How To Create A Free Business Website [In A Word: SiteRubix]

Are you looking to build an online business, and your need for a website is high? Stick with me, this article is all about How To Create A Free Business Website. You can do this with easy and enjoy the process too, there is no need for knowledge of installations or downloads, your business website can be up and active within minutes.

Introducing SiteRubix

SiteRubix is an extremely well-designed and powerful publishing and hosting platform. It has been created for training purposes at Wealthy Affiliate University – an online business training platform. Have any questions about building your online business? Wealthy Affiliate can answer those too.

Back to creating your free business website, SiteRubix contains everything you will need from domain registration to transfers, to professional site monitoring and a highly professional and efficient help center. The performance of your website is monitored and improved by this same team.

How To Create A Free Business Website

Building your business website need not be costly nor complicated. SiteRubix is an intuitive platform which assists you in creating your website quickly and painlessly. SiteRubix make use of the open source WordPress software and the end to end process can be managed right on the browser. Let us have a look at the 4 simple steps it takes to get started:

Steps 1, 2 and 3

It is literally a “click and play” set up. See the screenshots below.

Step 1: What kind of website do you want to build?

You simply select by clicking on the appropriate block, here are the three options:

  • On a free domain
  • On a domain you already own
  • Register a domain

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your website

I have selected free domain for this demonstration. You will notice that with a free domain, it means it will appear as:

  • or
  • in the case of what you see below.

You will also notice that step two immediately tells you whether the domain you have selected is available. Pretty neat!


Step 3: Enter a title for your website

I have simply called it “Site Rubix”. This will be the name appearing on your website and can always be changed later should you wish.

Your domain name as selected in Step 2, is not something you want to be changing around once you have selected it.

Step 4: Choose a design for your website

This is where your creative juices can get to flow, there are 3820 designs available!

I selected one that takes my fancy. There are literally the 3820 designs to choose from. This can make life challenging if you are indecisive by nature. Never fear though, you can change your theme going forward too!

Here’s what the screen looks like once you have selected your design of choice and on you move to the green button “Click Here to Build This Site!”

And then the Magic Starts to Happen!

You simply “hold on tight” whilst your site is built for you. In a matter of minutes! How cool is that? Scary? I think not. This kind of technology excites me far more than scares me!

At this stage you are literally a single click from going live! Once your site is built for you, a secure password is generated which allows you to login to your WordPress site. There is also a reset button which is meant for security purposes, this is particularly useful if you forget your password, or, heaven forbid, someone tries to hack into your website.

Some nice security for you, right there.

Website Performance – How to Understand It

SiteManager by SiteRubix

Often people build websites and don’t know how to monitor the performance of the site or traffic. Never fear, SiteRubix has a beautiful feature called SiteManager, specifically to assist in overcoming these challenges. The SiteManager feature monitors your website and highlights any areas that need improvement.

For example, there will be a “health-status”, what this means is effectively the following:

1. Updates to the latest version of WordPress are done for you by the system.

2. Your website will be monitored for safety against hacking and malware. Peace of mind, I like that.

3. There is an indicator showing how many pages and how many posts you have on your website – the more the merrier!

4. There is a comments section which shows how many approved and how many pending comments on your site. This is very important as you want your site to be engaging, the more engagement it attracts, the more Google gives it love and recognition. Comments are worth monitoring for certain.

5. Any indexing from Google is indicated under the performance area too. indexing improves visibility for your website.

6. Site Health Indicators can be seen under website performance, again, very important indicators to track, these include:

  • Publishing Frequency – the more regular your content is published, the more up to date your website will be.
  • Visitor Engagement – their comments to you
  • Plugins – how many plugs ins is important to track as too many can slow your page load times which visitors often do not appreciated
  • Google Ranked – my best part is seeing the hard work I put in recognized by Google, vital lifeblood to your site
  • Content Quality and Variety – the standard aim is for 1500+ words per post, but it is also important that we post quality and varied content, this ensures that our work is natural and unique.
  • Your Engagement With Visitors – your replies to their comments
  • Site Trust – as your site matures, the search engines will trust it more
  • Website Feedback – again, more is a good thing

And the above are all done for you by SiteRubix! This platform provides you with all the information you need about your site, literally at the click of a button.

