Free Keyword Tool For You

This is one exceptional offer right here!  Not only is it a great offer, but you get to test drive it right here and right now – Late Bloomer is very excited to you with a gift – this Free Keyword Tool For You!

Go on, type in some keywords to search – anything from apples, to zebra!  Depending of course on your niche that is.


Let’s have a look at what you need to consider when searching for “quality” keywords, this is important:

Monthly Searches 

You really should be interested in these traffic numbers, we recommend that if your aim is to achieve natural ranking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, ANY amount of traffic is good.  It is so exciting to watch this happen, the fact is that when you achieve rank with keywords, your campaigns will grow exponentially.

KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

This amazing indicator reveals an instant quality of keywords for any marketing campaign (we are speaking PPC, SEO, or any other).  You will have a quick way to determine the keyword quality and this allows you to efficiently perform research.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

Right here is what get’s me excited, it really is the most incredible metric that shows you what competition you are up against.  Literally, my pulse quickens when I see the numbers revealed for QSR.  Its results are also very precise as it tells you the exact number of competing pages there are with that exact search wording.  It is ideal to aim for under 300, then you have a great chance of being ranked.  Under 400 also works too, rather go for less than 300.  As you can imagine, there literally are millions of keywords out there, so it is an obvious advantage when you can make use of a tool that provides this information.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now SEO power, or juice as some like to call it, really determines if a keyword has the credentials for achieving SEO rankings.  Simply stated, you get rankings and the online money earnings will follow.  Combining the traffic, credentials of the keyword, the volume of the competition, and the quality of the keyword, truly does allow for incredibly accurate and timely research.

If the information shared here is a bit like reading a foreign language, I invite you to have a look at my full review of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool where you will it in action.

Enjoy this gift and let me know how you go with it.  I guarantee you will thank me later!


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