What Is Longrich? [Scam or Money Making Opportunity?]

Welcome to my Longrich Review! I have seen Longrich bandied around a lot in South Africa (where I currently live) and that raised the question in my mind – What is Longrich? Is it a scam, pyramid scheme or real money making opportunity? I invite you to stay with me as I write this in depth review and reveal the answers.

According to a Longrich website in South Africa, “Longrich Bio-Science Co. Ltd, (Longrich), which is located in the Longrich Bio-Industrial Park, is one of the leading company’s that dominates in the production of Health Care, Cosmetic/Skin Care, Household Cleaning, Furniture, Real Estate business and many more products.”

The site goes on to say “Jiangsu Longliqi Bio-Science Co. Ltd (Longrich) has one of the largest and most advanced centers for research and development of cosmetic and healthcare products in Asia (Southern China). The company has more than 12 000 employees, more than 35% of which are Doctorate students, field experts, and highly trained professionals. For the past 31 years the company has seen steady growth in both expansion and market share.”

Does this make Longrich a great money making opportunity for you though? It all sounds good that they have amazing R&D and employ so many people in China, but what does that mean for anyone else looking to make money in other parts of the world?

Introduction and Summary

Longrich, also known as Longrich BioScience, is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) and was founded in China in 1986. They have more than 2000 products and are operating as a MLM in many countries around the world. Their product ranges are focused around health and wellness (hence the highly trained professionals and Doctorate students in their employ.

Longrich International Footprint

Longrich started out selling household cleaning, personal care and then branched out into healthcare. The owner, Xu Zhiwei was a carpenter and the formation of Longrich has made him one of the 400 wealthiest Chinese men, according to Forbes. in 2010 he earned a network of $450 million.

As can be seen on their website, Longrich has a great corporate culture where their Core Value is “customers are always in my heart”. Their Missions are also admirable, see below for the four missions which drive the company.

The Chairman of Longrich BioScience, Xu Zhiwei has also racked up some incredible achievements too. My interest in this company is focused more on, does Longrich truly offer individuals like you and me a real opportunity to make money. That’s not to say that their achievements are not important, of course they are – anyone wanting to make money should be working from a base of integrity, right?

Having covered the basics about the Chairman and company culture, it looks safe to say that we are reviewing a credible organization with great ethics.

What about the money making opportunity for you and me though?

Let’s get into it.

Who Is Longrich BioScience?

As we have seen, Longrich is available in countries across the world, the company culture is admirable and the leader of the company is influential and regarded as a credible entrepreneur in China.

The Longrich product ranges includes women’s healthy and hygiene, personal care, beauty and skincare, and household cleaning. Here are some of their products:

  • NutriVrich (Nutritional supplement)
  • Bon M (Nutritional supplement)
  • Cordyceps Militaris Coffee
  • Pi Cup (a water ionizer)
  • Energy Pot (a cooking pot which is promoted to preserve food nutrients)
  • Energy Shoes (these shoes apparently improve the wearers’ health)
  • Water Purification Systems
  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Concentrated Detergent Powder
  • White Tea Nourishing Soap
  • Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash
  • Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Soap
  • Concentrated Mouthwash
  • Mouth Freshener
  • Brightening Styling Gel
  • Sheep Placenta SOD Milk (ummm, sheep placenta? really?)
  • Cleansing & Treatment Shampoo
  • Colour Protect & Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Antiperspirant Dew
  • White Tea Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Rose Oil Nourishing Body Wash
  • White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste
  • Floral Hand Cream Sets
  • Evergreen Skin Care & Beauty Range

Now let’s look at what opportunities Longrich offers for individuals to make money, if there are any at all.

Overview: Longrich BioScience At A Glance:

NameLongrich BioScience
PRICE:Apparently Free To Join (Please see detailed pricing section)
CEO:Xu Zhinwei

The Good & the Bad

The Good:


Pro #1 Backed by Chinese Science

Pro #2 Great reputation and achievements

Pro #3 Wide product range

Pro #4 Longrich Bioscience has been in business for more than 30 years

The Bad:

Con #1 In order to earn bonuses, one is required to purchase additional products

Con #2 Policy changes are frequent

Con #3 Participants have to spend in order to qualify to earn (expensive)

Con #4 Members earn money from their recruits (downlines) not from product sales

Who is Longrich For?

