The Black Friday Deal Everything You Need To Build Your Successful Online Business

Black Friday is almost upon us – it is an extremely exciting time for many! Not only the shoppers but also the marketers, which are you? The excitement is all for very good reason, I shall share some stats with you in a little bit.

Black Friday 2019 Countdown!

Earlier this year I shared the online business opportunity of the year, now we have the Black Friday deal too – it just get’s better! That’s right, there is a Black Friday offer available only from 29 November to 2 December 2019. If you are serious about building your own successful online business with the best online training platform out there, do what you have to remember the dates, here they are again:

29 November to 2 December 2019

Your Black Friday Ticket

I Cannot Contain My Excitement!

Here it is, yes, I am letting the cat out of the bag this early in the article! You can get all the training, website hosting, tools and more – everything, you need to build your own successful online business –  at a massive 49% OFF!!! Picture this: 2020 starts with a BANG!   Creating and running your Successful Online Business is already in the makings with massive 49% off the training!  That is less than $1 per day! (which, incidentally, is already exceptional value-for-money offer at its standard rate!)

Don’t snooze and lose on this amazing price, here are the standard prices offered:

  • Monthly – $49 per month
  • 6 Monthly – $236 for 6 months (calculates out to $39 per month)
  • Yearly – $359 per year (calculates out to $29.92 per month)

See, the options are from $30 per month and go up from there – for an education and online platform second to none! Like I said, exceptional value-for-money at the standard rates.

The Black Friday Deal cuts your monthly cost to $24.92 per month with a $299 per year subscription. What does this mean?

You get to learn everything you need to know about creating and running your successful online business for less than $1 per day!

Talk about value!

Think about how much just training costs and I am certain you will agree that the standard rates are already extremely low. With Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting University Level Training.  The Black Friday Deal is incredible!

Get The Black Friday Deal Here!

Black Friday 2019 Countdown!

I am getting ahead of myself though, allow me to share the details of what you would be buying into. I know this can be done with confidence because I started training in October 2018 and I cannot believe how much I have learned, in just one year, and I am not even finished with the training yet! There are many success stories within our community which I shall share with you a little later on too.

Why Is WA The Best Online Business Opportunity Of The Year?

Here is why this is the best online business opportunity of the year, here is what you can expect in return for such a low price:

  • Affiliate Marketing Training (Online Entrepreneur Training) – 5 levels comprising 50 lessons
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – 7 Levels comprising 70 Lessons
  • Highly Secured Hosting for 50 websites
  • Domain Email Accounts – unlimited numbers
  • An awesome array of Online Tools – Jaaxy Research Tool is just one as an example
  • Weekly Live Webinars with the incredible Training Chief, Jay
  • SSL Certification & Private Domain Registration
  • You can buy your Domains right on the platform
  • FREE Websites too
  • More Help than you would know what to do with from the Owners, Community, Live Chat, Site Support and more
  • Literally, 1000s of Tutorial available 24/7
  • Affiliate Programs at your finger tips

If you are looking for the best place to learn how to build your online business and start earning an income online in 2020, you have just stumbled on it! Start here!

As I mentioned, I joined in October 2018 and my experience has been awesome! The training on offer is exceptional, it is laid out in an easy-to-understand format. You simply watch the video, read the notes and complete the task at the end of every lesson. As you do this, you are building your online business.

The way the training is designed prevents you from becoming overwhelmed, there is so much to learn in the creation of your online business that it is important to follow a system that guides you through it in bite-sized blocks.

It is easy to love the training resources offer, but there is more! There is also the super smart community where you get to interact with the owners’ of the company and a community of experienced and successful online entrepreneurs. They have all been where you are and are keen to help you grow and develop!

You never stop learning! The online business world changes at a rapid rate (Google algorithm changes are just one example) and the weekly live webinars take us through the necessary paces to keep up with the changes.

Please do not be intimated by the tech side of building your online business, you can do this with the right training and within the right community. No one else has this!
I cannot tell you how much I would love it if you grab hold of this opportunity and allow me to introduce you to this awesome online training platform. Not only that, I can share what I have learned to date and help you as you go along!

Your Black Friday Ticket

Black Friday 2019 Countdown!

What Can Wealthy Affiliate Do For You?

The powerful training system will kick-start your online business adventures and provide you with the right path to follow.

The training is built in such a way that you will be building your online business from day one. The training is ingenious because it walks you through everything you need to know and teaches you to become an action-taker by giving you tasks at the end of every lesson.

These tasks are the building blocks to creating your successful online business. Which means you are creating your business whilst you are still in training!

