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After writing an extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, it came to my attention that you may not want ALL of that information right away, in fact, someone described that article as overwhelming. I appreciate an honest critique. Hence, the link to this article, giving you The Skinny On Wealthy Affiliate, in a skinny format (see what I did there?).

Wealthy Affiliate At A Glance

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate


PRICE: From Free Starter Package; $49 / Month; $234 for 6 monthly membership ($39 / Month); $359 for annual membership ($29.92 / Month) Join Here

FOUNDED BY: Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun


OVERALL RANK: 9 out of 10

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is many things, I will give you a few bullet points to cover the salient features:

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a world leader in the online business world
  • Wealthy Affiliate is an established and trusted authority in Affiliate Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is recognized as a world-class training platform providing step by step coaching and teaching for entrepreneurs to become Affiliate Marketing Masters
  • Wealthy Affiliate provides a platform for a community of successful entrepreneurs who support and guide one another, generously sharing their expertise and knowledge

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need for your online business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  • Websites
    • Site Manager – where you can access your websites & manage the health of you sites (& the all important site security)
    • Site Builder – as the name suggests, you build your websites here
    • Site Domains – where you can find, register and manage your domains
    • Site Hosting – yes, your site is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate too
    • Site Content – described as the ultimate writing platform, this is an amazing tool where you prepare your articles prior to publishing
    • Site Comments – a fabulous tool allowing you to attract visitors to your pages and posts and leave comments for you, very important for the SERPS
    • Site Feedback – Access to experts who will provide you with feedback on your websites
    • Site Support – exceptional technical support available 24/7/365
  • Community Interaction which is invaluable for your growth and development, this is an incredible pay it forward community & you even have access to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Jaaxy Research Tool (The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Research Tool!) – where members have access to research:
    • Site Rank where you can track historical rankings and monitor your website authority
    • Keywords, create and manage powerful lists of keywords
    • Competitor Search Analysis & SEO trends
    • Alphabet Soup – a facility which assist you in uncovering millions of niches and keywords
    • Brainstorm HQ where you can find trending, popular and lucrative ideas
    • Affiliate Programs which is dedicated to searching and finding relevant affiliate programs in your niche
    • Niche Keyword Lists (this is exclusive to WA Premium Members)
  • World Class Training, there are two separate training opportunities
    • Affiliate Bootcamp – you learn everything you need to know to become an Affiliate Marketer for Wealthy Affiliate (7 courses – 70 lesson)
    • Online Entrepreneur Certification – you learn everything you need to know to build and promote your own business in a niche of your choice (5 courses, 50 lessons)
  • Ongoing Training
    • Weekly Live Webinars with the awesome Training Chief, Jay (his training is seriously awesome!)
  • Training HQ
    • Includes all classrooms, training, text and video lessons, this is a well-designed resource center where it is easy to access everything available

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership options: Starter Member and Premium Member.

Free Starter Membership offers you access to everything for free for your first 7 Days. Thereafter you can remain a Free Starter for as long as you would like.

Premium Membership offers you access to everything within the system and there is more than one pricing option available to you:

  • $49 per month on a month to month payment basis
  • $234 for a 6-month membership payable in one payment (works out to $39 per month)
  • $359 for yearly membership payment in one payment (works out to $29.92 per month)

Below is a table offering details information of what is available at the different membership levels:


  • Free Starter Package offers you the opportunity to test drive for free, absolutely no risk to you
  • Exceptional training – in my opinion, the best on the market (and this is not my first rodeo)
  • Access to incredible market-leading tools
  • 24/7/365 Platform – there is always someone available in live Chat, Site Support, Private Messaging
  • Opportunity to connect and mastermind with other online entrepreneurs
  • Exceptional earning opportunity


  • For me, overwhelm has been a real thing, the amount of information and training you have access to is truly mind-blowing. You have to learn to take deep breaths and go one step at a time, just like the training tells you to
  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme (as a true entrepreneur you will know that it does take time to build a sustainable business)

So There You Have It – The Skinny On Wealthy Affiliate

My fear with giving you “the skinny on Wealthy Affiliate” is that I have not done this amazing platform any justice. But, I respect your time and realize that sometimes we just need to read a quick overview.

We’ve reached the time when I extend an invitation to you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate and experience first-hand why I am so excited about sharing this opportunity with you (that is me and more than a million other members!).  Success is waiting for you!

I encourage you to sign up as a Free Starter, take the system for a test-drive … and change the trajectory of your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Free Starter Membership Offer with Wealthy Affiliate

I look forward to sharing in the excitement of your journey to financial freedom with your own online business journey!

See you on the inside!

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