Longrich is positioned as an opportunity to make money for individuals who are interested in multi level marketing (MLM. You enroll and this costs you anything between $90 to $2500 as a business starter (in South African terms this is R1500 to R27,000).

I would say that is quite a lot of money to invest in a business that ultimately is not your own business. Each to his or her own. Your time investment is also extensive as you are promoting the products as well and recruiting a team to create downlines – this is ultimately where you make money.

If you are looking to be an entrepreneur and make money, I would not recommend the Longrich proposition. Why? This is a multi level marketing business model, you need to spend money on the product in order to make money and you need to recruit others under you, downlines, so that you can earn on their sales and downline recruits. If you would like more information about what multi level marketing is, I have written an article especially for you.

This article, What Is Online Or Affiliate Marketing vs What Is An MLM or Multi Level Marketing Company, offers in depth information about MLM (and of course, online and affiliate marketing, which is my Number 1 recommendation – more about that later).”

To entice people to join Longrich BioScience, they have created more than one way to make money. They have bonus systems in place as follows:

  1. Performance Bonus (8% to 12% weekly)
  2. Development Bonus (10% weekly)
  3. Leadership Bonus (10% to 45% weekly)
  4. Maintenance & Repeat Order Bonuses (4.5% per cycle)
  5. Breakaway Bonus (21% to 45% per cycle or monthly)
  6. SD Development Bonus or Horizontal SD Bonus (10% per cycle or month)

As you can expect, there are conditions on all the bonuses and the percentage payout is also based on levels.

They also follow a plan called Network Trees, these are as follows:

  • Placement Tree (up to 3 legs, using a matrix concept)
  • Sponsored Tree (unlimited legs using uni-level concept)

One might need to be an actuary (which I certainly am not) to understand the structures, I hope this all makes sense to you:

Bonus 1: Performance Bonus

The company measures your performance bonus through a 3-legged structure and through the Personal Value (PV) generated, this is according to the performance of your business associates.

The bonus pays out between 8 to 12% of the PV of your two weak legs. As you will have seen earlier on, the income earned is dependent on the package you enrolled on.

Here is the distribution percentage you qualify for depending on the package you enrolled on:

  • QSilver – 8% (based on $90 worth of PV)
  • Silver – 8% (based on $360 worth of PV)
  • Gold – 10% (based on R1080 worth of PV)
  • Platinum VIP – 12% (based on $2500 worth of PV)

Bonus 2: Development Bonus

This bonus is dependent on the performance of your downline (also known as business associates) and the depth of your downline is unlimited. This is also called a uni-level structure.

Here Longrich pays out 10% of the PV.

Bonus 3: Leadership Bonus

With this bonus, Longrich measures the performance of your business associates as well as the sponsor tree and ranking. This is where they determine the amount you are paid out.

This bonus is unlike the others (if you have purchased the higher paying enrollment pack), here you have limited levels as the base of your bonus. You do receive a share per week however.

There is a Super Distributor qualification which you can achieve by going over 3,500 PV, here you stand to qualify for a separate bonus, name the SD Development bonus and this is 10%

Bonus 4: Maintenance & Repeat Order

Also known as Bonus A4, where Longrich pay out 4,5% per cycle, again, based on the enrollment pack you choose at the outset.

To qualify for this you need to have achieved monthly maintenance of 30PB as do your downlines under 15 levels.

Bonus 4B: Breakaway Bonus

This bonus is based on your sponsor tree and the minimum of 30PB for your product sales per month.

Bonus 4C: SD Development Bonus or Horizontal SD Bonus

As with the Breakway Bonus, the income is based on your 30 PV and the sponsor tree too. Plus you must have reached the Super Distributor 9SD) rank to earn the bonus.


What is A Super Distributor?

Longrich qualifies their distributors as a Super Distributor at 3500 PV and above. Plus the excess reach as high as 1,750PV in each of 23 groups.

The requirement is 1 SD in your sponsor network and once you qualify you get a 10% excess PV from your associates (downlines), particularly the ones closest to your rank.

Bonus 4D: SD Leadership Bonus or Vertical SD Bonus

This is one of the Repeat Order Bonuses where the member. With this bonus (different to the others), the main requirement is the SD title and that the member has developed 3 or more vertical SD business associates. Sounds like quite a stretch to me.