What happens if a Website has Poor Health

This is a possibility, especially when you are starting out. Don’t stress, the indicators assist you with and are closely linked to some of the training offered online by Wealthy Affiliate University. Thus assisting you with improving your sites health.

The step-by-step training teaches you how to:

  • Create content that is good quality and provides relevant and useful information for your audience
  • Keep the numbers of WordPress plugins at the right number to optimize your site
  • Achieve better Google ranking by improving on your website SEO
  • Attract feedback from the community with regard to the appearance of your site and how to improve it if necessary
  • Ensure that your site has high quality and appropriate comments by giving you the opportunity to do the same on others, they then reciprocate. it is a very cool system.

SiteComments is an incredible tool, it allows for more engagement on your blogs and increases the content value you create. You are in control of whatever is posted on your site as you get to approve the comments (or not – this is only under the right circumstances of course).

What with SiteRubix Cost You?

ABSOLUTELY NADA – that is NOTHING, not a cent – to set up a sub domain website with SiteRubix as your host. This free version comes prepacked with essential plugins that are necessary to optimize and protect your site. Of course, as with any free products, there are limitations, these are as follows:

  • the proprietorship of the sub-domain belongs to SiteRubix, not to you (unless you build it on a custom domain)
  • no website email address is provided
  • Only two free sites are available to you
  • There is no access to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) so you will not able to transfer files from your computer to the site server

There is the option to build your site on a custom domain. All you do is register a name at SiteDomain – saving you a whole lot of time, rather than going to a separate domain registrar.

The prices of custom domains vary between approx $14.00 and $16.00, and include all of the following features:

  • Email
  • Hosting
  • Privacy
  • Support
  • Backups

There are even more features available on SiteRubix which you can access by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate University as a Premium Member(which is what I am and I highly recommend this route).

Question Time, Is SiteRubix worth considering?

All in all, SiteRubix is definitely not your average hosting and publishing platform. The service which allows you to get a WordPress site up and running within second, is not available everywhere. This eliminates the technical challenges and, for me, the time saved is well worth it.

Who can benefit from having a free WordPress site through SiteRubix:

  • Students who want to build a business online, starting out for free
    People who are keen to learn about WordPress sites
  • Those who are inexperienced who are curious about the online business world and would like to start something up
  • Experienced online and affiliate marketers who are keen to build test sites as and experiment with different themes and plugin, prior to launching a live site
  • Fundraiser who are looking to do online fundraising projects
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Trainers and Teachers

So, if you are keen to get your site up and running, just click on the image below and you’ll be well on your way!

You are also welcome to reach out to me directly, either via email: or pop a message in the comment section below.

I look forward to seeing YOUR WEBSITE take shape and become a profitable venture for YOU!


2 thoughts on “How To Create A Free Business Website [In A Word: SiteRubix]”

  1. Nice article for beginners. But I would also say that there are nothing without money. On WA you can’t be serious without Premium membership, own domain, etc. But WA is so good because of great tools you have available and because of bunch of nice people like you are.

    • Thank you for your visit and time to comment – I really appreciate seeing you here.
      I hear what you are saying about beginners. This is one of the really wonderful aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, beginners can jump right in, learn skills to build an online business without having to put their hand into their pockets. Articles of mine were ranked by Google whilst I was still a starter member, in other words, I hadn’t paid a cent and was already becoming recognised online. My website was still a Site Rubix freebie too so no domain costs had been incurred. Literally, all I had spent was my time. That is why I was convinced to go Premium. Wealthy Affiliate training truly does rock!
      Thank you too for your compliment – I agree, Wealthy Affiliate definitely attracts some of the most wonderful people I know. Community is so important to an online entrepreneur, after all, who we spend time with influences what we do and who we become, there is so much truth in that.
      Blessings to you Darko


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