Mailchimp Review – By Late Bloomer


MailChimp Review – By Late Bloomer

Mailchimp is a platform which teaches online marketers how to engage with their customers using email automation, in addition to providing the online marketing systems to do the email marketing. The platform provides a variety of tools and training to it’s clients and support services to paying clients.  There is, of course, more to their products and services, stay with me as we unpack what Mailchimp has to offer.

Introduction and Summary

Mailchimp is described as a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. Founded in 2001, Mailchimp is a trading name, of the holding company Rocket Science Group.

Mailchimp is widely used by online marketers, large and small, corporate, agencies and non profits.  This platform provides a great range of training to their customers for use of the products and systems they provide, in addition, they have support for their paying customers.

Mailchimp offers a free service in addition to a paid service. The free service, as one can expect, offers fewer services than paid.

Mailchimp Review

Thank you for visiting my site to have a look at the Mailchimp Review.  It is wise to consider your options when looking for new products and services, I commend you for that.

It is my absolute pleasure to bring this Mailchimp Review to you, and the reason it is a pleasure is because I enjoy being able to assist fellow online marketers to grow and develop their businesses. Conducting reviews is one of the ways I can share my learning.

I invite you to journey here with me.

As you can see, Mailchimp offer a well-developed selection of email marketing solutions. We will get into more detail as we progress through this review. For now, you have an overview, as can also be seen on their website:

Mailchimp positions themselves as a company who assist you with growing your business and meeting your objectives.

As you can see above, Mailchimp offers a range of products from Email  to Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Landing pages, Google remarketing ads, Signup forms and Post cards.  I like the whole look and feel of Mailchimp, they have a cleverly constructed offering in terms of their products and their messaging is fun and very clear.

Mailchimp At A Glance:

NAME: Mailchimp


PRICE: Free Starter, Grow $10 per month and up, Pro $199 per month and up

OWNERS: Rocket Science Group

FOUNDED: 2001 by Ben Chestnut & Mark Armstrong with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 Free Starter Offer so you can see what you are getting before you start paying

Pro #2 Staggered pricing depending on the size of your list and your needs

Pro #3 Support available for paying customers

Pro #4 Negotiated pricing for charities

Pro #5  Easy to follow training for all their products and services

The Bad:

Con #1 Are not partial to Affiliate Marketers

Con #2 Support only available for paying customers

Con #3 Number of templates lower than those offered by competitors

Con #4 From what I have experienced, their training is text only, perhaps I am spoilt but I prefer a combination of video (show and tell) and text

Mailchimp is Used By

Mailchimp is tailored for a wide range of businesses from small, to medium to large. Agencies are welcomed and charities too.  they are however, not partial to the Affiliate Marketing field.  So I guess I will stick to working only on the children’s home with them.

Here are some ideas of who can enjoy the benefits Mailchimp offers:

  • eCommerce Businesses,
  • Bloggers,
  • Content Marketers,
  • PPC and Online Advertisers,
  • Online businesses, marketers and agencies
  • Small business to medium businesses
  • Large Corporates

Mailchimp Tools & Training

Mailchimp is a product I have used when building a list and emailing newsletters and other communications on behalf of a children’s home. I am not a highly technical person and found it easy to use. They have a range of training articles available which walk you through each of the services they provide. I am accustomed to a combination of written and video training, so this is the one area that I feel could be improved on in terms of their training.

As you will see below, Mailchimp offer a range of tools and training:

  • Mailchimp 101
  • Creating adverts
  • Marketing Tips and Strategies for your business

Training within Mailchimp

Mailchimp training starts with Mailchimp 101 which is literally a step by step walk through of how to create an email campaign. They offer a wide range of training to cover all the products and services offered by the platform. Sadly for me, none of it video walk through, that really is my training preference.

Mailchimp Pricing– Different Strokes for Different Folks

I really appreciate it when a company understands it’s customers, particularly when it comes to affordability of products and services.  it only makes sense that the less you need to use, the less you should pay and visa versa.  Mailchimp’s pricing varies according to the level of membership one selects and also the number of subscribers yoyu have on your list.  They also take into account the number of emails and communications their clients will be sending out per month.  As youj can see from the tables below, there is a wide range of services offered, tailored to the needs of the different types of client businesses.

Starter = Free (limited to 20000 subscribers and 12 000 emails per month)

Grow = $10 per month and up (unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails per month – price calculated on the size of your list)

Pro = $199 per month and up (unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails per month – price calculated on the size of your list)

NAME: Mailchimp


PRICE: Free Starter, Grow $10 per month and up, Pro $199 per month and up

OWNERS: Rocket Science Group

FOUNDED: 2001 by Ben Chestnut & Mark Armstrong with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date


My Final Opinion of Mailchimp

Mailchimp was my first experience of working with a company in the email automation space.  I found it very easy to use from the get-go and everything worked seamlessly.  When doing mails for the children’s home, I still make use of Mailchimp, everything is already loaded there and it makes no sense to move from them.

In terms of pricing, Mailchimp is not the most cost effective on the market, I shall be doing a comparison table of a couple of different service providers.  For now I can tell you that it is a case of swings and roundabouts between the likes of Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Getresponse, IContact and Campaign Monitor.  I look forward to providing you with a comparison table.  In the mean time, I invite you to have a look at my AWeber Review for comparison.

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4 thoughts on “Mailchimp Review – By Late Bloomer”

  1. Hey Louise

    In a previous life I used AWeber and found them to be pretty good – what are your thought?.

    I was going to ask how many subscribers makes e-mail marketing worth it but I guess the first question should be how much traffic should one be getting before bothering with an auto-responder?

    Oh and another thing I found way back when was what the heck do you write to these guys to keep them interested and subscribed? Too many sales pitchy type things and I would run – I always had this in the back of my mind.


    • Hi Lawrence
      My preference for my online business is AWeber – they offer an affiliate program – being an affiliate marketer, it makes sense to work with them. Not only that, Mailchimp are not affiliate marketing friendly. They have been great for the work I have done for the children’s home.
      You are quite correct, getting traffic to your site is the first step – Wealthy Affiliate training is superb in that regard!
      I agree, coming up with an idea of what to write about is not always easy – it depends on your niche. I see you are in the photography niche, there must be lovely new products and methodologies you could share with your readers? That way you are providing service about latest photographic trends, product development and reviews rather than being salesy. I too want to run when I see those! AWeber and Mailchimp are also very good with their training to guide us on what to write about. I would recommend offering value over anything else.
      Blessings always

  2. Hi Louise,
    Thank you for this review. I am using mailchimp at the moment but maybe eventually will look for other alternative. Though so far, i am happy with it.
    All the best!

    • Hi Hanna
      Thank you for your visit and comment. I am so glad to hear that you are having a positive experience with Mailchimp. I too think they are great. The only drawback for me is that they are not Affiliate Marketing friendly, as that is the field I am in.
      Should you decide to focus on Affiliate Marketing, you will need to move across to the links of AWeber rather. I have written a review on them too. You are welcome to have a look here (if you havent’ already). I shall be doing reviews on other competitor platforms too.


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