It does appear that Longrich changes the company’s compensation plan quite frequently. i tried to view the Compensation Plan video on their corporate site and unfortunately it is not available currently. This could be as a result of all the changes.

It is not unusual for MLM structures to incentivise their members by offering increased bonuses and commission when they purchased more products themselves. I’ve seen this with a number of MLM’s and Longrich seems to fit into that category too.

Retail Bonus (it’s unclear if this bonus still exists)

In the research process of Longrich there appeared to be a Retail Bonus offer. This bonus offer could only be qualified for once you and your downlines have purchased products to the value of between 30 and 50PV per month.

For me, this is not a good sign. I would be wary of any organization that offers me increased bonuses, on the proviso that I spend more with them. It doesn’t make sense. You have to pay in money before you receive the bonus.

I suspect that you really would need a talented actuary to check this out before subscribing. Here is what I found in the research process, the percentage you see below is what you received once the number of downlines have purchased products to this PV:

  • 0 – 99 excess PV = 21%
  • 100 – 199 excess PV = 25%
  • 200 – 399 excess PV = 29%
  • 400 – 799 excess PV = 33%
  • 800 – 1599 excess PV = 37%
  • 1600 – 3499 excess PV = 41%
  • 3500+ excess PV = 45%

International Incentive (Previously Bonus Offer)

As can be expected with an MLM, Longrich incentivised it’s member to achieve the Diamond 4 rank or higher. For this, you are rewarded with an all expenses paid luxury trip anywhere in the world.

At Diamond 7 or higher, you benefit for the luxury trip and you become the proud owner of a brand new SUV.

Platinum VIP Incentive

At a minimum of 1% PV every month, one can qualify for this, if the Platinum VIP Entry Level has been purchased.

As you can see, Longrich requires their members (you too if you fell for it) to buy products to qualify for bonuses. My understanding is that this is really not a good thing.

Star Director Worldwide Incentive

As a Start Director you don’t get as much as the Retail Bonus. Longrich Bioscience pay out your share which is calculated on 2.5% of the worldwide PV per month.

Longrich also change up their policies which affects the percentages of bonuses to their members. This makes things unpredictable and, in my opinion, is not good at all. I would rather be sure of what I can expect to earn, wouldn’t you? Unless of course the company chose to increase the percentage, that would be a whole different conversation.

Longrich BioScience Tools & Training

Longrich BioScience in South Africa has local offices and a local website, however, the website does state: “PS This is not the Longrich official website, but it is the distributors sharing website.” The website showcases training videos and the Distributors also have access to training at the offices three times a week. There is also a WhatApp group that members can join to stay informed.

Here is video training offered:

Longrich BioScience Pricing

Starter = Free to Join … BUT, you also need to select your “stock package” to activate your membership. What this means is that you have to spend money in order to qualify to earn money from the people you recruit (your downlines).

The more you spend, the higher the percentage you qualify for. This makes joining Longrich not free at all.

Is Longrich BioScience A MLM?

Longrich positions themselves as a MLM, but we can have a look at what the Federal Trade Commission says about what constitutes an MLM. Have a look below:

As we can see from the above, MLM’s say that you can make money two ways – one is by selling the products to customers who are not involved in the MLM company – which is not the case with Longrich.

The above excerpt clearly stats, “If the MLM is not a pyramid scheme, it will pay you based on your sales to retail customers, without having to recruit new distributors”.

Is Longrich BioScience A Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s look at what the FTC says about Pyramid Schemes so you know, it’s not my word that defines the type of business Longrich is involved in.

Very clearly stated is “Pyramid schemes are scams.” The article also goes on to say that they can look like legitimate MLM business opportunities, and it can cost you and your recruits. As we see, these recruits are often family and friends – we certainly do not want to pull out loved ones into something that is going to cost them rather than profit them.

This goes on to speak about being encourage or even required (as happens with Longrich) to buy a certain amount of product at regular intervals. interesting. Again, the issue of being eligible to be paid or receive bonuses – Longrich does this. Lavish rewards like prizes, bonuses, exotic vacations and luxury cars – Longrich qualifies.

