Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]


Are single page websites even a thing? They absolutely are! If you have ever been intimidated by the notion of creating your own website, this article is sure to put your mind at ease. You can create your one page website with Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]. Strikingly have a promise to uphold: “Build A Beautiful Website In Minutes”. Let’s put them to the test.

Strikingly Review 2019 …

Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]

Introduction and Summary

Strikingly is an easy to use website builder. They offer a range of beautiful and stylish designs. If compared with the likes of Wix and Weebly, one could say that Strikingly is not in the same league. Having said that, this website builder does have certain features that may make it the perfect fit for you.

I am hugely impressed with the customer support that Strikingly offer – yes, I did test it out and they scored a solid 10 out of 10. Their customer support team are known as “Happiness Officers” and they certainly did make me very happy!

Strikingly is not the biggest website building platform available, they make up for that in the ease of use of their system, stylish templates and exceptional customer support.

The Strikingly Review 2019 …

Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]

Great to see you here – welcome and thank you for visiting my site to have a look at what I have to share about Strikingly.

I love this part of the “work” I do (if you can call it work, seems wrong when I enjoy it so much!) so it really is my pleasure to bring this Strikingly Review 2019 to you and show you how your can create your one page website with Strikingly.

Let’s get into it with a little “Show and Tell”

A beautiful sight greets you as you log onto the Strikingly website. This is important to me, after all, you are considering building your website there, right? So far, so good.

Here are some templates. Note the diversity, beautiful colours and stylish designs, I really like what I am seeing …

Sign up is nice and easy, you simply enter your details or log in via Facebook. From there you are led to a variety of incredibly beautiful and diverse themes to choose from. Here are two things that stood out for me:. The first is that you can change your theme later – not all the website builder platforms offer this, not seamlessly anyway. Secondly, your template choice is made easier because they are already categorized for you: All, Store, Business, StartUp, Creative, Personal and Blog. In other words, you have designs offered in different categories, talk about keeping it as simple as possible

I scrolled through a host of designs before THE ONE caught my eye. Clearly I am more of a “girly girl” than I realized, see the design with all the pink and flowers, the one I have drawn a pink heart on? Yes, that is the one I am in the mood for today:

After selecting the design, I was given the option of viewing the design or going straight into editing, her is the view of the design. You

After selecting “edit” I landed on the page looking like this, with the option to take the tour. As I am doing a review for you, it only makes sense for me to take the tour. So far, I think you really can rest assured that building your website with Strikingly is going to be a cinch, even if you are inexperienced with building a website. I’ll be back shortly with a report on the tour …

Okay, I’ve done the tour and it is great, only I am a bit spoiled. I like to see and hear what is going on. The tour is visual only. So, whilst it is comprehensive and really does show you everything you need to see, I would prefer to hear someone talking me through it too. Maybe that’s just me.

Back to the demo of creating a website with Strikingly … Now that I have changed the elements I wanted to change and created “my own” website in Strikingly, using this gorgeous Roseline theme, I decided rather to create a video for you to see how it all comes together. Scroll down a little way and have a look-see at the video. I enjoyed making it for you so hopefully you will enjoy watching what I have put together for you.

Video of Strikingly Website Creation

Overview: Strikingly At A Glance:

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Late Bloomer Thumbs Up

Pro #1 Beautiful templates

Pro #2 Extremely easy to use – perfect for the novice

Pro #3 Highly Intuitive

Pro #4 Most of the essential features are included (IE comment section)

Pro #5 All themes are mobile responsive

Pro #6 Great value for money

Pro #7 I found help and support to be excellent (rapid response, knew how to guide me etc)

Pro #8 Changing themes is a cinch

Pro #9 You can register your domain for up to 10 years, in other words, secure it long-term and renew it as often as you like

Pro #10 Strikingly offers TLDs (Top level Domains), for example .boutique or .shop. This is a great way for your site to gain additional attention

The Bad:  

Late Bloomer Thumbs Down

Con #1 Very limited customization with regard to font colours, font sizes, border colours etc

Con #2 Limited options for an online store

Con #3 Can only create one page websites (that’s hardly a con if that is what you are seeking however)

Con #4 Editing tools for aesthetics specifically are quite limited

Who is Strikingly For?

Strikingly is tailored for a very wide range of online businesses with users from entry level to expert level. Here are some ideas of who can enjoy the benefits Strikingly offers:

  • Online Stores
  • Business
  • StartUp
  • Creative
  • Personal Websites – weddings, holidays, family albums etc
  • Bloggers

Strikingly Tools & Training

Strikingly offers all the tools you need to create your website – as you saw above in the demonstration and video I created for you.

In addition, Strikingly offer a great Knowledge Base where you can access the following:

Starter Videos, and these include sound – so if you’re spoiled like me and prefer sound and visual training, the Knowledge Base is where you would head over to. They’ve displayed the training in an easy to find format and included a search facility, as you can see on the top left of the screen shot below. In all, I counted in the region of 42 training videos. They also offer an opportunity for you to request the additional training videos you would like.

