The Step-By-Step Website Building Guide For Beginners

That title is quite the mouthful! It describes exactly what I am about to present to you. This is one very exciting opportunity for you, whether you have never built a website before or you are a seasoned webmaster, there is something here for you! This very website you are on right now is being built by my fair hands, and I am far from experienced! Perhaps you are a cautious beginner and you would like to share this information with a seasoned webmaster before proceeding? No problem, I am so sure of the recommendation on offer here that I welcome the critic of an experienced webmaster. Why? As a rookie, that could be risky (me being the rookie). Absolutely, that is the truth. Except I have the backing of extremely experienced webmasters and online marketers. They have built a platform for us which offers far more than the competition, making our lives as a webmaster so much easier, no matter what level of experience we have! Let’s dive into The Step-By-Step Website Building Guide For Beginners.

If I Can Do This, You Certainly Can Too!

As mentioned, I am building this site with my fair hands, and it is as a result of the amazing opportunity I found. The same one I am now sharing with you right now. I belong to an extraordinary platform where the community is more than 1 million strong – yeah, surely more than 1 million people cannot be wrong!

What is extraordinary about the platform? The owners and community members are rooting for you, not only that, everything that you would need to build your profitable website is at your fingertips.

Below you will see a screengrab revealing the inner workings of the Website section, revealing how every aspect is attended to. This screenshot is taken from my profile (yes, that is me) and on the left-hand side, you are privy to information about the system from my profile. What you see on the right is where our focus is today, the different aspects of the Websites facility: Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, Site Contents, Site Comments, Site Feedback and Site Support. All very exciting!

Keep reading and we will uncover The Step By Step Website Building Guide For Beginners

Site Manager

When clicking on Site Manager you are taken into the back end of your websites where you can log in and access your site plus you get to view and manage the health of your website. Google loves healthy websites and this system assists us in ensuring our sites are in good health.

As can be seen below, this site is rated as “Site Health Getting better”, you see an overview of your site, date it was created, backups, how many pages, posts and approved comments are on your site. Whether Google has Indexed your site and there a rating.

Overall, this site is in pretty good shape. Still a very young site, a mere 4 months old, not too bad at all.

Site Builder

The Site Builder facility enables you to build your site on a FREE Domain (yes, 100% FREE, have a look at SiteRubix), on a domain you already own, or you can register a domain through the system. Very convenient.

Not only convenient, but there are also more than 4000 themes available for you to choose from as a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything has been catered for, with the way technology is changing and continues to change, having a mobile-friendly website is vital – this is taken care of in the website themes on offer.

It’s also well worth mentioning that there are in excess of 51,000 Add add-on’s available for your site when you’re a Premium Member, these include the following:

  • Adding in shopping carts
  • Font, Image and Design Plugins
  • Social media Plugins
  • Creating a membership site

These are only a few of the 51,000, they are available for installation literally with a click of a button. Site Support is also available to assist you on the occasion where things become a bit overwhelming (I speak from experience here)

Site Domains

Site domains can be purchased through the platform, and domains purchased elsewhere can be pointed to and transferred to the platform. What this means is that, regardless of where your domain is purchased, it can be hosted within Wealthy Affiliate and all the same benefits a domain purchased at Wealthy Affiliate receives, are available to your site. Here is a snip of my back office, I have blocked out the names of my domains, not all have been published yet – some surprises still to come:

Site Domains Back Office

Site Feedback

As you can see below, the opportunity to Request Site Feedback exists. This is an incredibly powerful tool because you benefit from the input of other online entrepreneurs, many of them highly experienced and exceptionally generous with their knowledge.

Note the wrap over the knuckles I received “Add 1 review before requesting your own!” The next sentence speaks about the “Pay it forward fashion” and this is a culture prevalent within the community. I included that intentionally as it is a huge bonus to work within a giving community. Trust me, they are not all the same, you are welcome to have a look at my review: Six Figure Mentors – Why I Loved And Left Them)

As can be expected, you have the opportunity to Offer Feedback too which I have done, it just would not be appropriate to share the back office of community members websites here, so I did not include that.