You can go on and read it in detail below, also click on the image below and it will take you to the article itself:


Overview: Longrich BioScience At A Glance:

NameLongrich BioScience
PRICE:Apparently Free To Join (Please see detailed pricing section)
CEO:Xu Zhinwei

My Final Opinion of Longrich BioScience

Longrich BioScience is definitely a MLM (Multi Level Model) company, and has the hallmarks of being a Pyramid Scheme. That is a bold statement I know, however, if you look at the Federal Trade Commission and what they have to say about MLMs and Pyramid Schemes, Longrich BioScience certainly does qualify.

Would I recommend the Longrich opportunity for you to make money? Definitely not.

If you are interested in creating your own successful business and a life of financial freedom, I strongly encourage you to take at look at my Number One Recommendation.

It really does offer a FREE Starter Membership where you can have a good look at the business model and also immerse yourself in the training and community. No credit card details even need to be shared to get onboard!

Free Starter Membership

If you decide to go Premium, which I am and I highly recommend, there is a cost involved of $19.00 for your first month and then $49 per month as a monthly member, or you can join on a 6 monthly basis for $234 which is a 20% savings and is paid every 6 months; or annual basis for $359, a 39% savings and is paid yearly. Whichever is most affordable to you.  I am a Premium Member (have been since October 2018) and can tell you, it has been worth every dime – even paying in USD whilst based in South Africa on the South African Rand.

How will this benefit you? You will learn everything you need to know in order to create your successful online business, the training is exceptional! You will also have at your fingertips every tool you need, website building, hosting, domains and more! Plus, an incredible community of Online Entrepreneurs! You really cannot go wrong.

I have also created a Free 7-Day Email Training Series that walks you through the process – you can sign up for that through the image below:

Free 7-Day Email Training Series

I truly do hope that this review has given you insight into what the Longrich offer is and I am confident that by guiding you into the Free 7-Day Email Training, you will indeed learn the best route to build your successful online business.

Love & blessings!

Louise aka Late Bloomer

10 thoughts on “What Is Longrich? [Scam or Money Making Opportunity?]”

  1. Thank you Louise for your Longrich review.
    I am delighted with your comments on this MLM and will certainly follow your recommendations not to get involved in this company but rather in the company that you recommend.
    I would never invest the kind of money these people want to be part of Longrich.
    I think your review was very well done.

    • Hi Claude
      Thank you for your visit and your comments on this Longrich review. Yeah, it is interesting to see how much money Longrich requires their members to contribute for a business they ultimately do not own and have absolutely no say in. My Number One Recommendation offers the opportunity for people to build their own online businesses, teaching them every step of the way, supporting them and providing all the tools you could possibly need for an online business. I was just looking at the back office of this site as I logged in this morning, what we have access to is outstanding training, incredible value for money and first-class technology at that!
      Enjoy the journey to building your successful online business, Claude!

  2. Companies like Longrich leave me with a heavy heart when I think of all the dogs and other animals they surely have in the labs and subject to horrible treatment. Forcing things down their throats and such. Beagles are surely their dog of choice. I’ve dabbled in MLM companies and it seems this company goes way out of its way to limit how much a member can actually earn and focuses more on gaining from the member instead. What a sham! Makes me sick.

    • Hi Anne
      Oh wow, I hadn’t even given that any thought and I am a BIG animal lover. That is something I cannot even consider researching, just too awful. The only way I can manage the horrors of this world is to pray and ask our Heavenly Father to soften the hearts of people who do such dreadful things.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and leave your feedback. We know for certain that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not involved with any animal testing and is truly the honest way to make money!
      Love & blessings

  3. Hello and thanks so much for sharing. I remember over the years there were a few times that I join these kinds of business and to be real with you at first it was exciting but when I saw what was involved especially that kind of money that had to be spent by members it was a real turn off and I can see why. Thanks so much for sharing. Your review is another confirmation that this business model MLM is not worth your time or money.

    • Hi Norman
      I too have joined these kinds of business and agree, I was also very excited in the beginning, the training has a way of making you believe “this is it”!
      Building your own successful online business truly is the way to go and Wealthy Affiliate provides us everything we could possibly need to do that!
      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and give some feedback.
      Blessings as always

  4. Well, everyone is entitled to there own opinions. Now my question is, what do you have to lose by joining Longrich? The answer to that is nothing. How, you pay no registration fee. To become a member, you are only required to purchase a certain amount of product which you in turn get the exact value for your money as products of your choice. Now, how is that bad?

