Amway – Best MLM Business Opportunity [Yea or Nay?]

Amway began in 1959 in the United States of America and today sells close to 400 health, beauty, and home care products.  This MLM is well known and is said to have more than one million distributors in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. But … is Amway’s offering one of the best MLM Business opportunities? Let’s explore and find out …

Amway MLM Business Opportunity Review

Amway At A Glance

Name: Amway


Price: $62 to join, depending on where you are situated in the world

Founded:  9 November 1959

Founders: Richard M. DeVos, Jay Van Andel

Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

Amway Business Opportunity Review

At first glance, Amway looks like a great business opportunity to pursue.  Let’s delve deeper and see for ourselves.

Introduction & Summary

As mentioned above, Amway makes almost 400 high-quality products in nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home care. Amway Independent Business Owners make money by selling these products to their customers and by building a team of other Independent Business Owners who do the same.

In another article I wrote which features the Top 100 MLM companies, you will see that Amway is the proud holder of No. 1 for the top MLM businesses in the world and their revenue sits at a handsome US$8.8 Billion!

There is no doubt that the Amway position and turnover are incredibly impressive. What does this translate into for their Independent Business Owners though?

Can You Make Money From Amway?

From what I can see in the Amway Earnings Disclosure it is possible to earn money as an Amway Independent Business Owner.

However, as can be seen below, the average annual earnings are not substantial before you reach the position of Founders Platinum level. That level takes between 3 to 13 years to reach and 0.50% of all IBO’s achieve this level.

Not only that, the numbers indicated below do not include business expenses. Shipping of products being only one to mention.

Realistically, the income disclosure reveals that 37% of all US registered IBOs had NO sales. Additionally, they did not sponsor another IBO and earned no compensation from Amway at all!

They go on to say that 56% of all U.S. IBO’s received a payment from Amway, in at least one month for sales during 2020.

Amway then goes on to share the Top 1%, Top 10%, and Top 50% of the earners.

Looking at the above breakdown, I think it is very safe to say that the vast minority of the Amway IBO’s actually generate a livable income. And, as can be expected (because it is typical with the MLM business model), a tiny minority make it big with Amway.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

Best MLM Business

PRO #1  Amway has been around for a very long time

PRO #2  This company sells a very large range of products

PRO #3 The training courses with Amway are free

PRO #4 They offer refunds on products (with terms of course)

The Bad:

Best MLM Business

CON #1  Amway has a typical MLM structure and to reach the top-earning echelon, building substantial teams and downlines are essential

CON #2  Products can be purchased directly from Amway (meaning the company competes with this own IBO’s)

CON #3 Products can be purchased online from the likes of Amazon.  More competition for IBO’s

CON #4 Amway products are pricey

Who Are Amway Products For?

Amway products are well-positioned as they are everyday products used in households across the world  From vitamins to skincare to nutrition, household cleaning, etc.

This means your target market is extremely broad.  Unfortunately, as a distributor for Amway, you are also competing against Amazon and Amway themselves.  That’s right, your customers can purchase elsewhere with absolute ease.

The quality of Amway products receive high praise on Trust Pilot

Who Is the Amway Business Opportunity For?

Amway positions itself as a low-cost, low-risk business opportunity. they provide on-demand training and digital tools to assist their IBO’s.

The opportunity is designed for individuals who are

  • looking for a flexible business model,
  • one that you can build exactly in the way you want to but
  • still have access to a large network of others to brainstorm ideas, share success and celebrate with

Trust Pilot also offers insight into the business opportunity with Amway, take a look at this raving report (note the dates in it too though, I believe they are very telling).

Why did I draw your attention to the dates in the below review?

This reviewer started with Amway in the late 80’s which means they have had decades, literally, to build their business.

But Wait! Have a look at this:

Here we see the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the review and the date in the review. This one was written in October 2020.

See what I mean, the dates are relevant. The market was less saturated in the 80’s.

Overall Trust Pilot Reviews

Best MLM Business

Looking at the overall number of Reviews, 16 in total, we have to agree that this is very few reviews for a company that has been around for so many years.

However, 75% of them are Excellent, which is to their advantage. Nothing in the middle and then 12% poor, 13% bad.

Seeing no reviews at Great or Average is a bit weird for me. Perhaps the people who have given reviews are either completely dedicated to Amway (75% excellent) or totally disenchanted (12% poor and 13% bad).

My take on this is that Excellent reviews are given by people who promote Amway.

If you are looking to build your own successful business, I encourage you to consider my Number 1 Recommendation

Amway Tools & Training

Amway offers a wide range of digital tools and training. They also hold webinars and, prior to all the international lockdowns, they held in-person events and training.

Amway Pricing

Whilst it is free to sign up with Amway in most countries, there are countries that require a $62 payment. This is 100% refundable should you opt-out within 90 days.

Amway product prices are on the higher end of the market. I am not a product specialist in their markets but would guess that aside from not being cheap to produce, the products are also priced to position them in the minds of consumers as superior products.

My Final Opinion of the Amway Business Opportunity

Amway have been around for a considerable amount of years (62 at the last count!), that in intself is impressive. They must be doing something right.

As with most MLM businesses, Amway has had its brushes with the FTC. From what I can find, none of them have happened in very recent years.

Is Amway A Scam?

This company is definitely not a scam. Amway is a legit company that has grown exponentially from 1959 to date. They have done a lot of good and have an incredible social responsibility program.

Amway At A Glance …

Name: Amway


Founders: Richard M. DeVos, Jay Van Andel

Price: $62 to join, depending on where you are situated in the world

Founded: 9 November 1959

Founders: Richard M. DeVos, Jay VanAndel

Overall Rank: 7 out of 10


We started out looking to see if Amway offers a lucrative business opportunity. Looking at their own Income Disclosure document, it is safe to say that people have made money with Amway.

Sadly, the majority of people signed up to Amway have not generated significant money to speak of.

Amway products have great reputations and are sought after. This bodes very well for the company themselves. When it comes to an MLM Business Opportunity, I would say that Amway is one of the better ones around, but not a business opportunity I would recommend.

If you are keen to pursue your own business and seek a lifestyle of freedom as a result, I highly recommend taking at look at my Number 1 Business Opportunity where you get to learn about the opportunity first hand for free, then sign up as a Premium or Premium Plus member and learn everything you need to know about building your own successful online business.

That’s correct, a business that is 100% your own.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and to learn more about business opportunities. I frequently conduct reviews and have done many in the MLM space.

After all the research, I favour affiliate marketing for sure.

Blessings as always

Best MLM Business

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