Earning Credits is a great motivator because you as you earn credits by offering feedback, you can request feedback and pay with the credits you have earned.

Truly a great give and take community.

Benefits of Site Feedback: The user experience on your website is very important, you want to know that your site visitors are able to navigate around your site. We are incentivized as a community to offer feedback, as you can see below, it does happen when there are no sites in need of review, it’s not only the incentive that drives the community, it is the culture of helping one another.

Site Comments

The importance of Site Comments is enormous! Comments on your website lead to ranking with the search engines. The more comments you have on your website, the higher the trust factor when it comes to the search engines. This results in the improved ranking; increased traffic and sales and increased income for you! Like Site Feedback, Site Comments is done on an exchange basis, you can Request Comments (spend credits) and Offer Comments (and earn credits).

The Site Comments facility is unique to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and the community readily participate to assist one another. The more experienced online marketers often guide the less experienced, in fact, there is loads of training within the community on how to give and approve comments in such as way that it will benefit your site.

Not only can you Request Site Comments but you also get to request how many comments you want and specify which aspects you would like the comments to be made on. It’s great that you can be specific in your request and create an opportunity for conversation to take place on your site.

Sounds Complicated?

That is the beauty of what I am proposing. Yes, it is complicated because all the coding and back end stuff is really important for the success of your website. This is made easy for you. Don’t misunderstand, this is no “done for you” system, you will need to work and create your own website. You will not need to understand a single line of code though, this is where it is made simple for you. Having said that, if you are able to handle the coding side of your website, you have the opportunity to do that too. The way the system is set up caters to both the non-techs (like me) and the highly technical too. Very clever!

Which brings me to Site Support.

Site Support

As a Premium Member, you have access to Site Support who are available 24 / 7 / 365 – they are very clued up, extremely helpful and have always assisted me with any query I have had. There have been occasions where I need to insert code – nearly gave me a heart attack! No problem, Site Support either did it for me, or they took screenshots and sent them to me guiding me every step of the way. Absolutely amazing!

As you can see below, you go into Site Support and submit a Support Ticket, there are a few questions to answer as you can see, you then type in the title of the question and the details in the body of the message. Just like an email. The Site Support Team respond efficiently, asking for more information if they need (us newbies don’t always explain things in easily understandable ways, so they make sure they understand our questions before attempting to solve them). What a great team!

Beginner To Advanced Website Training

As you have seen above, there is a Step By Step Website Building process in place, the great news is that this training takes you from beginner to advanced level. the basic training puts the foundation in place and provides you with the tools to build your website long before you have any kind of expertise. As you grow in your experience as a webmaster, so do the opportunities to learn more. The sky truly is the limit!  There are thousands of training modules (in a variety of mediums, text, screenshots and video) available to us. We grow and develop at our own pace with the guidance of the experts we are surrounded by. As new technologies are released, so too are new training modules!

Success Awaits

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

I believe this quote to be true. If you choose to spend your time with an amazing community like Wealthy Affiliate, delving into the training, learning, sharing and building your online business – there is no doubt in my mind that you will become a success. There are so many success stories to be shared. You can read about them too, here are just a few of them, remember, these are ordinary people like you and me, they too started out as beginners learning to build their websites and their online businesses:

As you will see, all of these people are highly successful and what do they have in common? They ALL started as beginners!  Not only that, they are normal people – just like you, and me!

They followed The Step-By-Step Website Building Guide For Beginners, the exact same training I am sharing with you today, and built their online businesses with their websites!

You can too!

You have an incredible opportunity to test drive the offer for FREE! Yes, 100% FREE! You do not even need to share your credit or debit card information to get an inside look. There is a FREE Starter Membership available to you today! I encourage you to take a look, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Free Starter Membership

As you can see, there is so much more on offer than learning to build your website!  You can take advantage of the Step-By-Step Website Building Guide For Beginners by joining SiteRubix and building your site, and/or you can join Wealthy Affiliate and benefit from the training that takes you from building your website to creating a successful online business of your choice!

There is so much more to building your website and online business than can be covered in one article.  If you have any questions at all, drop them in the comments section below and I will respond to you.  I welcome all feedback, if you would like to contribute something that I may have missed out, please also drop that in the comments below.

