Why You Should Retire Early [& How You Can]

I read the most alarming article about retiring early, this is what grabbed my attention: “Retire at 55 and live to 80; work till you’re 65 and die at 67”. Here is another quote from the same article just to help this point sink in:

“In a nutshell, by putting in 10 more ‘hard’ years,

after the age of 55, you could potentially forfeit

20 years of your Retirement.

Or saying it differently, for every year you work

beyond the age of 55,

on average one forfeits two years of life span”

I am not kidding you. Research has shown that if we work 10 years longer, we could die 13 years earlier. How does that work? According to this article, there is new data that shows how work pounds older bodes and because of that, we should really, truly reconsider our plans for retirement.

I don’t know about you, but I am now in my 50s and can tell you that my energy levels are not what they used to be. It makes perfect sense, just from an energy level perspective, that putting in a full day’s work, still commuting, returning home to cook dinner, wash up, etc., etc., will take a much tougher toll now than it did in my 30s and 40s.

The article is written by financial planner, Alec Riddle, who cites research to back up his claims. “Dr Ephrem (Siao Chung) Cheng provided the results from an Actuarial Study on the correlation between Retirement Age and Longevity”. There you have it, no need to take my word for it, facts are facts. How terribly sad will it be to put in all that “blood, sweat and tears”, anticipating an awesome retirement, only to have a short 2 years retired before graduating into the arms of our Heavenly Father? Don’t get me wrong, being a Christian, I am looking forward to heaven. However, I would like to enjoy the spoils of my hard labour in this life first, don’t you?

Let’s Get The Balance Right

One more pertinent quote from the same article: “One important observation is that these younger retirees (55) aren’t necessarily idle in retirement, but they are far less stressed than their working counterparts from age 55 to 65. This means they may be busying themselves with part-time work, hobbies and things they enjoy doing, so much so that ‘work’ becomes fun and is done at a more leisurely pace”

Busy Yourself With Something You Enjoy & Make Money In Retirement

As stated in the quote above, the retirees from age 55 to 65 are not idle, in fact, they busy themselves with things they enjoy doing. That way “work becomes fun”!

What if I told you that I have found a way to do exactly that? To busy yourself with something you enjoy doing, done at “a more leisurely pace” (because you choose your hours), and you have the opportunity to make as much money as you are willing to work for, whilst you do it?

Would that kind of early retirement interest you? It certainly interests me!

I recently wrote an article How Can I Retire At 55? [It’s Easier Than You May Think], please have a read and see what research revealed about how we are penalized for retiring early. In case you are in a hurry and just want to see an overview, here is a snippet:

“A quick Google search showed me that these are the things you can expect if you decide to retire early:

  • There will be a 7-year wait for Social Security
  • Expect Penalties & restrictions for accessing retirement funds early
  • There’s a 10-year wait for Medicare eligibility
  • Leisurely activities and vacations may be financially out of reach”

Hmm, those are stiff penalties, how do we get around them? It seems we are doomed no matter which way we decide to go.

Not so, there is an awesome opportunity, I encourage you to read on and find out more.

We started off with the question”Why You Should Retire Early”, and I do believe we have answered that question more than adequately. Now we just need to address “& How To Do Exactly That”.

How To Retire Early

We are extremely fortunate to live in the times we do, seriously, we have opportunities open to us that generations before us certainly did not have. I am speaking about the online business world of course. Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a look at the massive advantages of running an online business:

  • Work the hours you choose to work
  • No more long hours in the daily commute
  • Physically, it is not taxing on your body at all (in fact, you will have to set your alarm clock to remind you to move around, if you are anything like me)
  • Work where you want, yes, that is right – anywhere you choose!
    • Want to work from home? No problem
    • Want to work from a log cabin in the mountains next to a gorgeous fire? Again, no problem!
    • Want to work from the lounger at the beach. Yes, you’ve got it!
    • Keen to travel and be able to run your business at the same time? Yours for the taking too!
  • So long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can run your business, from anywhere your heart desires!
  • You are your own boss and you choose everything to fit the way you would like to live your life.

