What Is Wealthy Affiliate? A Review For 2023 [Including Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Details]

There has been much excitement going on in the Wealthy Affiliate camp for quite a few months now.  For good reason too!  Many improvements have been implemented and that is what prompted me to write this article for you. 

Let’s answer the question What Is Wealthy Affiliate? with a review for 2023 – and include the details about the latest exciting bundle offering known as Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus!

I have written two reviews for Wealthy Affiliate, one is comprehensive and the other is a skinny version – depending on how much time you have, you can decide on which you’d prefer to read.

Comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Skinny Version

This particular review is more focused on the latest exciting updates within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate? A Review For 2023

A quick overview:  Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform where you can:

  • Learn everything you need to know about building your own successful income-generating online business
  • Access all the tools you need for your online business
  • Rub shoulders with a community of like-minded online entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate At A Glance

Name:Wealthy Affiliate
Price:Free Starter Package
Premium Membership*
Premium Plus+ Bundle*
* See body of review for details
Founded By:Carson Lim
Kyle Loudoun
Overall Product Rank9 out of 10
Overall Business Opportunity Rank9 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Free Starter Package100% Free, No Card Information Required

Premium Membership:  Monthly $49 per month

Premium Membership:  Yearly $42.24 per month (16% off) + $50 in Credits + 1 Domain

Premium Plus+ Bundle: Monthly:  $99 per month

Premium Plus+ Bundle:  Yearly $82.92 per month (16% off) + $100 in Credits + 2 Domains

Here is a link to a Birdseye overview of what you can expect at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is New At Wealthy Affiliate?

There have been some incredible changes taking place at Wealthy Affiliate.

The first is the look and feel of the platform.  The user experience has been enhanced in a big way. 

The new design is gorgeous and really simple to navigate.  Thankfully for existing members, there is a familiarity with the new look too, which has made the transition quite smooth for us.

Funny story … I had been on Wealthy Affiliate during the day, logged off, homeward bound to do the usual – cook dinner, clean, etc., – logged back in that evening, and “Woah, what was in my dinner?!”  

There it was, the new interface in all its glory.  Honestly, I thought I was seeing things.  Thankfully it was not totally unrecognizable, I just didn’t expect the change it was rather a delightful shock to the system!

The next big change was the introduction of the Premium Plus Bundle which I will tell you more about shortly.  Let’s look at the latest changes within Wealthy Affiliate first:

New Wealthy Affiliate Design

The platform was redesigned to create what has been called a “top” main menu with integrated submenus.  This evolution has taken place with the future in mind, to accommodate internal navigation between WA and Jaaxy, for example.

We can be sure that WA has some other exciting things in the development phases right now.  Nothing would surprise me with the co-founders, Kyle and Carson, they truly are forward-thinking guys. 

For more than 15 years these co-founders and their teams have been working extremely hard to ensure they offer their members the top platform in the affiliate marketing and online business space.

1.  Enhanced Navigation

The “top” menu as mentioned above contains access to the most frequently used areas of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Previously there was a static side menu, this has now been removed.

In Kyle’s message to us about all the changes, he also intimated that we are going to see “an exciting evolution in the very near future“.  Ooh, so much excitement!

2.  Centralized Account Management

As members, we can now manage everything we need from one centralized area, from an account drop-down menu.

Talk about a great user experience! 

Literally, all we need to do is click on our profile pictures and a drop-down gives us access to everything we need to manage our own WA account.

3.  Created With Mobile Users In Mind

The new interface caters to mobile users.  Also to ensure that as members of WA we are able to do what we need to no matter which device or computer we are working from. 

For me personally, a laptop or desktop is preferable but I am aware of members who are happy to work from their mobiles.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate A Review

4. Taking The “App” Approach

Another move to improve WA members’ user experience is the creation of a way for members to move seamlessly between applications. 

What this means is that we could be on WA and want to quickly switch over to Jaaxy to do some keyword or site rank research.  This is as easy as pie.  Have a look at the screenshot below:

What is Wealthy Affiliate A ReviewWhat a cool function!  Now when we navigate to Jaaxy through this drop-down, we get access to everything within Jaaxy. 

PLUS, there are more additions headed our way in just a matter of months!

It’s a great time to get on board with Wealthy Affiliate and you can do exactly that for free – no card information needed even.

What is Wealthy Affiliate A Review

4.  Expert Classes

Wealthy Affiliate takes the training offered very seriously, going as far as to say:

the level of quality and the amount of training you have access to here at Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched in the industry with the Classes portion of the training alone.

Every Friday we have awesome live classes with our Chief Trainer, Jay.  These training sessions are highly enjoyable and we get the opportunity to have a live Q&A with Jay too! 

There is much to be said for immediate access and the opportunity for Q&A.

So, just to expand on this, as a Premium member, we already have more than 52 Live Classes from Jay, our awesome Training Chief.  On top of that, there are literally thousands of Classes available to Premium members.

As if that isn’t enough, there will be even more training modules added to the WA offering during the course of the year.  These will be available to Premium members and there will be more Starter Member classes added into the mix.

These are in addition to the Free Classes offered to the Free Members – 10 lessons in total for free!

There are two certifications on offer :

Affiliate Bootcamp – comprises 5 lessons as a free member and 70 lessons as a Premium member.

Online Entrepreneur Certification –  offers 5 lessons as a free member and 50 lessons as a Premium member.

