What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program All About?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review – this is where we shall answer the question of What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program All About?


Introduction and Summary

ClickFunnels has to be one of the most exciting and attractive Affiliate Programs on the market today. I feel like I gave the game away right at the beginning rather than leading you up the garden path, questioning and looking this way and that before arriving at the final outcome. The truth is the truth though – but let’s explore a bit and find out why I believe what I do about the Click Funnels Affiliate Program.

What is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program All About? Review brought to you by Late Bloomer

Welcome to my site! It is great to see you here – especially to take a look at the exciting opportunity to become a ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketer!

I joined ClickFunnels recently and, though I have not been with them for long, I have had enough dealings with Affiliate Programs to be in a position to tell you what is great and what is not. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program has ticked all the boxes for me so far so I am delighted to share with you here! I love good news – don’t you?

Let’s get into it.

The very first thing I want to tell you in that ClickFunnels Affiliate Program offers something fabulous right from the get-go, this is what you sign up for at the outset:

Affiliate Bootcamp Logo


I will tell you more about that a little later but suffice to say, it is a 100-day Affiliate Bootcamp where you are taken through the paces of how, where, what and who – pretty amazing! What is particularly clever about this is that it creates daily discipline in your habits by ensuring you watch a training session and take action every day for 100 days! Very clever and very cool!


Overview: ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing At A Glance:



NAME: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

PRICE: No Joining Fee For Affiliates. 100% FREE

OWNER: Russell Brunson



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 No joining fee – 100% free to join

PRO #2 Sticky cookies for more commission

PRO #3 A wide variety of product choices to promote

PRO #4 Affiliate Bootcamp Training is really great

PRO #5 40% recurring commission on all ClickFunnel products

PRO #6 More than one option to select from to receive payments

PRO #7 Large community of ClickFunnel Affiliates

PRO #8 Dream car at 100 referrals

The Bad:

CON #1 May take longer to results than the 100 days

CON #2 You will need an advertising budget to use during the 100-day Affiliate Bootcamp training

CON #3 45 to 60 day waiting period for commissions to be paid out (forced savings, lol)

Who is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program For?

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is tailored for affiliate marketers, online ma, keters and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the training, this opportunity is suitable for all levels of online marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that it is a level playing field – come on ladies, we have just as much opportunity to earn well and win the car (more about that later!) Click on the link below, let’s lower the testosterone and increase the estrogen in the Affiliate Marketing world!

There you go guys, especially for you! (ladies, you are welcome too)

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Tools & Training

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is extremely well set up. As you heard at the very beginning, their Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 100-day training process and is extremely well set out. This training literally takes you step- by-step, so no matter what your starting out level is, you will be able to follow the program with relative ease.

The tools and products available to the ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketers are extensive, here is an idea of what you can expect:

ClickFunnels Amazing Offers

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program offers the opportunity for you to earn a passive income by promotion their product range as an Affiliate.

Earning Potential – Commissions

The commission are a sizable 40% of every sale and are recurring. Let’s consider that their lowest price point is $97.00 per month, which means you get to earn $38.80 per month for every customer you refer. The thing to consider here is that following the training should assist you to secure 100 customers in the 100-day Affiliate Bootcamp training. Translated, that is #$38.80 commission every month x 100 customers and equals a sizable $3 880 worth of recurring commission per month. I don’t know about you, but that amount of money will make an impression on my lifestyle.

In addition to those commission, you also stand to earn another 40% for sales of any other related products. These products include:

Books: DotComSecrets and ExpertSecrets (excellent value for online marketers and entrepreneurs)


Funnel Scripts

Funnel University


10 x Secrets MasterClass


ClickFunnels have their own funnels (which include up sells and down sells)) which are created by none other than Russell Brunson. Correct, your referrals will be sold to directly by Russel.

In addition to the commissions, there is the bonus potential of owning your dream car – purchasing or leasing that is, the choice is yours! Completely unexpected and a very welcome bonus! Sounds unbelievable, right? It is true, have a look at the list of the car winners here. Notice, you will see some very familiar names – Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki – yeah, the last name surprised me the most!