What can you expect to learn? Here is a snapshot:

  • Learn to build your website and online business (No technical skills required! If you can switch on a computer, you can build your website, anyone can learn how)
  • Discover the best way to create an online business that you are passionate about
  • Learn to attract visitors to your website (online business)
  • How to help others find what they are looking for and earn money in the process

All you need to know is in one place, no need to search the internet and pay for a myriad of different courses, it is all available for you inside WA!

What kind of tools can you expect?

Site Building – with this handy tool, you will create your website in less than a minute!

Free Research Tools – this is an incredible tool which will allow you to find those little gems that are traffic magnets!

PLUS! You are even offered a FREE account to start, without having to pay a cent. This include free lessons, free websites, an inside look at the community, live weekly webinars and more!

NB This is no trial account we are talking about – it is a FREE account which you can keep as long as you want.
How about setting up your free account now, get a good look at everything on offer and then grab the Black Friday Sales offer when the time comes! Get your free account here, right now. Remember, totally free, you do not even need to share your credit card details.

Not convinced? Here is more to whet your appetite. Seriously Wealthy Affiliate does things differently from others in the community and support on offer.
Here is what you have access to on the platform:

  • Live Chat – where you can ask questions and receive fast responses
  • Help Centre – which offers
    • Community Support (you can ask anything you need to know here)
    • Site Support – this is the technical support who assist us whenever we encounter challenges and they are awesome!
    • Access to Owners for help
    • 1 on 1 Private coaching (though I’ve yet to take advantage of this)

These facilities are not available on any other training platform. How do I know? I’ve read and conducted hundreds of reviews in this space, in addition to spending way too much money elsewhere. You can read more about that here.

One of the reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate is because they are the most affordable AND their training offers long-term sustainability for my online business. How? The training is ongoing and as changes take place in the tech and online world, we are privy to that information and our online businesses can grow with the changes too!
In this platform you will be building a long term sustainable business which will be around for years to come.

1,500,000 members cannot possibly be wrong! That is right, Wealthy Affiliate has trained more than one and a half million online entrepreneurs to build their affiliate marketing and online businesses. Before you panic and think there is no room for you, there are more than 4 billion people online and the online shopping world is only going to continue growing. I haven’t forgotten the stats I promised you, scroll down if you want to see them right now, or stay with me a bit longer.)
Here is what Wealthy Affiliate offers to you :

  1. A FREE account so you can safely see what you are getting yourself into before spending a dime.
  2. Exceptional training! Teaching you to build your online business in such a way that it attracts visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, this will ultimately provide you with a way to earn passive income!
  3. Free SSL (site security) and secured hosting for your website.
  4. Help will be at your finger tips from Site Support to members of the community to ongoing training and education and more!
  5. Hosting for up to 50 websites, yes 50!  You could pay $300+ for hosting and support for just one website.
  6. An affordable way to learn skills which will teach you how you can become a high income generator. People all over the world pay mega money for this kind of knowledge – you get to enjoy the benefits of learning everything you need to know for your online business (and more) at a fraction of the cost!

Is WA Black Friday Deal Really Good & Why?

This year you are going to be able to buy the Premium membership at WA for the lowest price EVER. So, yes, the value is real!

Why is Wealthy Affiliate so well priced? Because, the owners are on a mission (see below)

And, being so well priced, does that mean we can expect an inferior product? No, definitely not! Read on to see the additional “never seen before bonuses”

Here is the owners’ commitment to us:

“we are on a mission to keep your costs of running a business the lowest in the industry while maintaining our lead in the industry and offering the MOST comprehensive, technically advanced and well-supported affiliate / internet marketing platform online.”

Kyle goes on further to say:

“This year the price is once again going to be $299, for an entire year Premium membership. This is much cheaper than our already heavily discounted yearly membership. It’s even lower than our yearly price back in 2005 (14 year’s ago) when we started Wealthy Affiliate.”

And that’s not all!

“Never Seen Before Bonuses”

That is right, The Black Friday Deal, 2019 offers bonuses that have literally never been seen before, they are as follows:

  • Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – WA Owner Kyle, Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Live Class
  • Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.
  • Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
  • Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)
Bonuses with The Black Friday Deal

Wow! These are all bonuses that have never been seen before and are available to you when you participate in the Black Friday Deal!

Get The Black Friday Deal Here!

Black Friday 2019 Countdown!

And there’s more!

Another huge perk with this years Black Friday deals on offer is that you are “grandfathered into this price forever, as long as you stay on this membership.” What that means is your membership will be the same price for as long as you remain with Wealthy Affiliate on the Premium level yearly membership.

Don’t think this is a short term venture, oh no, we have community members who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than 10 years! They are part of the exclusive Premium membership offered at Wealthy Affiliate, and so can you be!

Creating Online Business – Is This The Best Time?

