School…

Introducing Magic Ears Online School

Now you have completed your studies – online or via an internship, here is the perfect Online School for you!

Magic Ears is known to be one of the highest paying English teaching platforms, they pay 30% more than a host of other online schools. Not only that, but Magic Ears also makes teaching fun and really enjoyable. They have a great culture, the teachers absolutely love working for Magic Ears, you can learn more about that in the video clip below.

Reasons to Teach With Magic Ears

1. Their salaries range between $18 and $22 per hour plus an additional $4 bonus potential, that’s a high of $26 per hour!

2. The platform is easy to work with, has its own system including curriculum and lesson plans.

3. A teacher’s training is given for free! Group training first and then one on one training as preparation for online teaching

4. Teach as much or a little as suits your schedule, there are no required minimum hours

5. Contracts are 6 months, this means you have the freedom to work for 6 months at a time rather than the full 12 months

The video below is of teachers sharing their Magic Ears experiences, have a listen:

======> Ready To Start? Sign Up Here <=======

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magic Ears


  • Depending on where you are based in the world, you may need to wake early or be awake late at night due to teaching in Beijing’s time zone
  • As a new teacher, you may teach for fewer hours, that is only until you are a tried and tested teacher. The hours increase quickly once you have proven yourself.
  • Technical challenges – which are really out of your control


  • You become a part of the family
  • Magic Ears pays extremely well
  • Magic Ears handles all the details for you, bookings are handled by them not you
  • You get to choose your hours (no minimums)
  • As soon as you have signed the agreement, you can start with bookings
  • Really interactive teaching platform which includes built-in video’s songs and games

What You Need To Teach Through Magic Ears

  • Bachelors degree is preferred (there have been non-degree holders who have passed the test though)
  • Native English Speaker or speak like a Native
  • TEFL Certification
  • Experience as a teacher is highly preferred

Interview Process

Many people become very stressed at the thought of an interview. Just remember, as I used to tell my candidates when I was a recruiter, they are looking for reasons to hire you because they are looking for teachers. Keep that in mind! Not only that, Magic Ears also do their best to make the interview a lot of fun.

Interview Preparation:

  • You can expect to be interview on video
  • Be you normal fun, friendly, and energetic self. These are important qualities to them
  • Move your body and smile a lot – animated teachers are the first prize (you will notice that in the video you watch)
  • Make use of your voice during the interview, make sure you speak with expression and different tones
  • Expect a possible demo class, your interview may choose to be your 5-year-old student who cannot speak much English.
  • Avoid background noise to ensure the best sound quality possible
  • Avoid using slang, mumbling and “ums” and “ahs”
  • Be aware of the lighting, the ability to see you clearly work to your  advantage

How They Pay

  • You can expect to be paid on the 10th of the month
  • They pay by direct bank transfer or via PayPal

===> How keen are you for this exciting online career? You can begin today with Magic Ears! <===

There you have it, my friends! Not only how to qualify but also where you can teach! My aim is always to over-deliver, I hope this article has given you more information than you expected when you clicked on Start Teaching English Online With A Top Notch TEFL Certification.

Before I love and leave you though, I hope you have noticed that my goal is all about creating a life of financial freedom, geographic freedom and making a difference in the lives of others.

Guiding my readers on how to make money online feeds into all three of those goals. I want to share another opportunity for you to make money online – and you can do this whilst you teach too!  This is known as Affiliate Marketing and you have an opportunity to learn more on a FREE Starter Membership offer, just click on the image below and have a look around. You will not be sorry! If you would like to read more about this Online Business Opportunity first, that is a link to an article I wrote especially for you.

I look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


PS  Yes, that’s me – helps to put a face to the words. If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below, I always respond.

10 thoughts on “Start Teaching English Online With A Top Notch TEFL Certification”

    • Hi Bill
      Thank you so much. I must say that this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to generate additional income in retirement too. Perhaps that is not you, but I am sure there are many retired folk who would love this lifestyle.
      Blessings always

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, English is one of the most spoken language in the world therefore I believe that a course in English is a great investment. Teaching English online is a great way to help non-English people along with making money on the side. This is a great way to build a stable business that is thriving.

    • Hi Norman
      My pleasure to share! There has never been a better time to get into online teaching all around, with the restrictions of movement due to the Covid pandemic, online skills are becoming essential.
      If teaching is a passion, I really do believe that teaching English through Magic EarsMagic Ears will be extremely rewarding. As you say, it is a great way to build a stable business.
      Thank you for stopping by to read and leave your feedback.
      Blessings always

  2. Wow, this sounds interesting. The course fees is little high in my currency but worth a try. Can you tell me what is the current teacher-student ratio? and whether it is already a saturated market?

    • Hi Prav
      I hear what you are saying, the fees are also high in my currency which is South African Rand. It’s well worth it though as you get to earn USD once you qualify!
      To answer your question, the teacher/student ratio is 1 to 4 per class with Magic EarsMagic Ears I expect you could be signed up to do more than one class though, which would increase your student numbers.
      This is a growing market according to the research published by Forbes.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and leave me your input and questions. Much appreciated.
      Blessings always

  3. Hello Louise, thank you for sharing this blog that has gotten me weighing my options for work online.
    I have a background of teaching but for Mathematics and not English. However, when I watched the video showing the experience shared by Magic Ears teachers, I felt I should part of them. The unfortunate bit is that I do not have the TEFL Certification. Luckily we have British Council offices in our country to help with this.
    I am glad I read this blog. Cheers.

    • Hi there
      Being a teacher will stand you in very good stead with Magic Ears. The TEFL Certification is very accessible online and can be done with a number of different organisations. Another good one to look out for is TESOL.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and share here.


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