You can experience the Free Classes by signing up below (no card information needed):

What is Wealthy Affiliate A Review

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+

This has been the most exciting development of late, I signed up for Premium Plus+ without so much as a backward glance, allow me to share why.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ Monthly Membership bundle comes with a host of awesome additional features, let’s have a look-see:

  • Premium Plus+ Additional Training
  • Jaaxy Enterprise (value $99 per month)
  • Higher Level Hosting (Value easily $2000 to $5000 per annum)
  • Additional PremiumPlus+ only features to come
  • Dark Mode as an Option

If you sign up with the Premium Plus+ Yearly Membership, you get even more value for your money.  Everything listed above plus:

  • 2 Free dot com Domains (value: $28 per year)
  • 200 Free Community Credits (value:  $100)

Let’s delve into the Premium Plus+ offering in a bit more detail:

Premium Plus+ Training – 200+ Expert Classes A Year

As Premium Plus+ members, we have the opportunity to participate in an additional 200+ classes!
Here is what we are enjoying:

  • Expert Video Training x 1 hour each – these “trainers” are already successful online entrepreneurs, they are walking the talk
  • A range of different but highly relevant topics every week
  • An opportunity to interact live with the expert
  • Invaluable Q&A sessions within the training
  • Full access to past classes including unlimited replays

Considering there are 365 days in a year, let me tell you, the additional 200+ Expert Classes offer per year is way more information than your average individual can consume on an ongoing basis.

If you are more than a “brainiac” than I am and you’re able to consume this volume of training – you just hit the jackpot!

Would you like a free peek at the value offered in the Premium Plus+ membership, have a look at this YouTube training given by one of the most successful online entrepreneurs around!

One last thing on the incredible training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. 

If we compare the cost per annum to that of a university degree ($25,000) and understand that we are:

1) being taught by experts in the respective fields


2) we are building our own income-generating businesses whilst we are learning (for $995 as a yearly Premium Plus+ member)

We have to conclude that the value for money is exceptional!

Jaaxy Enterprise  (Value $99 per month)

Access to Jaaxy Enterprise alone is well worth paying for. 

When you sign up as a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate, part of the package includes Jaaxy Lite.  Jaaxy Enterprise offers even more features, here is an idea of what can be looked forward to:

  • instant search results
  • Instant QSR
  • SiteRank tracking
  • Multi-tab Search
  • Even more comprehensive search results across all platforms

Whichever way you choose to go, Jaaxy is well worth $99 per month and, for me, was one of the biggest drawcards when signing up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus.

Join Me & Sign Up For Premium Plus+


Higher Level Hosting Offer (Value $2000 to $5000 per annum)

As a Premium Plus+ member, we have hosting for as many as 50 websites available to us.  These are our own domains or the WA free domains (Siterubix).  As you saw above, the value is high when compared with hosting plans offered in the Managed WordPress industry).

Additional Premium Plus+ only features to come

I cannot speak about these as yet, they are still in the process of being rolled out – as soon as I have more exciting news to share on the additional Premium Plus+ only features, I promise to write about them!

Here is what Kyle wrote about when introducing the Premium Plus+ Bundle:

“this will include more advanced access to advanced website platforms, comprehensive research tools through Jaaxy enterprise, expert levels of support, and of course a great deal of Classes on topics relevant to the online business world NOW!”

Dark Mode

We have the very cool option of going “Dark Mode” with Premium Plus+ membership.

Here is what dark mode looks like – personally, I love it!  Having experienced vision challenges, the light on dark is easier on my eyes:

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The latest innovations detailed above plus the fact that the user experience of the Wealthy Affiliate platform gives us the following unparalleled advantages:

  • smooth transition between pages
  • the ability to access real-time information
  • blazing fast and extremely smooth navigation and interaction

What Does The Future Look Like For Wealthy Affiliate?

As the lyrics from one of my favourite songs says: “the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”.  I may be revealing my age but this is exactly how I feel about Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is what we have been primed to expect from the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Ongoing updates, improvements, and brand new rollouts
  • More “app” additions to the menu (one is due any day now)
  • Access to even more highly sophisticated technology as WA rolls out their latest and greatest upgrades and additions.

Allow me to finish this off with another quote from Kyle, he says it better than I ever could:

We also want to remain the most comprehensive and cost efficient platform in our space in the world. That is why we are keeping the price affordable as possible for everyone.”

You are welcome to read everything Kyle had to say in his announcement of the future of WA

Wealthy Affiliate At A Glance

Name:Wealthy Affiliate
Price:Free Starter Package
Premium Membership*
Premium Plus+ Bundle*
* See body of review for details
Founded By:Carson Lim
Kyle Loudoun
Overall Product Rank9 out of 10
Overall Business Opportunity Rank9 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart

There is a lot of information to take in all at once, I get that.  So, to make it much easier for you, here is a link to the official website, click on the tab “Pricing” and you’ll access the comparison chart.

Official Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart – Remember to click on the Pricing tab

I encourage you to have a look, it’s so much easier when you can see it all from a birds-eye view.

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

It is no secret that I am an extremely big fan of this platform!  For good reason. 

See, this is not the first online platform I have joined and spent money on in pursuit of creating my own financial freedom – I have been burnt before

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate in October 2018,

  • initially, as a free starter member,
  • moving onto Premium membership very swiftly, and then
  • taking hold of the exceptional value Premium Plus+ offers in November 2020

I have learned more than I ever thought possible.

Keep in mind, I am a Late Bloomer, and even as a mature woman, I am learning and building my own successful online businesses. 

My plans of creating a life of freedom ~ (financial freedom, geographic freedom, and the freedom to make a difference in the lives of others) ~ are well underway!

Yours could be too!

I hope you join me.

Blessings as always

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