There is absolutely no doubt about it, this is definitely the best time to create your online business. The online business world is growing exponentially and you have the opportunity to build a long-term, sustainable online business. One that attracts visitors 24/7/365 if you build it according to the training taught at Wealthy Affiliate.
This will enable you to earn passive income too, as the work you do earns over and over and again!

Let’s compare this to a job where you trade your time for money. Your earning power is limited to that salary.

With your online business, you do the work once and can earn from that same work over and over again, even in years to come.

The skills you learn at Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to build your very own online asset which attracts traffic and you get to make money online! Once you have the skills, you have them with you for life!

You do not need to take my word for whether this is the best time to build your own online business! Here is just one graphic taken from an article entitle “20+ Status That Show How Online Retail Is Changing

Growth of Online Sales

Look at how Amazon’s sales are growing! You could be one of the online marketers benefiting from Amazon’s success! Please do not misunderstand, you would not be competing with Amazing, oh no, you would be selling products in your niche of choice, which are stocked by Amazon! That’s right, Amazon still “holds the baby” when it comes to holding stock, deliveries, etc.

How you do this in your online business is all taught in the Wealthy Affiliate training!

Picture This – It’s The Year 2020 Black Friday Sales Time

I promised you some stats about money being made in the online world, here are some statistics just from Black Friday 2018:

Online sales jumped 23.6 per cent when compared to 2017. To put that in perspective, the amount in money terms was $6.2 billion! The average order was $146 per sale.

In 2018, Cyber Monday became the highest US online sale day in history! $7.9 billion in revenue!

Now, let’s picture your online business in 2020.

To have a full year’s worth of training under your belt, your website has been built, the SEO is on point because you have followed the WA training, traffic is better than decent and you get to earn at least 23.6 per cent more than you do right now. What would that mean to you?

Take your current income and multiply it by 23.6% What could you do with that money? Pay some debts off; take a holiday; treat someone special; pay school fees for your kids, your grand kids?

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will make your income multiplied by 23.6%, there are too many variables involved (how much time you put into your training and building your online business is just one). But your chances of earning more this time next year than you do right now increase exponentially when you take action and build your own successful online business!

Success Stories, As Promised

I committed to sharing success stories with you, here I am being true to that promise. There are a lot of success stories within the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I urge you to do two things for me please:

  1. Now this is very important – make sure you have enough time to read the stories undisturbed – there are a lot of success stories which means a lot of reading for you to cover. Take the time to read them, you are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life!
  2. Remember as you read, all of these people are real people, just like you and me. Normal people who started out with day jobs and decided there has to be more to life than working for someone else. They do not have anything that you do not have, except that they joined Wealthy Affiliate, took a deep dive into the training and the community, worked hard and built their online businesses. You can do this too!

Have a look at this one written by Nathaniel, one of our longer standing members at Wealthy Affiliate where he discusses 2018, Another Year Of Success & Growth At Wealthy Affiliate.

The second success story I decided to share with you is Little Mama, also known as Grace. She is a stay home Mum who is enormously successful online and she wrote this article: You Want To Quit Or Have Doubts? Read These Success Stories First”.
I shared these two because the writers themselves are so vastly different from each other.

There is nothing that prevents you from success in the online business world:

  • not your age
  • not your gender
  • not your colour
  • not your nationality
  • absolutely nothing!
  • not even the stage you are at in your life ….
    • are you a student looking for ways to earn money part-time – this is for you!
    • perhaps you are a stay home parent or grandparent – perfect for you
    • you’re young and want to live the life of a digital nomad – you have found the right place!
    • you’re struggling to secure employment – why struggle when you could become a successful online entrepreneur!
    • you’re mature and wanting to travel the world – you got it, you’ve come to the right place
    • you need to make enough money to retire – this can be done for and in retirement too ! Who wants to retire with no money? No-one – and no-one needs to either!

IT IS all about the right training in the right community and right work ethic!

Notice what I said there – you do have to complete the training, get involved with community and work hard. It does not come for nothing. This is not a “done for you system” (those are often scams) and it is also not a “get-rich-quick-scheme” (which you should avoid at all costs any way! You will be the deciding factor in your success, no-one else, it is your business you are building after all.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the blueprint which is the step-by-step training to build your online business, from the ground up!

What business models does Wealthy Affiliate training support?

  • Affiliate Marketing – where you earn an income by selling products you do not own. That’s right, you earn commissions and have no worries or responsibilities for product development, manufacture, warehouse & storage, deliveries, etc
  • Online Business – this could be affiliate marketing or your own online business promoting your own products (tangible products or digital)
  • Local Business – your own online business dedicated to a local market, not national or international
  • Niche Marketing – there is an overlap between the above business models because it is ideal that your online business is focused on a niche. I am mentioning it here so that you can see how you could make money out of anything you love! So long as there are products and customers in the niche, you stand to make money in it. Your niche can be anything from travel to music to cycling, running, kite surfing, food, cats, dogs, horses … I hope you are getting the idea here.

