How To Work From Home Or Anywhere In The World

How To Work From Home Or Anywhere In The World

The need for freedom is becoming more and more apparent as people realize that there is a whole big world out there to explore and experience.  Not only that, we are discovering our own time freedom too, shifting the order of priority traditionally given to the different areas of our lives. We can work from home and work the hours that suit us best.  Spend time with our loved ones, and participate in each other’s lives at the time that suits us. No asking for time away from the office and feeling guilty for our absence. We can live out in the country and avoid the smog of the city, intense commutes and more. As a result, there are many companies offering the opportunity for their employees to work remotely. But is this enough?

I suspect not, allow me to share why:

We Are Still Trading Our Time For Money

If we are working for an employer, even from our favourite beach house, we are still obliged to be available on the days and at the times that our employer wants us to be. That’s right, it only makes sense seeing as we are employed, our time is still being traded for money – we do not get to choose the time, our employer does, right?

Work From Your Beach House


Your Priorities Are Decided For You

We are still held accountable for tasks and KPI’s, meeting company objectives. This means we are accountable to someone else (or a board of someone elses) and they set out the expectations, not us. This means they control (for want of another word) what we do and when we do it. On the same note, have you ever noticed that when you exceed the targets set out for you, the following year (or worse, the next quarter), they increase even more? Is this always realistic? My experience says a firm no to that question! From an employers’ perspective it absolutely is realistic, the thinking is “If you could overshoot target like that, then really, the targets were set too low” – right?  Um, no.  There are things like sales cycles that need to be taken into account, not every quarter is the same.  I digress… 


KPIs and Targets Set For You


Your Earning Potential Is Capped

How about our earning potential – that is usually capped when we are employed. Oh yeah, there will be the opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses – but even those have limits. Let’s face it, no company exists to make you or me wealthy. Companies exist to create wealth for the founders and share holders. They have to generate a profit in order to be sustainable and afford the running costs, profitability and lifestyles of the people at the top. So being realistic and fair to our employers’, we know that our income has to be capped.


Your Earning Potential Is Capped


Your Growth Potential Is Challenged

How does working remotely affect the relationships amongst team members? My experience of this has been good and bad. When you are away from the office shenanigans it is awesome because all you need to do is focus on your work. The office politics get on quite well without you. What a relief. However, the disadvantage can be that you are out of the loop of the political gaming, so you are never quite sure what you are dealing with when it comes to the politics in the office. This can count against you – the next promotion may not be yours as a result. People have a way of elevating themselves and hindering the growth of others in the process. Proximity really does play a role in this. We communicate in more than one way (eye contact, body language etc), when you are working remotely, there could be a lot you miss out on – to your disadvantage.

Your Growth Potential Is Challenged


So What Is The Answer? … Is There An Answer?

What Is The Answer?


How To Work From Home Or Anywhere In The World

I am so excited to share this with you – there absolutely is an answer! Actually, there is more than one answer to this question which I have shared in a few previous articles, you will find links to those articles at the bottom of this page. For now, let’s address how we can work from home or anywhere in the world – we choose!


Without Trading Our Time For Money

It is true, we can work exactly the hours we choose, there is no one holding a pay cheque over our heads or dictating the time of meetings and when deadlines are for submission of reports. If we decide to work a 60-hour work week this week so that we can work 10 hours next week, that is our choice. We can plan our time in a way that suits us. Of course, we need to spend time working in order to earn, so there is a bit of a time and money exchange, but it’s not relative, you will see more about what I mean in a little bit. Stay with me …


No Trading Your Time For Money


We Decide Our Priorities & Live Our Lives Accordingly

We can take the time to watch our children, grandchildren, spouses – any one of our loved ones – compete in sports, star in their plays or recitals, receive recognition at their graduations.  No guilt for being away from the office.  No need to ask anyone for the time off.  We decide.  Need time away on holiday with the family – take the time. Time with loved ones is one thing we never get back. It’s not dependent on our 21 working days leave per year, or waiting for long weekends to get together. Actually, one of the biggest advantages of travel here, is that we do not have to travel over Christmas or any of the other big holidays. That way, we save money (yes, everything costs less from flights to accommodation and more) and we don’t have to queue endlessly either! Talk about a massive advantage!



Your Earning Potential Is In Your Hands

Yes! You get to put in the work you decide on, at the times you decide and your earning potential is completely in your hands. Now that I think about it, that is not entirely true – your earnings can increase exponentially with the proposition I have in mind for you. I do have evidence of this for you too, you will see a few success stories listed for you toward the end of this article.  What this means is that you do not have a board or stakeholders with first dibs on the income. The first dibs are yours!  As you will see in the success stories, there is no other busines model that scales income like this one does!~

Your Earning Potential Is In Your Hands


Your Growth Potential Is 100% In Your Hands

What? That is nuts! Nope, it is absolutely true. You decide how much you want to grow.  In fact, the growth is also exponential in the opportunity I am about to present to you. If you are not interested in growing as a human being, as a business person, as a provider for your loved ones (whether that is family members, community, furbabies or anything else), then this will be a tough journey for you. You do need to be motivated and growth oriented. Assuming that you are, allow me to share the opportunity with you!


