4 Of The Best Home Business Ideas For Women

4 Of The Best Home Business Ideas For WomenThere are many reasons women would prefer to run their businesses’ from home.

  • Stay home Mum?  If you are a mum, this is an ideal way to still generate an income and be available for your children when they need you. Running a business takes time which means you will have to spend time working and not be readily available, but you can control your own time this way and allocate time to your family as and when you need to.  Unlike the 9 to 5 employee role where you are compelled to be in the office during those hours.
  • Budding Entrepreneur?  Perhaps you are done with being an employee, having the time you spend working mapped out for you – and you are keen to spread your entrepreneurial wings.  Any of these
  • Empty Nester?  These ideas will appeal to is the empty nester too.  No longer is your time taken up with running kids to and from school, activities, doctors, friends etc., this is a perfect time to build your own business.
  • Retiring or Retired? You could even be a retiree or on the brink of retiring – oh yes, you too will appreciate these opportunities!

It gives me great pleasure to bring you 4 Of The Best Home Business Ideas For Women!  Enjoy!

Digital Marketing Services

There is a range of great opportunities available to you in this field, you can take a pick or get yourself involved in a combination of whichever appeals most to you!

1. Graphic Design

Do you have a creative eye? An interest in designing amazing things for businesses’, such as:

  • Logo’s
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Mailers
  • Brochures
  • Sales catalogues

The list is longer than what I have provided above, but this gives you a little overview of what you could be designing. Not a graphic designer – yet? No problem, go online, have a look at the different courses available, Udemy is great with offering short and inexpensive (if not free) courses. Give them a go, you will quickly find out whether Graphic Design is something you want to pursue or not. You never know, this could THE ONE for you! Run your own business from home, take the design load off the hands off the smaller businesses’ in your area (just start local and small and work your way up, if you choose to) and allow the business owners to focus on what their core business is. A great win/win situation. I am sure you know entrepreneurs who are tripping over their own feet because they need to spend time on promoting their businesses’ but that takes their time away from the income generating activities they should be focused on. These are the guys who need your creative eye and graphic design skills.

2. SEO Writing and Content Management

Are words your thing? Do you love writing and enjoy enthralling readers with your writing skills? This is a great skill to offer business owners. I love writing and never realized that it is a specific skill not everyone has been blessed with, or enjoy. If writing is your thing, you will be amazed at how many people will be delighted to have your skills onboard!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another gold mine that many small businesses’ do not even know about, nor do they know how badly they need it! Done properly, SEO is what gets a businesses’ website noticed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once a website is noticed it enjoys high-ranking on the results pages, this means that potential customers searching online will find their businesses’ right when they need them most!

Your SEO skills, or propensity to learn and develop SEO skills, will be in high demand!

Powerful SEO and Content Management reaps great rewards for a business. To produce this, you will need to understand the behaviour of potential customers online. Your job is to learn what the customers are searching for online, that is what search terms or keywords they are making use of to find what they are looking for. You get to use incredible keyword tools, like the beautiful Free Keyword Tool I have available for you, to identify what the keywords and phrases are. Try it out, nothing to be nervous of, I promise!

Once you have established your keywords and phrases, you write beautiful content, placing them strategically in your articles, and attract customers to the website. Here is another article which will explain this content further, it’s entitled How To Write Content For A Website.

3. Social Media Management

Do you know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn? Yes, this is the social media we can talk about here. In this aspect of the online business world, the aim is to gain followers and convert them into customers. This is done through likes, shares and social media engagement.

Let’s consider an example, you are online looking for a plumber in your area – you could go onto Facebook and ask a community you are a part of to recommend someone. The same with restaurants, dressmakers, cake bakers – the list is long. Anything you could need for your home, family, business, holiday, etc., can be searched for and referred through social media channels.

Your role in managing the social media of a client is to ensure that they receive attention in the area by creating posts and sharing them across different platforms. These posts can be topical, amusing, educational or informative and raving reviews. The ultimate goal is to achieve brand recognition and referral. Get likes and shares and drive traffic (customers) to the business via their social media page or website.

Social Media is a huge tool for businesses’ and you can manage this aspect of marketing on behalf of local business and charge for it – of course!

4. Websites

Yes, you can build a website! Even if you never have before, trust me on this (I build this website with my fair hands, no technical knowledge at all!). Have a look at my article The Step By Step Website Building Guide For Beginners, you will be so happy you did! By the end of that article, you will know that you definitely can build a website!

Websites have become an essential tool for businesses’. If I am interested in buying something and go online to have a look at the company and do not find a website, that is me gone! I am not the only one either. A business without a website loses out, it is that simple.