The way it works: you sign up 100 paying ClickFunnels clients, earn your commission of $3880 per month, plus you receive $500 per month as a payment towards the purchase or lease of your car. Increase your sign ups to 200, and the amount doubles to $1000 per month. Whew! That’s an incredible offer! Here’s a screen shot for some evidence:

ClickFunnels Affiliate Can Win A Free Car

Click on the image below and watch the video!

Brian delaney car winner at ClickFunnels

As you can see, the winner above was a man – many of the winners have been men. Ladies, let’s give them a run for their money! Join me by clicking on the image below:

How A Newbie Female Entrepreneur Changed The Lives of 1.3 Million Women With ClickFunnels

Guys – is the Challenge ON? I hope so! Here is a link especially for you too (ladies also welcome to watch the video, it’s a level playing field remember):


How Are Commissions Paid?

Commissions are paid out via PayPal and check.  Remember the timing in the cons though, there is a bit of forced saving and there is a 45 to 60 day waiting period before commissions are paid out

ClickFunnels Commissions

What Products do the Affiliates Promote

As you saw above there is a wide variety of products to promote, the main one, of course, will be the ClickFunnels software. This company offers a wide range of products are a wide range of prices. The great thing about this is that you will be able to market to more than one level of affordability in terms of your target market. Naturally, you earn higher commissions on the high ticket products.

The claim at ClickFunnels is that you will be earning $4000 per month recurring commissions by day 100 if you have followed the training and implemented correctly. This is great earnings, I am sure you will agree, particularly after 100 days. How many of us can say that we expect to go from zero to $4000 per month as employees?

As you saw in the pros, ClickFunnels works with something called a sticky cookie – this means that if a prospect arrives at ClickFunnels as a result of your promotions and they decide only buy in the future, you will still earn a commission – they are sticky cookies to your Affiliate ID.

Training within ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Training is known as the Affiliate Bootcamp which you follow daily for 100 days. This comprises a mixture of Video, Email and Facebook community group too. With the daily training, you are given daily actions – creating great habits (which you may already have in place of course).

In order to drive traffic to the ClickFunnels, all you have to focus on is designing your landing pages and buying ads on Facebook – the Affiliate Bootcamp trains you in how to do these things too.

Just to be sure we get the value here – the Affiliate Bootcamp training is FREE and the value is estimated at $997! Incredible offer! The Affiliate Bootcamp Training at ClickFunnels teaches you to promote ClickFunnels and earn a commission. No matter where you are in terms of experience as an Affiliate Marketer, this training will be very advantageous for you.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Pricing

Affiliates do not pay to join the Affiliate Program at ClickFunnel. Joining is 100% FREE. (though you will need an advertising budget to pay for the advertising needed during building your business).



NAME: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

PRICE: No Joining Fee. Affiliate Marketers join for FREE!

OWNERS: Russell Brunson




My Final Opinion of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity to earn monthly recurring commissions and they provide the training to get you there.  Like any other Affiliate Marketing opportunity, this does not happen overnight nor does it come easy, or completely free. You will need to be teachable, prepared to put in the work and have patience. In terms of the cost factor, you do not pay to join ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, however, you will require an advertising budget. Keep this in mind.

I am very excited about the training (who would’ve guessed, lol), being a bit of a learnaholic, this is right up my street! Not only that, I am learning more about sales funnels and making sales without the use of a website – that is totally new to me. Having said so, I cannot imagine my life without a website! I love writing and providing value to my viewers, you can’t get rid of me that easily!  Seriously, I do believe this is a great opportunity to up skill and create an additional revenue stream. As online marketers and entrepreneurs, we should all be up for that!

Now that I have given you the rundown of the ClickFunnels Affiliate program, let me quickly share with you that I still have a Number One Recommendation, you can read more about it here.

My Number One Recommendation

The reason it is my Number One Recommendation is that this opportunity teaches you to build your own online business within a niche that is in line with your interests and passions. You are not dependent purely on their products to make money – though that opportunity also exists. The training is superb, you will learn no matter how much of a newbie or experience online marketer you are. In addition, you have access to an incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs of all different levels from across the globe (1,5 Million in fact!).

Are you an Early Adopter? If so, jump right into the FREE Starter Membership right here! No card information required at all!

If you need more information about this incredible Online Business Opportunity, have a read of my review done especially for you.

Look forward to seeing YOU on the inside! Once you are there, look me up at my profile, here is the link.


Louise aka Late Bloomer Wealthy Affiliate

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