More than anything though, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you can see what an excellent opportunity I have presented to you today – and I look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!

Blessings always

Yes, that is also me – Louise – aka Late Bloomer.  I have another wonderful offer for you.  This is a FREE 7-Day Training Series that will take you through the process of creating your website and building your online business.  I have been given so much by becoming a member of this incredible platform and welcome the opportunity to share what I have learned with you.

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  1. Wealthy Affiliate has the tools and the training to make this all possible and the community is so great their support is really amazing. So if a persons do not know anything about website building and designing and how to make money online line wealthy affiliate has that kind of training that can help. I would encourage anyone to become a part of wealthy affiliate that is helping to change lives and helping peop[le to live their dreams.

  2. Hi Louise, what a pleasure to see another late bloomer as you put it….I am one as well and I must complement you because for being a late bloomer I love your article and everything you wrote. I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now and I could not agree more with you, I have been able to learn and achieve so much thanks to their training that I don’t think I would have ever made it without them. Not one thumb up, rather 10 thumbs up to the Community and the platofrm. If there is one place that I would never have any problem in reccomending is Wealthy Affiliate. I love your explanation and break down of details, I will definately make sure to share your site with so more late bloomers like us!

    • Hi Barbara
      Thank you very much – I am so happy to see that you too have had exceptional experiences in your journey with Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for sharing.
      Blessings to you my fellow late bloomer 🙂

  3. Hi Louise and thank you for this very informative post.

    I have been interested in affiliate marketing for some time now but, being older, was always nervous about having to create my own website. Now I see how easy it is, particularly on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I am ready to take the plunge.

    I do have a question for you. I see that Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership and it seems I can build my website for free on that free membership. Is there a time limit on that free membership or can I stay on that for as long as I like?


    • Hi Philip
      Thank you so much for your time with me, the interest you have shown and the great question! The Free Starter Membership is yours for as long as you want it – that means your SiteRubix website is also yours and free for as long as you want it. Wealthy Affiliate have proven themselves over and over since their inception in 2005, it is a great springboard for anyone interested in building a website and online business – spring chickens and late bloomers alike – we all fit into the community with ease.
      Blessings always

  4. Great job in mapping out an avenue for success for Beginners with the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Your information is well-detailed and extensive allowing a person to digest just enough to make a decision or come up with well-informed questions. Thanks.

  5. Great article about WA, I’ve been with them for over 3 years now and they keep amazing me every single year, they keep adding new features to he platform without any extra costs for us marketers, its all out of their own pockets,

    I’ve had my own success started in 2017 and currently living without a job, only with my online income and this yea in 2019, it’s about to explode even further, exciting stuff is happening!
    The free membership really is free with no hassle to buy anything afterwards, heck you don’t even need to sign up a credit or bank cards, but the premium membership is where the biggest diamond lies, With WA’s Help you can truly change your life starting from today if you choose so!

    Thanks for the amazing article, i love the quote of Jim Rohn as well!

    I wish you all the best life has to offer for you,


    • Hi Mark
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience of Wealthy Affiliate, especially the diamond that Premium Membership offers. The Free Starter Membership is so cool because it gives the opportunity to test drive the system for free – that’s how I started, though I did not stay there for long!
      Congratulations on your success with online marketing – clearly you are a hard working online entrepreneur – well done!
      I also wrote an article about The Importance Of Finding Your Why – looking at your success, I can only think that you know exactly what your why is. Well done again!
      Wishing you everything of the best too Mark.

  6. There are so many website builders available online but Wealthy Affiliate offers ease of use combined with a powerful set of features to easily build your website.

    This platform gives you complete control of every aspect of your website. With the help of all tools, available here you can build any kind of website.

    Thank you so much, Louise for this detailed and step by step guide.

    • Hi there Bushra
      You are absolutely right! Wealthy Affiliate offers exactly what you describe – they continue to surprise me, always in a good way.
      Thank you for your visit and for appreciating this article.

    • Hi Nazmun
      Thank you so much for your visit and very complimentary feedback. I really appreciate your time.


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