So, just who is this Late Bloomer?

Louise aka Late Bloomer

Welcome!  I am so happy that you have stopped by and look forward to getting to know you.


Just what exactly does this Late Bloomer Affiliate Marketer do?

Being a Late Bloomer has advantages and disadvantages.  For example, enjoying the spoils of life later rather than sooner can be viewed as a disadvantage, BUT, it also enables me to guide others just like me into seeing golden opportunities!  Opportunities to enhance our lives, and the lives of others.

As a Late Bloomer and Affiliate Marketer, I am learning and honing a new craft – proving that it’s never too late!  Or too early, so stay with me even if you’re an Early Bloomer!  Mindset is everything, have a look at my Mindset Mastery article – loads of valuable information there, even if I say so myself :-).

I would love to show you the way to build your

own successful online business,

to generate a sustainable income, live a life of freedom and

create a life that matters to you!

What is a life of freedom?

Thank you for asking.  For me, a life of freedom is the following:

  • Financial Freedom – where I earn more than money than I need which enables me to:
    • Enjoy geographic freedom.  That is right, live anywhere I want in the world (yes, did you know, if you are self supporting, most countries will welcome you to live there.  Being born and bred in Africa, it has (very sadly) become important to me that I have the freedom of choice.
    • Make a difference in the lives of others.  My passion and purpose is to assist others from disadvantaged backgrounds – that is children who have been orphaned or abandoned, by contributing financially to their care and education.


  • The Freedom To Guide You:

    • To build your own successful online businesses and
      • Become free from:
        • being at the mercy of employers; or worse, an unemployment statistic
        • spending hours in the daily traffic commute (yeah, I did that once, a minimum of 3 hours per day!)
        • trading your time for money
      • Become free to
        • spend time doing what you love (your passions, your hobbies – travel, art, sport etc)
        • spend time with your loved ones (your children as they grow up, your grandchildren)
        • do what matters most to you 

Allow me to guide you into creating your life of freedom too.  How are we going to do that?  We will build online businesses, by fearlessly embrace the digital economy regardless of age and stage.  Don’t stress, the training is incredible!  Everything you need to know can be learned!

You have nothing to lose, claim a Free Starter Membership and give it a test-drive – no fees, you won’t even share your credit or debit card details!  100% Free!

Free Starter Membership

I will be on the inside waiting to welcome you.  Cannot wait to see you there!

Love & blessings always

PS  In case you are interested …

What exactly is a Late Bloomer?

Late Bloomer | Definition of Late Bloomer by Merriam-Webster bloomer

Definition of late bloomer. US. : someone who becomes successful, attractive, etc., at a later time in life than other people She was a late bloomer as a writer.


Why do I qualify as a Late Bloomer?

Well, I became a mother at age 34, I would say that’s pretty late – at least it certainly was 20 years ago!  I married at 42 (complicated story, but it’s the truth I tell ya!), and here I am at the tender age of 50-something carving out a path in the age of technology as an Affiliate Marketer!

This Late Bloomer Affiliate Marketer has been a carefree young woman, embracing freedom with gusto; a single mother, loving and guiding her precious daughter into adulthood doing the best she knows how to; a wife; a divorcee; a driven, corporate career woman in sales, marketing, advertising, recruitment, human resources, conferencing, exhibitions  – all the while managing the highs and lows of each and every stage and phase, experiencing joys and disappointments.

You see, my journey has prepared me for this place – a time in my life where I am footloose and creating a lifestyle that I have only dreamed about, purely due to the busy-ness of living a full and interesting life …  and blooming late, of course.


16 thoughts on “So, just who is this Late Bloomer?”

  1. I am enjoying reading this I know I am Early Bloomer lol. But I am very happy you finally find something that will lead you to successful online business and help others to be successful.

    • Thank you very much, Franck. Good for you for being an Early Bloomer – wishing you every success in your endeavours too. Blessings, Louise

  2. Nothing wrong with the late bloomer angle – I’ve been both an early bloomer and a late bloomer in the music industry! 

    I had tremendous success with songwriting in my twenties, met a girl, got married (twice) and before I knew it I was 40…and the music career had gone. 

    Spent the last three years writing and producing three new albums, and claiming the royalties off them every month (I’m now 43)

    Surely that qualifies as a early and late bloomer? 🙂

    • Thank you for your feedback – yes, “before I knew it I was 40” – I can so relate to that!  Life flies by whilst we are busy living.  

