What Is Internet Affiliate Marketing?

A little bit of research revealed a great question “What Is Internet Affiliate Marketing?”

Let’s have a look at what this is and what the benefits are of becoming involved and perhaps an opportunity to become involved.

Firstly, What Is Internet Affiliate Marketing?

Internet Affiliate Marketing is also commonly known as Affiliate Marketing. In short, this is a way to earn money by promoting the products someone else produces.

As you can imagine, this reduces your financial risks in business substantially as the responsibilities of managing a product or product range, I.e. to research, manufacturer, stock hold, deliver, guarantee etc., fall into the realm of the company who own the product. The responsibility of an Affiliate Marketer is far simpler and, done properly, can be highly profitable.


So, what are the steps involved for an Affiliate Marketer?

1. Find a product that appeals to you

2. Promote said product

3. Receive payment when the product is purchased.

It really is a simple process. You are the marketing machine between the seller and the buyer.

To recap, the advantages of being an Internet Affiliate Marketer are:

1. You do not spend time or money designing, creating, warehousing and delivering products

2. You can get up and running relatively quickly and inexpensively.

It is worthwhile for an Affiliate Marketer to do his or her due diligence of course. Even though it is not your product, it is important that you promote products you are confident with. After all, the customer see’s your brand and image when they buy the product. Having conducted the research and satisfied your goals of quality etc., you, as the Affiliate Marketer have the following advantages:

  • Peace of mind that you are promoting a great product
  • The ability to appreciate the commissions earned without any concerns about the product quality and safety
  • A happy customer who will refer you to family and friends and, all going well, become a repeat buyer on your site

Why Consider Becoming an Internet Affiliate Marketer?

For me it is a matter of freedom – geographic, financial and the freedom to make a difference in the lives of others. Let’s have a closer look:

1. Geographic Freedom

So long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you are in business. You can travel, work from any location in the world and truly, remain hands-on with your business.

Not only do you have the freedom to travel, but in essence, you are pretty free to live anywhere in the world because you are not:

  • dependent on the country for employment,
  • confined to the laws and regulations of the country to run your business (naturally, I am assuming that you are promoting products which are not considered contraband in any part of the world)
  • obliged to communicate in the language of the country, you communicate in your language of choice on the internet, though of course, it would be in your interests to become involved in the local community from a lifestyle perspective, and learning the local language would be to your advantage
  • confined to the local cultures of the country you reside in, at least not for your business – again, it would be in your interests to integrate for reasons of a happy lifestyle
  • restricted to earning the currency of the said country
  • obliged to live through seasons you don’t appreciate, you are free to follow the season of your choice – personally I am a summer lass, but snow would also appeal to me, just think log cabins, mulled wine, picturesque scenery – ok, ok, I digress

2. Financial Freedom

What do I mean by Financial Freedom, is this completely risk free? I wish I could say that there is no risk to the Affiliate Marketer at all, when it comes to generating money, there will always be a modicum of risk. There are however, distinct advantages as follows:

  • You write your own cheque in this industry.
  • Literally your success is dependent on how hard you work, how much effort you put into your business.
  • This is not about being employed by an organization and at their mercy for commissions, the Affiliate Marketing business belongs to you. Yes, you are promoting the products of other companies, but they do not control how much time you put in versus how much money you get out – you do.

It is worth noting, that Internet Affiliate Marketing is NOT a quick financial fix. This business model requires your time, commitment, determination, dedication, hard work – the money does follow if you follow the right methodologies. I am part of an incredible organization where the training for Affiliate Marketers is incredible, if you would like to have a look, please click on the image below:


My Recommendation: I have a great recommendation for you of where to learn how to become a successful Internet Affiliate Marketer, and you can look at the opportunity FOR FREE! No card details required – credit or debit. Have a look here.


More Information about that Online Business Opportunity can be found in the article I wrote about it recently, have a look for that here.

3. Freedom To Make A Difference In the Lives of Others

Have you ever seen a situation where you so badly wish you can do something to improve the lives of others? Whether it is:

people – babies, youngsters, single mums, aging pensioners, people with health issues, who cannot afford education or even a haircut, or somewhere to live?



or animals – those in shelters who are desperate for funds to feed the animals they rescue, a helpless animal who needs medical intervention but these things do not come free? The vets are available but need funding to perform the treatments.




I see so much need in the world, my heart aches when I cannot make a difference, a contribution to lessen the suffering of another. We need to be discerning about this of course, but imagine being able to contribute financially to improve the quality of life of another. How incredible would that be?