The topics included in the video training include: Welcome to Strikingly, Discover Strikingly; Picking Your Account Plan; Creating A Dropdown Menu for Your Site; Changing Your Site Language Settings; Intro to the Dashboard; Intro to the Editor; Managing Your Account; How to Add Background Images; How to Add a Background Video; How to Change the Style of Your Site; Changing Section Background colors; Adding and deleting Sections; Reordering Your Sections; Adding a Social Feed to Your Site; Hide Sections in menu; Optimizing Blog Posts for Search Engines; Exporting Form Responses; Into to Simple Blog; Add Social media Icons to Footer; Facebook Pixel; Embedding Soundcloud on Your Site; Embedding Typeform on your Site; Embedding Google Forms; Enable Blog Commenting; Add disqus Comments on Your Site; Password Protecting Your Site; Terms of Service: Using the Product Page; Contact and Signup Forms; Using the Slider Section; Open Videos in Popup; How to Remove Strikingly branding; Enable Twitter Cards; Adding Site Favicon; Replacing the Strikingly Social Share Image; How to Add Links / Linking Images; How to Create a Multiple Page site; How to Hide Pages on a Multi-page Site; Using the Advanced Layout Option; How to Set Up a Simple Store; Updating to Strikingly 4.

If you are wondering why I have listed all the training videos by name, it’s because I want to represent Strikingly completely fairly. The platform offers a simple product but it is also comprehensive. Hopefully you can see that.

In the Knowledge Base you also have access to numerous articles and information under the following categories:

Strikingly Domains; Third-Party domains; Account & Billing; Managing Sites; Editing Sections; Templates & Styles; Documents & Media Content; Social Media Integrations; Simple Store; Simple Blog; Email; App Store & HTML; Analytics & SEO; Mobile; Affiliate Program; Troubleshooting Guide; Terms & Privacy

Strikingly Pricing – find One That Fits Your Budget

Free Plan – $0 forever

Limited: $8 / month*
Pro: $16 / month*
VIP: $49 / month*

*All billed yearly

Strikingly have been clever with their pricing strategy. They offer 3 different pricing points and the opportunity to pay Monthly, Yearly, 2 Yearly, 3 Yearly or 5 Yearly, the longer you sign up for the more you save. Like I said, a clever strategy, great way to entice customers to sign up and then retain them for up to 5 years.

All the plans come with a 14-day free trial.

In addition, they have especially tailored offers for students – if you have a college e-mail you get 3 months for free. Plus the offer Sponsorship for Nonprofits. This company speak my language right there! Love it!

Overview: Strikingly At A Glance:

My Final Opinion of Strikingly

This platform has impressed me in many ways, the simplicity of the system appeals to me. If you are a novice looking to create something stylish and user friendly, I recommend Strikingly website builder for certain. If you are creatively inclined and would like to tailor your site to specific look and feel of your own, I would be reluctant to recommend Strikingly – it could really frustrate you!

There is no doubt in my mind that you could create a beautiful and successful website with Strikingly with alarming speed and simplicity! There are restrictions, for example, if SEO is important to you, you will have to upgrade to one of the most expensive plans (Pro) and, if you are looking for multiple pages, you would also need to upgrade to Pro. Keep in mind, that at Pro membership level you are still limited to the amount of pages you can have, a total of 20 individual pages – which is truly not a lot when it comes to building a website.

If you are looking at an online store, you are also restricted with the number of products you are able to showcase 500 products with your eCommerce store.

Strikingly has loads of merits, it truly does. If you are in a hurry to create something simple and stylish, don’t need exceptional SEO to drive your site, a maximum of 20 individual pages and limit of 500 products works for you – then I would say go for it!

I have really enjoyed this review. Strikingly is unique in it’s one page offering and certainly have found their niche in the market. Are you convinced that you can Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly? Let me know in the comments below, I really enjoy hearing from you!

Before I Love & Leave You …

Before I love and leave you though, please allow me to share my Number One Recommendation with you. If you are seeking an education to learn everything you need to know about creating your own successful online business this is definitely well worth your consideration. Plus there is a massive bonus: you will learn and grow within a community of driven and successful entrepreneurs!

In addition to offering everything you could possibly need, there is also a Free Starter Package available to you to test the system out first, you can also remain on the Free Starter Package as long as you want.

Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


2 thoughts on “Create Your One Page Website With Strikingly [Yes, You Can!]”

  1. Great post. Strikingly was a new website builder to me. It sounds very interesting and it is cool to see how a company is dominating the niche of just one page websites. Thank you for the great and in depth review. Reviews like that are hard to find nowadays!

    • Hi Paul

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post about Strikingly. I was absolutely fascinated about the concept of a one-page site, they have made it work so incredibly well. What they don’t have however, is the full package of how to build an online business, unline my Number 1 Recommendation.
      As you saw though, Strikingly offer a fantastic product, so I wouldn’t write them off if I was looking to build a single page site. Such a clever concept, combined with awesome aesthetics!

      Thank you so much again.


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