      I’m thinking that there may be space for early bloomer, middle bloomer and late bloomer – 40 is still young 🙂

      Well done for your come back (marriage and music) it takes courage and persistence.

  3. Hi friend,

    Life is full of ups and downs. So, for me, when things don’t seem to work out the way we anticipated we shouldn’t be overly worried. Even though you became a mother at a late age in your life, that doesn’t mean you’re too late. 

    I’m only worried that you’re a single mother taking care of your daughter all alone. But take heart, you now belong to a very BIG family as an affiliate marketer. And I know that success will follow as you have discovered this opportunity.

    My best wishes to you your little daughter.


    • Thank you Stephen, indeed life is full of ups and downs and for me, living intentionally may have been a better plan – always 20/20 in hindsight.  Then again, there are details of my life I wouldn’t change for the world, being the proud bear of the title “Mum” is top of the list.

      My beautiful daughter is now a young adult – we are both blessed out of our socks!

      Thank you for your wishes, this is a great community and affiliate marketing is exactly what I have been searching for.

      Blessings to you.


  4. Thanks for this post Louise, I am a late bloomer as well. But not in motherhood. I started having babies in my twenties but that was all I did. Now I’m in my fifties and I am learning to be a successful affiliate marketer. I have been able to build some websites and am on my way to making a success with them! 

    • Thank you for your comments Juliet.  Great to meet a fellow late bloomer, I think it’s very exciting to be one.  Congrats with becoming an affiliate marketer, technology is incredible the way it enables us (at any age or stage).  



  5. This resonates with me… Glad to find this site and post, it is just vibrating with life energy and a great appetitite for the good things in life. Wish you all the best with whatever you set your mind to.

  6. Hi Louise. I’m so glad that you reached out to me. We have similar goals of reaching the poor in Africa. I feel the Hand of God on you and I look forward to working together with you. ttys, Tim

  7. Hi Tim,
    it is great to meet you – making a difference in the lives of others is such an important call, how incredible it would be if we all recognized it! I strive to live in His “sweet-spot” and feel that I rarely make the mark. You are quite right though “He never leaves nor forsakes us”. I too look forward to working together with you.


  8. Louise, what a wonderful way of looking at things. I have enjoyed reading your article so very much I too am a late Bloomer also, I am so blessed in meeting you at WA even though we are on different paths but at the same time on the same.
    I am now 68 years old and working on all my experiences in health care more specifically my daughter how is mentally handy caped from birth. Becoming a mother again in my later years for my Grandson how was born a totally healthy 10 lb baby. Only to have that ripped from through an unfortunate accident at the young age of 4.
    Long story short I would not give up my life it has only enriched it. But now I can share this story with the world and WA has given me that opportunity.
    There are so many opportunities here at WA no matter your age it not like starting over only sharing your heart filled dreams and memories experiences and sure why not making a bit of money while doing that.
    always a better way
    sending blessings your way

  9. Hey Louise, I’m sure this will be just one of your many adventures and judging by your photo you will enjoy it with great enthusiasm – going to have alook around your site to learn more.


    • Haha! Yes Chrissie, I do love adventures! The journey with Wealthy Affiliate really is quite an exciting one. I am learning so much, building my own online business and have access to the most incredible people within the community – so knowledgeable and generous in sharing their knowledge. What a wonderful way to work towards the lifestyle of our dreams!

  10. I totally enjoyed reading your article and am very glad to realize that I am not the only late bloomer out there! I just began my journey with Wealthy Affiliate less than a week ago. I am 62 years old. I also began my life career as a regular rural carrier for USPS at the ripe old age of 56. I knew that starting a career at that age, I’d have to be vigilant in finding ways to be able to afford my retirement.
    I’ve always loved the idea of writing, as well as having my own business, so I was always searching. I’ve tried a number of different home businesses and online businesses, but never made enough to write home about. It wasn’t until last week that I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I have never looked back. I am so excited about this opportunity. Not only am I excited, I am having so much fun in learning the techniques and improving on my writing skills This is such a fantastic fit for me. I find it so wonderful that you are sharing your experiences with people in order to find this blessing so much easier then it was for me.
    Good luck in your endeavor and I wish you much success.

    • Hi Margaret
      We can take heart in the fact that there are so many late bloomers who have been extremely successful in the world! What an amazing advantage we have now that technology makes building a business so much easier because we can do everything online and Wealthy Affiliate has all the training and facilities that we need! I am so grateful to have found Wealthy Affiliate too!
      Blessings and every success to you too Margaret.


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