Your Growth Potential Is In Your Hands


Here is What You Need To Do:  Create Your Own Online Business

That’s it? Yes, that is it! In its simplest form. Let’s discuss a bit more detail on this though, of course there is a whole lot more to it!

What About Products?

You do not need your own products. Of course, if you already have products you can develop your online business around them. But there is no need for you to have your own products.

What About Manufacture, Warehousing & Delivery of Products?

That’s the beauty of this business model – you need not get involved in any of these aspects of business either! All of those joys, challenges and headaches belong to other people. You do not need to concern yourself with these aspects of business at all.

Not Even Research, Design or Packaging

Not even research, design or packaging.  Believe me though, you will be busy enough to keep you ouyt of mistchief and then you’ll realize with gratitude that all these other aspects are out of your hands!

So How Does It Work Then?

It’s a very easy-to-describe business model and here it is in its simplest form:

4 Steps In The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Easy peasy, right?

Step 1 – Choose An Interest

Here is another awesome part of this business model – you get to choose what you are excited about! You choose the interest that appeals to you! Anything from Cycling to Hiking, to Fishing, to Teaching, to Music, to Natural Health, to Fashion … you name it.  If there are products and services that are bought & sold around this interest, you are good to go! This is also known as your niche.

Step 2 – Build A Website

Creating your website is easier now than it has ever been. No need to understand code, in fact, you can build your own website is less than 60 seconds! I am not even kidding – without any technical know how, you can build your own site – have a look for yourself. Please, please, whatever, you do, do not be intimidated by the site building aspect of this online business model. You will be amazed at how easy it really is. Here is the Step By Step Website Building Guide For Beginners, put your mind at ease if you need to. You may be in for a steep learning curve, but remember, we spoke about growth earlier, I wasn’t kidding, you do need to have a growth mindset.  More for the next step than this one.  You do have a growth mindset? Excellent, let’s continue…

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

This is a more complex step of your business than any of the others. It takes training to learn how to attract visitors to your website. To learn how to do things like keyword research and how to write articles and position them in such a way that your ideal customer is attracted to your website. Or more than that, your ideal customer finds you on this giant called the internet! I have a solution for training for you too.  Not just training, but the best training available online!   Hang with me, we are getting to the really exciting part!

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

Yeah! Now we are talking!!! This is where you create financial freedom which also equates to time freedom, so you can do what you like, when you like to do it. Plus, you work from anywhere you choose – perhaps it’s your “hug-me-home” which you have built over many years and is your happy space.  It could be from your carefully constructed RV, traveling around the countryside.  It could be from that beautiful beach house, or beside the hearth in your mountain cabin.  Perhaps you are in your senior years now and you have family scattered all over the world.  You can travel to the area they live in, spend time together, and your online business goes along with you.  All you need is your laptop and an internet connection!  Maybe you are young (opr any age) and want to be a digital nomad, to live the life of utter geographic freedom – this business model is perfect for you!


The Big Reveal! 

Yip, here it is.  This is how to work from home or anywhere in the world – by becoming an Affiliate Marketer! As you can see below, Affiliate Marketing is easily presented in an infographic. As an Affiliate Marketer, you take the four steps above and build out your online business. What happens from there is 1. the customer does a search online, 2 lands on your site, 3 mak3 a purchase through your website and then the magic happens! At point 4 you get to make money!!!  Can you see why you are not concerned with all the aspects of products development?   You have the easiest role in the entire pipeline, you make sure the products are put in front of the buyer at the right time, right place and right price.  (The Four P’s of Marketing – all in your website, created and managed from your home or anywhere you choose)

Affiliate Marketing Infographic

How Are You Going To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

What you need to become an Affiliate Marketer is easily broken down too, here is what you will need:

  1. A computer (laptop, desk top, either will be perfect)
  2. Internet connection
  3. Training
  4. Community

You can bring the first two, and I can guide you to the second two.


Introducing Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University


Wealthy Affiliate University


That’s correct! Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform – and the training is indeed at University level!   Not academic?  No worries, neither am I!  Though there are plenty of academics amongst the 1,5 million members.  We have the most incredible community of online entrepreneurs from all over the world. This means that the platform is live 24/7/365! It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in, there is always someone online, the support team are available, the training is available – everything is available every day of the week, every week of the year!

I am inviting you in to take a look around – for FREE! That is quite correct, no need to part with your card details, this offer is 100% FREE!

I cannot wait to share more with you about this incredible business opportunity! You can learn exactly how to work from home or anywhere in the world – managing your own time, your priorities, you income potential. Speaking of which, I did promise you evidence of success, here you go:

  1. Little Mama, a stay home mom – humble, hardworking and incredibly successful!
  2. Nathaniell – seasoned online entrepreneur – sharing another year of success and growth
  3. JerryHuang – our rapidly rising super star. This youngster has done incredible things and earned huge money!
  4. EddySalomon – awesome chap, his blogs have earned over 100K PART TIME in 2018

Is that enough evidence for you? Are you ready to join me now? Here you go, the FREE Starter Membership is available to you today! It is no coincidence that you have landed on this article, you need to at least give yourself every opportunity to check this out – and it’s free!

Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Blessings always

Louise aka Late Bloomer Wealthy Affiliate

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