    This is a company trying to bypass all the middle men by directly dealing with the consumer so as to cut unnecessary cost on high valuable products, and you say that is a bad idea?

    Again, look at all the junk products we have out there today, products that have contributed to many lost of lives (Cancer and many others) today, and here you have Longrich with there chemicals free products that are good for our health and you say that is also bad?

    How many of the company’s you have been making use of their products have recognized you? Here is a company who pays you for using there chemicals free products by also referring people and you say that is bad?

    Well, just as I have stated before, everyone is entitled to their opinions. The worst kind of arrogance , is arrogance from ignorance.

    This is my own opinion on Longrich, and just in case you need to come onboard, I can help you get started.

    • Dear Adewale
      Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Longrich.
      I have done everything possible to ensure that this review is objective and states the facts about the opportunity to make money as offered by Longrich.
      Whilst I appreciate your input, and I truly do, nothing you have said negates the facts about how the company compensation plan is structured. That is what is important and at the heart of my review. In business, it makes sense to spend money to make money, however, those funds would be best spent on the needs of the business, ie training, hosting of websites, and so on. Definitely not consumable products.
      Based on the facts, I would not join Longrich because I do not believe it is the best business opportunity/money-making opportunity available.
      I stand by my opinion that My No. 1 Recommendation to build your own successful online business is still the best route to take.
      Wishing you every success!

  5. It is not good to believe everything you ear or you are told. 99% of people who never been involved in MLM business, they don’t understand fully how the business work even some who are doing it also dont understand it. Now the fact you dont believe a business is not good for you doent mean it is bad. Your review was good untill you came up promoting your business. What I understood is that you want people to join your business and leave longrich. Most of the think MLM is pyramid or not good at all. I know people who are in longrich and they are not required to buy more products in order to be paid. All the MLN companies in the world requires an entry level fees in order to recieve products. They do sell also the products which is optional to them. They make money on selling as well as recruiting new prospect. Longtich cannot be a pyramid scheme because overtaking is allowed. In pyramid, the first alway earns more but as per what I saw in longrich and I have participated in some seminars, downline can earn more depending on thier performance. Why MLM is a good business? Billionaires and millionaires recommend it. Read books such as The Business of the XXI century by Robert Kiyosaki, We want you to be rich by Donald Trump, The secret of Million mind by T. HARV, etc. So MLM is recommend by the most successfull in the world. In the USA, some MLM company ask 5000 usd for an entry level. Based on the history and the reputation of longrich, tge quality of thier product which i have used, I believe is a good company and I recomend it. Sorry for my grammar. I am not from english speaking language.

    • Hi Junior

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article about Longrich, I really do appreciate you adding to that time by writing some feedback here. I would like to respond to your comments, please:

      * I based this review on facts, not on believing what I have been told. I did the research necessary and wrote only about facts which I found.
      * I have been involved with MLM before (many of them) and from my personal experience, it is only the people right at the very top are the ones who make the big money.
      * The MLM business model is not a problem in itself, however, when a member is required to recruit downlines in order to generate income, that is what becomes questionable – this is according to the FTC, not me personally. Please re-read my article and click through to the sources I provide.
      * The information I have shared about MLM and pyramid schemes is decided by the FTC. Their definitions are included in my article. FTC stands for the Federal Trade Commission and “is an independent agency of the U.S. government that aims to protect consumers and ensure a strong competitive market by enforcing consumer protection and antitrust laws.
      * I am not trying to encourage anyone to leave a business model that is working for them. However, if a Longrich member was not happy with the income they are generating, I absolutely do invite them to join the platform I am a part of so that they can learn to create their own businesses. See, no one is invited to join my business. What I do offer is access to the most incredible online training platform around so that the person joining can upskill and start their own business.
      * I have seen that well-known and wealthy people recommend MLM add a business model. Something to ask yourself, are they recommending the business model as the owner of the business or as one of the agents of that business? I suspect they (Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, T. Harv, etc) are referring to being the business owner.
      Again, thank you so much for taking the time to comment here, I really do appreciate your input. Please do not apologize for your English, I am sure I would not manage to speak or write in your mother tongue.
      Blessings always


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