Not only would your financial situation enable you to contribute, how about your time? So many are in need of time, it doesn’t take special skills necessarily (though that would be good too), but a caring heart and nature. Spend time with babies, children and adolescents in children’s homes – assist them with their learning; hugs them, who knows that could be the only hug they get all week! What about aging folk who are not as independent as they were? You could visit, do their shopping and chores for them. Have tea, play a game of Scrabble – or whatever takes their fancy!

Yes, you can do all this with Time Freedom!

More Reasons to Consider Internet Affiliate Marketing

The three listed above are my reasons, they may even appeal to you too. There are more reasons than three, let’s look at them, I am certain you will find something here that appeals:

  • Working from home, no more commuting for you, how incredible!
    • Sleep in later, have breakfast with your family, attend your child s recital, sports day
  • Internet Affiliate Marketing is also very low cost to get started. You do not need a workforce or offices or a factory. All that is required is a computer and internet.
  • No warehousing or deliveries to think about
  • Customer services and support is not your baby to hold either – the onus is on the seller
  • You have an international market and your business is busy promoting online 24 hours her day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year – whether you are seated at your computer or not!
  • No prior experience is required. You can learn all you need to know by signing up with this online university. All you need to do is put in the work – lots of time and effort!

The Finer Details of Internet Affiliate Marketing

So you need a computer and internet connection. Of course there is more to it than that. The order of things is like this:

  • You will need your own website. Creating a website is much easier than you may think, with the right training of course.
  • Once your website is up and running, you start promoting products related to your passions, your interests (also known as your niche, I have more to share on that too)
  • The way that you promote your products is by writing reviews and articles
  • An Affiliate Link – this is a unique code belonging only to you, this is provided, along with ready-made banners and other advertising paraphernalia, by the companies you are an Affiliate for

How does it work, the actual implementation

It is a pretty simple process. This is what you can expect. You’ve signed up for an affiliate program with company X and you have your specific affiliate link:

1. discuss the product on your website – this can be done with a review or recommendation, and you add your affiliate link.

2. All going to plan, visitors on your site are interested in what you are discussing and they click on the link which then directs them to the relevant website where they can make a purchase

3. That activity is tracked by a cookie that is installed on the computer of your potential buyer

4. A purchase is imminent and the customer goes to the checkout

5. The merchant company will know that the customer was referred to them by you thanks to the cookie on the buyer’s computer. As the Affiliate Marketer, you receive credit for the sale

6. Commissions are paid for sales generated via your affiliate link. Yippee!

What is a Niche?

A mentioned this earlier in the conversation, the niche is extremely important, so let’s discuss exactly what it is.

Perhaps you are an avid sports fanatic, gardener, or photographer – whatever your passion is, is likely to be something which others are interested in and can be monetized. There is more to selecting a niche than this, but that’s the basics of it.

Essentially it’s a group of products which would all fit into a category, so let’s say photography, you have camera’s, lenses, the different accessories etc. In your website you would showcase images of the different products available, what they are capable of and write reviews about the strengths and weaknesses of the products. Your Affiliate Link would be in your articles so that visitors to your site would be able to click through and purchase. You get to research and write about something you love, how cool is that!


Tools of the Trade

As an Affiliate Marketer you will need access to the Tools of the Trade, and I have a wonderful tool available for you to trial out for FREE too. But before we get there, let me explain why you will need this tool.

Have you heard of Keywords? In Affiliate Marketing this is a term you will become intimately acquainted with, trust me, you will want to! Keywords are what people type into on the internet to find what they are looking for. So, if you were looking to buy a camera, or for the best camera on the market, what would you type in? Something like “Best Cannon Powershot Camera”? Forgive me if Cannon is not your first choice, it just happens to be what I own and know. Once you type in the words the options pop up thanks to Google. This means, as a marketer, you need to know what words, i.e. Keywords, people are typing in when they are searching for something specific. Enter our very own Free Keyword Tool. Try it out, it’s very user-friendly and will give you the information you need to write articles that buyers find, this will equate to sales, which becomes an income generated for you and by you the Internet Affiliate Marketer!



Overview – What Is Internet Affiliate Marketing?

What I have given you is a pretty extensive overview of what Internet Affiliate Marketing is. I would love to hear your thoughts on this model of Online Business Opportunity, please feel free to leave comments below or email me on: latebloomerwa@icloud.com


Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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