What is the role of a website? It is to market the company, generate leads, offer information, provide a service. Offering the service of building and managing websites on behalf of businesses’ is an awesome way to run a home business.

To get yourself off the ground, why not build a couple of websites, experiment and learn, then start selling them. You can do this for friends for free even and build your business up that way.

I even have an opportunity for you to build websites for free – that’s right, it will not cost you a cent! I wrote an article about SiteRubix and how you can Build a website in WordPress in 60 seconds, this article includes video evidence too!

If you are ready to play, click on the SiteRubix image below and have some fun, for free – it’s on me!

Is All Of This Too Foreign For You?

Don’t stress, I would love to share how I am learning everything I know about building a website, online business, keywords, keyword research tools, social media and more with you! It really is right at your fingertips and you can start for free on a FREE Starter Membership, that’s correct – totally FREE! You will not even need to share your card details to gain access.

What is this place I am recommending? It is an online platform where you have access to the most incredible training and community of people, it’s also known as Wealthy Affiliate University!

Not ready to just click on the link and jump right in? I don’t blame you – there are so many scams online, I understand why you may be cautious. With that in mind, I have another article for you to learn more about this wonderful place called Wealthy Affiliate and how it can open the world of online business opportunities to you!

Once you are done with reading all about that, you can measure it against what to look out for in a scam in this article I have also written: How To Avoid The Scams Online. I really am going all out to make you feel comfortable, it’s important.

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I hope you agree that I have given you much food for thought and way more than the promised headline of 4 Of The Best Home Business Ideas For Women.

Leave me some comments below to let me know what you think.  Perhaps you have some ideas to share with me too?  I love hearing from my readers and will always respond!

Blessings always

PS Yes, that is me, I like to put a face to words, so now you know what I look like too.

I look forward to welcoming you when you sign up to enjoy the most amazing training and superb community – all designed to assist you in creating your successful online business!

8 thoughts on “4 Of The Best Home Business Ideas For Women”

  1. Times have changed and it is so good to know that you can stay within the comforts of your home and make a good living. Many are doing it and are having much success, thanks so much for the insight with these stary at home jobs.

    • Hi Norman
      Absolutely – the online world has opened up so many opportunities for all of us. That’s the best part, they are available to us no matter whether we are female, male, young or old – so long as we have an internet connection and a computer, we are good to go!
      I appreciate your time here, do come back and visit again.

  2. Very informative post which presents many viable options to earn a part-time or full-time income in the online world. Many important insights in how to begin as well as having an ideal platform to learn and earn with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thank you very much Joseph, it’s amazing how many different ways there are to earn with an online business. Much as I shared written this article for women, the internet really is gender neutral. The training at Wealthy Affiliate opens up a whole new world to us.
      I appreciate your visit, great to see you here.

  3. 4 excellent home business ideas for Women, Louise!

    I really like the idea of building a website though… no matter what niche or market you decide to go into, building out your own website will help you build out your personal brand which will get you far better results long-term.

    Great post!

    • Thank you so much, John.
      Agreed, building out your own website is a really exciting process, especially with the training Wealthy Affiliate Offers!
      I have targeted women but of course, men can benefit from these opportunities too.
      Great to see you here – thank you, really appreciated.

  4. Hi Louise
    Stay Home Mum, Budding Entrepreneur, Empty Nester and Retired or about to.
    All four are excellent reasons for women to take up a new career where they are working for themselves and to their own schedule.
    Its also a great way to make some extra money for life’s luxuries such as that often dreamed about ‘Round The World Cruise’.
    You also outline 4 great ways to make money to fund that cruise.
    Like yourself I am a writer and have been for a long time and my particular skill is Search Engine optimization.
    I’m also an online tutor for people who want to work from home and this skill is especially important to pass on to the people who have difficulty understanding it.
    As for the other three you mention the program you mention will give people all the training they need to get started, and remember its not just for moms. Dads can have a go as well.
    Onwards to success Louise.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert
      It is great to see you here – thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my article.
      Not only do I really appreciate your contribution, but I am grateful to have learned something from you today. Thank you for helping me to lift my eyes to more than earning a living, but also to create extra for life’s luxuries! It is so easy to forget our dreams when we focus on “earning a living”. The online world offers us so much more! Especially when coupled with the exceptional training we receive at Wealthy Affiliate. You have just helped me add another dream to my list – I look forward to taking that ‘Round The World Cruise’ and even having the advantage of operating my business as I travel! Another one of the joys of being an online entrepreneur.
      Once I have worked my way through the modules at WA, I will be sure to head over to you for advanced tutoring in SEO.
      To your success too Robert.


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