Four Steps To Your Successful Online Business

Aside from the computer (laptop, desktop, Mac, whichever is best for you) and the internet connection, you will need to follow these Four Steps:

Step 1 – Choose An Interest

I did say you were going to enjoy what you were doing, right? Well, this is where you get to choose what niche or market you have an interest in and passion for. There are so many directions you could go with this. Perhaps you are an avid golfer, tennis player, musician, animal lover, artists, traveller – yes, those are all niches.

Think about what you are interested in and every single product or service that is related to that interest. You can write about them, share information and your passion, and by helping people with information.  You can also guide them to purchasing the best golf club, tennis racquet, trombone, etc for them. There is so much more to this subject of niches, for your convenience I wrote a detailed piece entitled What Is A Niche Website About? You are welcome to have a read of that before continuing.

Step 2 – Build A Website

Trust me on this, I am not technically minded at all. If you had told me in 2018 that I would be building this website (& others) today, I would have laughed hysterically!

If I can build a website, you certainly can too! It’s so much easier now than it ever has been, simply because the coding side of building a site is not something you need to know about anymore. In fact, you can build a website in less than 60 seconds, yes, there is a link to a page where you can see firsthand, video evidence included, that this is possible, for you, today.

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

In the same way that you have landed on this website, reading this very article, you can learn how to attract visitors to your website. I have the perfect place for you to learn how to attract visitors to your website. This is a crucial part of your online business, you need visitors to your website so that they can become your customers and you can move onto the next step.

Just before we go there, here is a quick look at my number one recommendation for you to learn how to attract visitors to your website (in fact, this is the same place where you will learn how to do all four of these steps):

Not only will you learn all four of these steps, but you will also learn everything there is to know about the online business world – I have broken it down into these four steps to keep things in an orderly and methodical manner.

Trust me though, there is so much to learn about the online business world – it is very exciting, challenging, loads of fun, inspiring and more!

Plus, you get to rub shoulders with a community of online entrepreneurs who are generous with their expertise and absolutely love to see each other succeed. This is one of the things I love the most about the online business world, the more you help each other, the more you grow. The culture is so very different from anything I have ever known.

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

This is the part we’ve all been waiting for – “show me the money”! Yes, it is highly achievable to build your online business and generate an income. Not just an income, the opportunity exists for you to generate a six or seven-figure income.

* I do not want to mislead you here though, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it is not simply a case of clicking a couple of buttons to earn massive amounts of money. That is not how life works, right?

If you have the following characteristics, then this is the opportunity for you:

  • You are hard-working (not 24.7, but you can work hard)
  • You are consistent or prepared to become consistent
  • You are keen to learn
  • You are persistent and tenacious (that’s right, being an online entrepreneur also takes grit, just like the brick & mortar world)

Okay, so we have our four steps to follow, the online platform where you can receive world-class training and also access to the most incredible community of online entrepreneurs. Do you have the characteristics listed above? Yes? Let’s continue …

Start Today …

You can start today, not only can you start today, but you can also start for FREE! That’s correct, there is a FREE Starter Package available to you. No need to share your credit card details even!

This is available to you as an opportunity to take the system for a test drive without spending a dime! The image below gives you a little more detail and, by clicking on it, you will be taken into the platform where you can sign up, go ahead …

Need more information before you sign up, no problem. I have written a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing YOU on the inside. That’s right, I shall be there to say hi, happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. If I am not online at the time, there are 2 million members across the globe, someone will be available to assist you until I am back online.

Oh, I am so excited for you – can’t wait for you to start the journey!

Chat soon!


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    • Hi Andrew
      Thank you very much for spending time on my site. It’s awesome to receive your feedback, makes all my hard work worthwhile. There certainly is a whole new world available to us, thanks to the internet – and Wealthy Affiliate who give us all the tools we need.

      • Absolutely love your enthusiasm and perspective on retiring early and enjoying freedom while running a profitable business from anywhere in the world! Just the thought of it makes me excited! Thanks for pointing out the key four steps. ?

        • Hi Alma
          Wonderful to see that you share my enthusiasm – we are so fortunate to live in this world where the online opportunities are available to us. Wealthy Affiliate certainly does provide us with everything we need to succeed, all we have to provide is the right work ethic, teachability and determination.


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