Get The Black Friday Deal Here!

Are You Ready To Start Your Journey To Success?

Let’s get you started now for FREE that’s right a good inside look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer without spending a dime!

Then, when Black Friday comes along, you will have a full understanding of exactly what incredible value you are signing up for.

Your Black Friday Ticket

Black Friday 2019 Countdown!

Ready To Take The Leap Of Faith Straight Into The Black Friday Deal?

Any Questions?

If there is anything you are unsure about, ask away in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to reply. I love hearing from you, so write away!

Blessings always

10 thoughts on “The Black Friday Deal Everything You Need To Build Your Successful Online Business”

  1. Hi Louise,
    No doubt the BF deal at WA is a no-brainer! I took advantage of it last year and I am now locked in for life at that price!
    That’s right – even if WA’s subscription goes up Black Friday subscriptions are guaranteed to stay the same – now where else does one get a deal where payments are fixed and guaranteed to remain that low?
    Tell me because if you know of one that is similar I will buy two!
    The locked in price is similar to the unique Domain registration offered by WA – buy your domain name through them and it is guaranteed to remain at the ridiculously low price of $13.00 (or whatever price you originally paid for it) FOREVER!
    One BIG REASON I took advantage of the Black Friday deal and one thing you didn’t mention is that the annual subscription includes hosting for up to 25 sites (50 actually but that’s another story). I know people who pay way more than $300.00 per annum for hosting alone – I was one.
    Anyway best of luck with your campaign – anyone reading this and not taking advantage of it only has themselves to blame.
    Be good, be blessed.

    • Hi Lawrence
      Agreed, Black Friday at WA is a no brainer for sure! The guaranteed price for life is even more exceptional! This is one ridiculously amazing platform!
      I have bought 3 domains through WA and was not aware of the guaranteed price there too – what an awesome surprise 🙂 Happy dance, lol!
      Thank you again for sharing your experience, I hope that my readers take advantage of the Black Friday Deal on offer. I’ve shared the news, now it’s up to them 🙂
      Blessings always

  2. Louise, WOW!!! This does sound like an incredible deal. You have given me so much information. I am glad I ran across this now, 7 days before the big day. I want time to absorb all of the stuff Wealthy Affiliate has. It sounds too good to be true.
    So you know what? I’m not going to wait for Nov 29th. I am going to check it out now. You did say I can see it free right?
    Here I go to take a look on the inside. It is a bit scary to think I can check it out before Nov 29th. But I am going to take that leap and go for it.
    Thank you so much for your introduction.

  3. Hi Louise!

    WA Black Friday is a great deal. No doubt about it. Anyone who enrolls during the Black Friday event will benefit massively.

    I like your presentation of the features and other benefits included in the system.

    I am happy to be a WA member as well. It is a great place to start learning all you need to start building your business online, using your passion and some basic skills.

    Following the training will only enhance everyone’s skill who decide to enroll.

    I wish you a happy Black Friday!

    best regards,

    • Hi Igor
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and review the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer. I absolutely agree this is a massive saving in exchange for incredible value, WA hat hit the ball out of the park this year! (Mind you, I’ve done my research and not seen when they didn’t 🙂
      Thank you also for your recommendation and experience with WA, I too am extremely happy to be a part of this amazing platform.
      Thank you for your wishes, I wish you a happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday too!

  4. Hi Louise,

    You are very generous to share all the great things about Wealthy Affiliate, and I think there is no other time better than this year to join Wealthy Affiliate.
    I found the details you mentioned in this post is very clear and helping. Especially, for the “Help Centre” part. Sometimes, I find people quit because there is no one they could turn to for a good suggestion about how they are doing, and help centre plays an important role in the success of affiliate marketing.
    Since Wealthy Affiliate has so many helping and supporting functions included, I would think it would definitely help a lot for all beginners who want to do the same to increase income resources by affiliate marketing.
    Anyway, I love this post and will come back to join through your links when the time is due! 🙂


    • Hey Matt
      Thank you so much, I am glad you appreciated the post. There is so much to Wealthy Affiliate, it is hard to talk about everything in one post. I agree that this is an excellent platform for beginners but have found that there is so much advanced training available that even seasoned online marketers will benefit from the knowledge shared within the community. Not only that, the technology, tools, site hosting and site support we have access to is worth its weight in gold!
      Look forward to seeing you inside WA!

  5. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place for anyone who wants to operate a successful business from the comforts of their own homes or from any place in the world. To become a member of this awesome community should be something that no one passes up. Here at wealthy affiliate the dream of owning a successful business can be made a reality so go for it and don’t delay.


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